A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 486

107 - 1 pit series

Salim falls unconscious on the ground and Chaatai calls Jomali during this time and realizes from Jomali's words that he is very happy and cheerful. Chaata, who knows the reason for Khushi Jumali's happiness, laughs and says that those documents are fake and the real documents are still in her hand. Looking at the barcode of the documents, Yamach and Jomali realize that Chaatai's words are true, and they sigh and look at each other with helpless faces. Chaatai says: "Really, where is that brother of yours?" The one who was quiet and silent. Isn't it in front of you?" Yamach and Jomali immediately understand what he means and assign all the youths of the neighborhood to find Salim. On the other hand, after Salim regained consciousness, Chaatai takes the documents in front of him and says, "Jumali wanted to kill himself because of this." How many sheets of paper is it worth?" Salim looks at one of the papers, his face becomes sad and says, "That document belongs to Heydar's uncle's house." The blacksmith and his wife, the ground gripper. He had a son who also died in the game." Chaatai looks at Salim mockingly and shows him the other document. Salim looks at that document with sadness and says: "It is Pasha's house." it's empty Pasha's luggage. For you, these documents are just a piece of paper, but for us, they are life. The life of the people of our neighborhood." Chaatai says: "It's interesting. I will give you these special documents, but first I have to hurt you." He takes out his knife and continues: Of course, I don't usually do this kind of work myself, but you are different. Uncle Jumali should be killed in exchange for Uncle Chaatai." He plunges his knife into Salim's spleen and then pierces his liver to be sure, hands him the documents and opens the door for him. Salim hugs the documents tightly and walks towards the pit while limping from the pain. He loses a lot of blood on the way, but he struggles to deliver the documents to the neighborhood. Yamach, Jumali and the others who have not been able to find Salim return to the coffee house in despair. When Salim reaches the coffee house, he picks up the documents and leaves himself on the ground. Everyone runs out of the cafe and Yamach hugs Salim. Salim, who can barely speak, says, "You can get out of the pit, but the pit won't get out of you." He closes his eyes in Yamach's arms, and Jumali, Akin, and Jalason cry above him.

Seren calls Chaatai and suggests her not to come home tonight. Chaatai asks why, and Seren says, "Ah, now Egda is sitting at the dinner table next to his mother and father." Chaatai gets upset and nervous and sees his position in complete danger, but says: "I will solve it." He decides to hide himself from his father for a while.

In the hospital, when the white bed sheet is being pulled over Salim's lifeless body, Yamach, who didn't say a word because of the shock and was staring at a corner in awe, remembers a memory of Salim. A few years ago, in order to introduce Salim and Yamach to the neighborhood and its people, Idris took the documents of the neighborhood and took his sons to the neighborhood and talked about the hard life of the Gudal people. He says to Salim: "When you smell these documents, you should know that these documents do not smell of paper, but of the life of our family and our neighbors." I did not ask anything from you, my sons, except that as long as the Kochvalis are in this neighborhood, this smell will not come from this neighborhood." He gives the documents to Salim and asks him to go to each house and get to know everyone closely.

Akin waits for hopeful news in front of the hospital and fantasizes about Salim's recovery. When Jomali comes out of the hospital with tears in his eyes, Akin says to him: "Tell me that he is fine. Tell me, Huba. Jomali remains silent and Akin, who has already realized that he has lost his father, cries loudly, but a little later his anger and rage make him stand up again. He sets out alone to take revenge and does not allow anyone to follow him. On the other hand, Damla, who was supposed to leave Jomali the night before and stayed at home at his insistence, picks up her suitcase before Jomali arrives and leaves the pit secretly this time.

Jomali and Amo go to the house of Kochvalis together to tell the family this painful news. The task of this hard work falls on Jomali. When Sultan opens the door and faces Darb and Daghan Jumali's face, he notices the loss of one of his sons and angrily asks, "Yamache?" Jumali does not say anything but looks at Ayesha who is standing next to Sultan. Everyone understands what she means and Ayesha goes to her room crying.


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