A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 54

Pit 45-3

It is night and Arsavi goes to see the doctor to show him what he was supposed to do. He goes to the doctor's room but is confronted by Yamach. Ersavi is annoyed by him, but with the understanding of Yamach's games, he writes the address of the new laboratory for him and says that there are other things, but he will inform him when he is sure. A little later, the doctor arrives and takes Ersavi to the morgue and shows him two black lambs that have been stitched in several places. Arsavi, who is surprised, asks him: "What is the place of these stitches?" Why did you do them? "The doctor says: "That's it! We did not do them! Arsavi thinks and says to himself: "Then they cut off their limbs." I mean, if I had died that night, I would be here now... But who cares? Chato and Mahson know...? »

Mahsoun goes to the neighborhood and says to the people of the neighborhood: "You must bring your son's children to us who can take the place of our brothers who died yesterday." But if you don't bring them, then we will look for them house by house and take them. »

Jumali calls Yamach and informs him that Mahsun wants to take Gudal's boys instead of their brothers. Then he says: "I will enter the pit." This is not like before. I will not let those children feel pity. And hangs up the phone and doesn't allow Yamach to talk. Yamach also calls Wartlow and tells him that they are going to the pit.

Black lambs go to people's houses and take children. But Jumali arrives right behind them with Mateen and Kamal and saves the children from them. Yamach does exactly the same thing with Wartlow. They collide and at this moment the black lambs attack them from all sides. But at the same moment Matin and Kamal save them from their hands and each of them goes to a different side to confuse the lambs. Jumali reaches a dead end and has no way out. Makkah opens the door for him and lets him escape and helps him. Jumali arrives at a building that is familiar to him. He knocks on the door of Yildiz's house and Yildiz opens the door for him. Mecca goes and tells Yamach and the others that Jumali's place is safe for now so that they don't worry about him.

Mahson gets angry and tells Cheto what was the purpose of this when they could not catch the children, Yamach and Jomali. "This means that we can drag the little ones here whenever we want," Chatto says. A little later, Cheto takes Mahsoun to the yard and shows him the children that he took without the children noticing.

Jumali meets his children at Yilidiz's house and eats dinner together around a table. Jumali is happy to be among them. He stays there for the night and is about to leave in the morning before anyone wakes up when someone knocks on the window. Jumali sees Makkah who came after him and leaves the house with him.

Ersavi, who is confused, searches Chato's room for evidence and finally finds what he wanted. He finds files of lambs and takes pictures of them.

Jalason has just come to the safe place and explains everything to Yamach. Jumali also gets angry when he sees Jalason's condition and curses Mahson. A little later, when Yamach is about to leave, he says to Alicho: "Alicho, just like we talked before." OK? After he leaves, Jumali asks him what happened, and Alicho simply says: "Laboratory... Alicho, you go and wait by the laboratory." There is a chemist there. Call me when he comes out, okay? Jomali says: "So the place of the laboratory is specific?" Good, very good..! And with Jalason, they accompany Alicho to the laboratory. Then, when they found out the location of the laboratory, he sends Alicho to another direction and calls Wasil and his men. Alicho calls Yamach and says: "I said we don't attack... but Jomali took out his weapons. Yamach understands what he means and gets nervous. Yamach, who was waiting for Ersoy, leaves without seeing him to go after Jumali. Arsavi sees him and follows him and stops him and asks Yamach to promise to destroy both Mahsun and Chetu together. Yamach accepts.

Jumali attacks the laboratory and Wartlow runs away through the back door when he hears the sound of gunshots, when Jalason sees him and kills him.


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