A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 484



Arik visits the enchanted house and sees the bodies of his people and Maqboola in the garden. He enters the house and seeing the bad condition of Afsun and his bloodied clothes, he realizes that Afsun is so much in love with Yamach that he killed his own grandmother for her. Arik encourages Afsun to gather herself quickly and tells her: "You are necessary for us. Come to yourself soon."

The youths of Godal put Arik Shamshak's horse on a truck to send him to a suitable place for better care, but on the way, Arik's snipers kill them all and Arik takes his horse back.

Akin gets sick from the torment of his conscience and the pressure he endures these days, and Ayesha takes him to Dr. Salami. At the doctor's office, Akin remembers a memory of the hero's uncle. One day while playing football with Akin, the hero accidentally noticed his shortness of breath and was by his side all day in Salim's absence and kindly gave him hope and said: "Now that you can't play football anymore... We will do something else. The desire for the championship has not yet disappeared. I will make you the backgammon champion of Turkey."... Akin tells Ayesha, "Uncle Hero liked me the most. Even my father didn't love me...but if he was alive now, he would wish me to die." Ayesha thinks that Akin is delusional and does not take his words seriously. After Ayesha left the office, Akin goes to the roof to throw himself down, but at the last moment, Karaja grabs him from behind and saves him, then he sits next to Akin and says to him: "I I apologize for not believing your words. You were trying to help me and make me understand what Azar did, but I didn't understand. But I was able to compensate and everyone forgave me. I don't know what you did, but I know everything has a way, just like I was forgiven, you can be forgiven. By being with your family and sacrificing yourself. Just as I am happy, you too can be very happy one day." Akin, who has decided to do whatever he can to serve his family, cries and hugs Karaja. While his tone of speech has changed a little, Karja continues: "There will be a day when everyone will forgive you. But until that day, he did not think of suicide at all."

Iskandar is hiding in a hotel and Cengiz Erdant tells Yamach and Eric where he is hiding. Yamach and Arik reach that hotel without delay. Seren, who wants to help Arik and get rid of ruining the previous mission, goes with them. When Yamach sees the guards in front of the hotel, he decides to make a plan and not be careless, but Arik enters the hotel with a gun in hand without paying attention to him, and Yamach inevitably follows him. With their help, they kill Iskander's guards and men and move the floors up and down after Iskander. Finally, Iskander is found running away in the big conference hall. Iskandar hides behind the piled chairs and Arik and Yamach, who have discussed something, start to fight each other. Arik defeats Yamach and knocks him unconscious, then he goes to Iskandar and shoots him several times and says to Yamach, who is still unconscious: "Go pray to Genghis, or I will kill you too." I killed." Arik leaves, and when Yamach regains consciousness and sees Iskander, he says with concern: "God damn him." A big problem will arise." Back in his car, he calls Vartolo and talks about the trouble Arik caused by killing Alexander and asks him to stay in the pit that night and keep an eye on the situation. Also, Yamach, who has been under a spell since morning, entrusts him to Vartolo so that he will not be alone if he needs help. Akin hears Vartolo's words and comes forward and tells him that he intends to be on his and Yamach's side from now on and help them. Vartolo doesn't agree and says: "If your dad and uncle Jumalit understand that you are helping Yamach, they will leave you behind the door." Go and don't make trouble for me." Akin insists and convinces Vartolo to send him to help with the enchantment.

Akin goes to the enchanted house. Afsun still hasn't changed his bloody clothes and hasn't pulled the bodies out of the garden of his house. Akin tells him: "I was sent by my uncle Yamachim." Do you need help?" Fasun, who has come to his senses a little, says that he wants help to solve a problem.

On the other hand, the bodies of those who were responsible for moving Eric's horse enter the pit. Jomali gets very angry when he sees the dead bodies and decides to take revenge on them that night and attack one of the Jordanian places.


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