A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 55

Pit 46-1

At the time Jalason was being tortured by Mahsoun, even though his eyes were closed, he saw Wartlo's blindfold from under his eyes, and that's why he went to him earlier than the others and gave him a mask so that Jumali wouldn't find him. When Jalason and Wartlow go to Jumali with a mask, Jumali looks suspiciously at Wartlo and Jalason tries to distract him by shooting in a corner and leading them to that side. Wartlow also escapes from the other side. Jumali, who is disappointed to find the chemist, also looks at Jalason with suspicion but does not say anything. Wasil tells his men to remove the gallons of materials, but Jomali does not allow this and orders Wasil to set the lab on fire.

Zulfi is one of those whose sons were taken by black lambs. When he comes home, he finds out about this and angrily goes to Mateen's house, and when he sees his little boy, he becomes even more nervous and says to Mateen: "Give me your son." Then go save my sons from the hands of the black lambs or take your brothers away! Mateen takes him to Jumali and Zulfi says: "I can't take my son alone." Do you think everything will be solved if you come and go like a tourist?! If you can't take back the pit, don't come. Did you come and see what the result was? I don't even know if my two children are alive or dead. Jomali gives this news to Yamach after Zulfi said his words.

Chatto goes to Gudal's children and kindly takes them to eat breakfast. A breakfast whose table is full of candies and delicious cakes and various gifts. The children are delighted to see that colorful table.

Ersavi says to Yamach: "To be among the black lambs, you must have been a member since childhood. When I met Chetu and Mahsoun when I was young, I never became one of them and they humiliated me. My IQ is 138. I made everything in this group. Money comes and goes, they don't know where it comes from and where it goes. It's all my hand. I made a routine that works very well without me. Yamach tells him: "Don't worry. You just give me chetu and mahsoun at the same time and I will solve everything. »

This time, Mahsoun cut off the water supply of the Senate building and entered his house under the pretext of fixing the pipes. Sena also gives this news to Yamach. Yamach asks him to take a picture of him without Fikret finding out, but Sena doesn't give in and hangs up. Mahsoun and Sena talk a little and the discussion turns to the family. Sena asks Mahsoun if he has parents? Mahsoun sits down and gives the answer with me and at the end he cries a little. Then he says goodbye and leaves. Sena is a little surprised by his behavior and doubts. She goes to her found earring and thinks.

When Yamach finds out that the children of Gudal have been taken, he calls Arsoy and says that they will take the children back first, then they will implement any other plan. Then he goes to Jomali, Wartlo and the others and says: "To get the children back, we have to monitor them 24 hours a day. When they can't keep them inside forever, they finally take the children out of there. "Since that day, everyone has been watching the house day and night. But the children don't have a bad time either, and Mahsoun and Chetu do their best to make them have a good time.


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