A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 51

Pit 44-3

Yamach calls Jalason and asks him to gather the people of the neighborhood without marking the sides of Asr prayer. Jalason agrees. A little later, while walking in the neighborhood, he notices the car of the black sheep. He goes forward and says to Chetu, "I will do everything I can, but if you are always on top of me like this, I will attract attention." Can't you give me a chance? He shows him a video of Akshin and says: "You can't seem to use the weapon I gave you right?" I will reduce your burden by one. Tell me instead of your uncles, I will shoot. When Jalason says that he doesn't know their place, Chetu says: "Anyway, Jalason..." and is about to leave when Jalason stops him and says: "I really don't know where they live." But if they inform me and I leave, one of you will follow me..." Chetu agrees.

Ayesha calls Salim and tells him: "I want something from you. can you do it Salim says: "Whatever you want, whether it happens or not..." Salim goes to see Alicho. Alicho waits for Jumali and tells him: "I was waiting for you." Yamach needs help... let's go... let's go. Jomali, worried by his words, goes with him. He takes Jumali to Idris's house and tells him: "Sultan's mother. If you don't, you will die. Jomali is surprised and does not want to go inside, but Alicho tries his best to satisfy him and succeeds. Salim is also watching him from a corner and Alicho happily waves to Salim. Jumali, who is having a hard time, finally goes inside the house and stares at Sultan with tearful eyes, and then goes further and kisses Sultan's hands and shouts. Sultan doesn't react and stares in front of him. When Jomali is about to leave, Sultan calls Jomali unintelligibly and then cries. Jumali immediately goes to him and hugs him and both cry.

During evening prayer, Mateen goes to Makkah and secretly takes him to a coffee house where Yamach is waiting for him. A little later, the speaker's voice is heard saying: Our beloved father and brother Mohiuddin Darband, who is from our local guilds, will be buried in Gudal cemetery after the evening prayer. Come and ask for forgiveness... Makkah sheds tears and cries. On the other side, the black sheep notice the loud sound of the call to prayer and give this news to Mahsoun. Mahson gets angry and loses control and plans to attack the neighborhood. Cheto tries to stop him, but Mashoun has made his decision and goes to the neighborhood with his people... Yamach and the residents of the neighborhood gather and hold a ceremony suitable for Mohiuddin. Even Jomali recites Fatiha for Mohiuddin secretly and from the roof top. When Yamach is alone, Mahsun prepares to attack him, but he sees Sena walking towards Yamach and holding his hand.

Idris goes home and calls Sultan. Suddenly, he sees Sultan standing on his feet, smiling at him and preparing dinner for him. Idris smiles and hugs him. Jomali also comes out of the room and Idris falls when he sees him and does not believe that it is him and then slaps him hard crying. Jumali says, "Let me kiss your hands, Dad." Idris raises his hands and Jomali kisses his hands crying and then they embrace each other.

Jumali returns home with Alicho and happily kisses Yamach. Yamach asks why he is happy, but Jomali does not tell him anything about the fact that he went to see Sultan and Idris.

On the other hand, Yamach calls Jalason and tells him to come. A black lamb that chases Jalason also follows him.

Mahsoun, who is waiting in front of Sena's house, when he sees him enter the house, he regains his senses and goes to the door of his house, but at that moment someone calls him and something happens to him and he has to leave. .

Wartlo calls Cheto and then shows him that he has planted a grenade under Madd's coat and if they don't show him Saadat, he will blow them all up together. Chatto also takes Wartelo to another warehouse and calls Saadat, who enters the warehouse with their little son. Seeing him, Wartlow bursts into tears and happily hugs his son.


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