A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 52

Pit 45-1

Jalason is supposed to reveal the safe house where Yamach and the others are, but he doesn't like it and goes to their house under an excuse so that no one will follow him. Then he calls Yamach and tells him: "Brother, don't stay in that house. go out Yamach goes out of the house alone, and when three of the lambs follow him, he kills them along with Mateen and Kamal and brings them home, and Jumali kills the other three people who entered the house. Then he arranges them on the sofa and bed so that when Mahsun arrives, he thinks they are Yamach and the others. On the other hand, Mahsoun attacked that house with his men and before turning on the light, he shot everywhere, but a little later he realized that no one was in the house and that they had pierced their own lambs and it was run over. He angrily says to the rest of the lambs with him: "Do you see what they are doing? Doing something to kill our own brothers. You should not forget this. »

Jomali goes to Jalason and asks him how he knew that they were going to attack the house? Jalason says: "I heard that his brother was talking in the neighborhood. Jomali is not convinced and Yamach forces him away from there. Jalasun waits for Mahsoun and the others, and when Mahsoun sees him, he points the gun at him, but then he regrets it and orders them to take Jalasun and bring them with him. He locks Jalason in a warehouse and punches and kicks him until he eats. Jalason says: "I didn't do anything... you told me to take us to their house." I took you What else should I have done? But Mahsoun does not pay attention to his words. A little later Chetu arrives and asks Mahsoun to calm down even though he is angry himself. A little later, Wartlow arrives and loses control when he sees that scene, but he stops himself and asks Cheto what happened? Chatto says: "We asked him what we wanted from you, but he couldn't handle it. This is the situation now. Tell me, where are those two? Call to see where it is. Wartlow says: "Look, you told me to find raw materials, and I solved it." What else should I do? Chetu starts threatening Saadat and his son. Wartlow gets angry and pulls a gun on him, Chatto also points his knife at him. Wartlow smiles and returns the gun to Cheto and says: "People's patience has a limit. At that time, the human eye does not see anything. People say that everything is the pain of love. Do you understand what I mean? It means that one kind of accepts one's fate. You should not push people to that limit. Then you can't get what you want from them. For this reason, never threaten my wife and children! Cheto agrees and Wartlow says again: "Let go of this kid." Jumali is standing behind Boma, they must have informed him. That is, don't do this to someone who has not made a mistake so that people will be afraid that they will make a mistake against you. Again, you know." Chatto goes to Mahsoun and tells him about Wartlo. Mahsoun also orders his people to pick Jalasoun and throw it in front of his house.

Jomali takes Yamach and Alicho to a place where it is his hangout and no one else knows about it. Yamach immediately calls Wartlow and gives him the address there.


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