A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 487



In the middle of the night, Yamach takes Genghis' body to the grave he has prepared for him and buries it, then he returns home and goes to Jomali to determine the next person who is going to be killed by throwing a lion coin or a Jordan line. slow Jumali chooses the line and is very happy with the result. On the other hand, Chaatai asks Gulkan what he will do with the money he inherits from Genghis. Gulkan answers: "I want to start the biggest cabaret in the world." Ten thousand square meters. One side is Istanbul and the other side is Ankara. One side is Izmir and the other side is Adana. Anyone who is bored with Istanbul should leave in Izmir." Chaatai smiles at his wish and says: "Did you really have to wait for Genghis's death to make this wish come true?"

Karaja enters the room with a pair of scissors to kill her in her sleep, but when the sound of Yamach's footsteps comes, Karaja walks out of her room and enters her mother's room. He looks at the scissors in his hand and cries and says to himself: "What am I doing?" Ayesha consoles him and says: "Even in the worst situation, a point of hope can be found for a person. Let's find a way together." At the same time, the baby that Ayesha is taking care of wakes up and Ayesha asks Karaja to sing a lullaby for the baby. On the other hand, Morteza, who has been monitoring the house of the small children on Chaata's orders, sees the baby's mother around the house and asks the reason for her wandering around at night. The woman tells the story with anger and says that because she could not protect her child, she left him and now she can only watch her child from a distance. Morteza listens to his pain.

In the middle of the night, the guards on the roofs of the pit notice suspicious movements, but before they can take action, they are thoroughly beaten by the masked man. When the weather clears up and Jalason and Makka realize the events of the previous night and understand the story of the beating of the guards, they imagine that the thief entered the warehouses and go to the nearest warehouse to water their heads and phones. They confront the masked man in the warehouse, and just when they think they have him trapped, the masked man throws a grenade at them. Makkah and Jalason take the grenades in their hands and the masked man pulls the trigger of the grenades with a thin thread and he runs away from the warehouse like lightning and wind and locks the door on them. Makkah and Jalason get stuck in the warehouse with hand grenades and realize that a bomb is also planted between the weapons. They cannot drop grenades, nor can they get rid of a bomb that might explode at any moment. Makkah's phone does not work and Jalason, holding the grenade in his injured hand, keeps muttering and his hands start shaking little by little.

Yamach wakes up with Chaatai's call. Chaatai says to him on the phone: "Please keep this secret between us, but you helped me a lot by killing my father." I don't have to answer to anyone anymore." In order to hurt Yamach, he reminds him of killing Salim, and Yamach hatefully says, "I promise you that when you die, you will suffer more than your father." Chaatai says: "You go now and deal with the problems that plagued the pit." Yamach gets worried and quickly leaves the house to visit the neighborhood.

Seren cries at his father's grave and says, "Are you proud of me, father?" Realizing that he is being chased by Chaatai's people, he gets on his motorcycle without wanting to run away. Chaatai's people surround him, and Chaatai himself, who came there, gets out of his car and says to Seren: "Cousin, we met again." The last time you tried to run away from me, but all roads end with me, don't they? Seren says calmly, "Don't drag it out, whatever you do, do it as soon as possible and this matter will be over." I will not run away anymore. I got tired." Chaatai takes him with him.


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