A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 53

Pit 45-2

Wartlow and Madd bring themselves to that place in the middle of the night. Jumali, who was already suspicious of them, says to Yamach: "Finally, do you understand what the thief is doing, or should I find out in my own way?" Yamach also tells Jumali to be calm and then wakes up Wartlo and says that he is waiting for him outside. He tells Wartlow: "Saleh Torukhoda, be careful. Look, I want to defend you, I will stay between you two. Wartlow tries to be more cautious.

Arsavi is getting better and is being discharged from the hospital. Before the doctor is discharged, he tells him things that make Arsavi curious, he threatens the doctor about what he meant and the doctor makes an appointment with him to see for himself.

Mahsoun, who constantly follows the senate, leaves in the middle of the night and Alamak turns off the gas. Then, in the morning, he goes to the door of Sena's house and says: "The house has been very cold since last night." They came to repair the gas valve, then they completely forgot to open it. What is the situation really? I came to see if your gas is cut off, I will complain. "Sena says: "Our house is also very cold. I just noticed that the heaters are turned off. Can we open it ourselves? Mahsoun says: "I will open it now." I will solve it in two minutes, you will not stay in the cold. Sena kindly invites him for tea. He grabs one of Sena's orbs when she's not paying attention.

Uncle is upset that he could not help Samia and feels ashamed and shares this with Idris. Idris has no reaction to his words. Salim, who sees her distress, goes to the same cabaret and bribes one of the employees there to ask him questions about Darya and Kayhan. Then he took the address of Kayhan from him. He goes to the sea and just when he wants to take her out, Kaihan arrives and the two fight. Salim knocks him unconscious and takes Darya out of there to his uncle. Uncle is happy and together with Salim, they take Darya to his mother.

Yamach, who had gone to the billiards with Wartlow, to destroy the raw materials that he was going to sell to the lambs, but Wartlow did not take Yamach to the billiards in order not to be exposed. Yamach asks Jumali to find a billiard table for him if he can. Jumali goes to one of his old acquaintances and asks him to tell him if he knows billiards. Yavuz says: "The one everyone knows." Whoever you ask will give you the address. He hasn't changed his hangout in ten years. Jomali is surprised and sends the address to Yamach. Madd, who understands this, reaches the billiard room ahead of them and kills him. When Yamach and Jumali arrive at the billiards place, they find him missing.

Jomali goes to the parking lot with Medad, who is unemployed, where he left his car ten years ago and now he finds it. But he sees that the wheels of the car have been stolen and he gets angry. Then he goes to Sena's house to see Akshin. Jumali starts talking to Akshin cheerfully. Then, when he sees his hands, he stops and asks why he did such a thing. Akshin says that there is nothing and Jomali continues: "What means nothing." Aksin, you want me... you want to kill me? My white girl, I don't know how to put ointment on the wound, I can't say that this will pass... it won't pass... but you look at me as if you want to say, uncle, my heart is on fire... tell me, uncle. Show me, tell me that this bothers me, I will take the side liver for you. Say, uncle, set this world on fire for me. But don't bend your neck in front of me.. because that's when I'm stuck, my daughter..." Jomali's eyes fill with tears and she continues: "You are the only memory I have of your father. Don't kill me, okay? »


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