A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 50

Pit 44-2

When Salim goes home, he meets Ayesha and both of them stare at each other. A little later, Ayesha is about to leave and Salim asks her to sit for a while. Ayesha asks him: "Why did you destroy everything, Salim?" Salim lowers his head in shame and says: "Because you don't like me!" Ayesha says: "Did you love them?" Did you see your family at all? Didn't you reject me, Karaja and Akin? Are you going to meet Akin at all? Before these incidents, you were ignoring him..." Salim, who was silent, says: "Isn't it better to keep the case closed? Ayesha says: "Akin is your son." Salim gets confused. Ayesha's eyes fill with tears and she asks him why he left her and Karaja alone and did not even come back? Salim answers: "I wanted to, but I didn't dare." Ayesha says: "You had the courage to destroy everything. But were you afraid to come and sort it out? And he is about to leave when Salim asks: "Karaja doesn't want to see me?" Ayesha says: "Go ask him yourself!" »

Madd fears that they will give the gold as money so they can get raw materials and says what they will do if Yamach or Jumali find out. Wartlow says they will eventually find a way.

Uncle takes Idris to the tavern to see Kamal and Mateen who are waiting for him. Everyone is happy to see each other. Idris hugs both of them with tears in his eyes. Matin and Kamal have brought Jalason with them. He also goes to kiss Idris. Makkah, who was following Idris, witnesses this scene from a distance and sheds tears.

When Yamach wants to leave Sena's house. Sena asks him to stay as he misses her a lot. They kiss each other and Mahsoun, who is following them, sees this scene from a distance and gets nervous and leaves.

Idris and the boys talk a little here and there, Makka plays a song loudly to attract attention, and because his back is to them, no one recognizes him, and when Idris tells him to lower the volume of his song, Makka's eyes widen. He comes back from tears and everyone is shocked to see him. He says something and Idris says: "My son, why are you twisting things?" come and have your say Mecca goes forward and says: "Did you respect my father when he was alive, and now you respect him when he is dead?" When Jalason tells him that it is better to go to Makkah, he says with tears in his eyes: "Where have you been, Mertike?" Where were you when I was carrying my father's coffin alone? Jalason shouts louder than him: "You don't know where I was?" I was in front of Akshin.." Mecca says: "How do you think your brothers died in front of your father? The black lambs broke my ribs for destroying your brothers! I said that there is no problem, they were my brothers... Mohiuddin, the hairdresser, was also considered your father! Then he says crying: "I couldn't bury my father in a pit.. His grave is nowhere." where were you then No one was by my side..." Everyone is upset by Mecca's words, and Mecca turns to Idris and says: "Where have you been, little Idris? Where was Yamachat? Then you will say that Idris is my father, Godal Khonmoune... I am such a father..." Kamal and Jalason stop him from continuing, but Idris angrily tells them: "Let him go. Mecca also goes from there. A little later, when Idris and Amo are alone, Idris asks Amo if he knew that Mohiuddin was not buried in the pit or not. Uncle says: "No.. a disaster happened to us that everyone was only thinking about their own wounds. Could we bury the horse in the pit? »

Vartlo and Madd are trying to steal the bag containing the gold, but Jomali, who sleeps only 4 hours at night, has no intention of sleeping. They try their best to make him sleep but Jumali doesn't pay attention to them. Finally, no matter how hard they take the bag and take it away.

Saadat fell in a corner and couldn't even speak because of the pain. In the middle of the night, Lal, who is worried about Saadat, goes to Chatu and they take Saadat to the hospital together. Mahson angrily asks Cheto why we are helping the little ones and we are going to put the baby Ram in their arms? Chatto answers: "This child and his mother are our only guarantee to be able to return the Bulgarian goods. »

Wartlow takes the people who are supposed to give the gold and get the raw materials to the door of Bashiro's house and waits outside. A little later, they shoot the Bashiros and take their brother back and take their bag and leave together. "We had a date," Wartlow tells them. If I take back your money, my money will give me what I wanted. Their brother and boss says to Wartlow: "You made that appointment with them, not with me!" "Wartlow also says: "So we don't have another date. We will take this and return to the place where we got it back! Their boss is forced to accept.

Idris, who is worried about Akshin, goes to Sena's house with Sultan. Sena and Yamach are happy to see them. When Idris hugs Akshin, he notices the bandage on his hands, and Sultan, seeing this scene, cries and holds Akshin's hands. Akshin looks at her and says with tears in his eyes: "Grandma, you are welcome..." A little later, Idris tells Yamach alone about last night and Mecca's words and asks him to find Mohiuddin in the dirt pit. so that the heart of Mecca can calm down.


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