A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 49

Pit 44-1

Mahson gathers the black sheep and says to them with great anger: "We are brothers." We do not tell our secrets to strangers. Our hand will break but it will stay in our sleeve! Whoever caused one of our brothers to struggle with death now must pay the price. Then he orders the rest of his people to severely beat the few people who went on a date with Arsavi.

Yamach goes to Arsavi, who has just finished his operation, and asks him to give him new news. Ersavi says: "They brought a new chemist who I don't know. But they are very happy and sure that the Bulgarians will be satisfied with the sex. »

Wartlow finally manages to get the raw materials he needs.

Saadat's water bag breaks, but this time Chetu tells him: "This is the end of the liar shepherd!" Let the child be born on its own. He did not come, we will take him. And leaves him alone.

Jomali is suspicious of Wartlo because of his disappearance at night and late arrival during the day, and when he sees him, he takes revenge on him. Wartlow tells a lie and Jumali does not believe it. A little later, Yamach goes to Wartlow and when they are alone, he asks him about last night. Wartlow says it's all about happiness. Then, Yamach asks Wartlow, because he has already been involved, to take him to those who might sell raw materials to the black lambs. Wartlow also tries to help Yamach without going down.

Akshin is very depressed and doesn't even say anything anymore and keeps staring at a corner. Yamach goes to him to make him feel better. On the other hand, the person Mahson left at Sena's house to report to him calls him and says that he saw Sena coming home with Yamach.

Uncle is constantly trying to convince Idris to pay attention to the wishes and requests of the people. But Idris is not looking for trouble. He tells Idris about a woman named Saima who lost her daughter and asked them for help, and when he sees that Idris doesn't react, he says: "I can't handle it alone." Idris says, "Well, don't go." Why are you interfering? "Uncle sits down and says: "Should we return our family like this? Do nothing? Idris gets angry and leaves.. A little later Saima comes to uncle and says: "Brother, weren't you supposed to find my daughter for me?" Uncle says: "It's difficult." I looked for him, but isn't it better to go to the police? Saima says that she left and did not do anything. Salim is also around and hears these words.

Idris goes to Malijeh's house and says without introduction: "You have not experienced any of the calamities that have happened to me." I missed a lot. I am destroyed... I am not the man you knew, I am his shadow. » Maliha slaps him! And he says: "If you were a shadow, I would have missed the berry, Mr. Idris!" Stop suppressing your inner feelings and getting pity. Then he kisses Idris and kicks him out.

Wartlow goes to some people and tells them to do something for him in exchange for saving their brother and he is going to give gold instead of money.

Uncle goes with Salim to a cabaret where the woman's daughter is employed. He finds out about the sea from the chief. He says that Darya works there but he is not going to give Darya to them. Suddenly, Idris, who was influenced by Maleeha's words, steps there. Uncle and Salim are very happy to see him. Idris says to the chief there: "You are spreading force and coercion here!" The boss gets angry and says: "Who are you anyway?" What happened to you? And he pulls out his gun, but Idris knocks him down with one blow and punches him. Then the uncle repeats his words again and they leave. Uncle wants to take Idris somewhere. Idris also gives Salim the key to the house to go and take care of Sultan.


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