A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 480



Afsun goes to see the criminals in Istanbul and says: "Unfortunately, we will not have access to Azar Kurtulosh for a while." You think you don't know me, but actually you know me very well and you even love me." He takes out a gold bar and says, “Here I am. "We have already done good things together." After the meeting, Mossah says goodbye to Afsun, but Afsun says that they still have work together and it's not time to leave, but Mosah says: "The news has arrived that Jomali Kechavali has regained consciousness." My name is first on the list. Do you know why they call me crocodile? The crocodile lives in the swamp. It goes to the bottom of the swamp for two reasons. When he wants to hunt and when he knows he is going to be hunted. With these gold bars, you don't need anyone."

Alicho takes Yamach, Salim, Jumali and Makkah to the place where the enchanted money is kept, and they see the greatness of the tower and understand that it is impossible to get the money.

Salim and Yamach go to see Jomali, and Jomali stares at Salim and asks Yamach: "Is this the one who shot the person who attacked me?" Did he protect you from his brother? Yamach answers in the affirmative and Jomali asks again: "Zed them?" "He killed all three of them," says Yamach. I was injured myself." Jomali barely gets up and hugs Salim.

At the insistence of Fadik Azar, he is forced to take Karaja to the pit to get his things from his friend. When Karaja gets off, Azar hits the gas and leaves, but Karaja immediately gets on his friend's motorcycle and stops Azar and gets back into the car.

On the other hand, Akin prepares to go to the gambling house that has been set up by Magic Money.

Afsun's grandmother again asks him to draw a line around his accomplices and says: "Your father didn't listen to me either and you saw the end of it." That hole will swallow you too." Afsun says: "I can't be like that!" His grandmother says: "Now I'm sure it won't happen." I called Chatay. You have a date with him tomorrow!" "I'm not going anywhere," Afsun says angrily. Do you think Jordanians will help us and then withdraw easily? Cancel it." But his grandmother threatens to do what she asked him to do.

With the plan drawn by Alicho, Godal's children steal the files related to Jordanet pharmaceuticals, and through them, Alicho finds a possible place to keep the money and says that to reach it, they have to dig a tunnel underground and the nearest He also knows the place to reach it. Everyone gets busy and finally they reach a room full of gold bars and take everyone with them to the pit storage.

On the other hand, the police came to take Jomali to the hospital, but Damla hides him with the help of his uncle and Mateen, and the police still cannot arrest him.

Tomorrow morning, the news reaches Afsun that his gold has been stolen and the thieves have carved a sign on the wall of the room. Afsun immediately understands that it is Yamach's work and rushes to him and says: "They are not just my gold." You don't know who you sided with! You put me in danger!" "I warned you!" says Yamach.

Yamach's next move is to obtain information from the Istanbul criminals who conspired against Gudal. With the help of Alicho, he obtains their information and then by introducing each one, he gives the responsibility of killing each of them to one person. Meanwhile, Jumali limps to Damla's aid and asks them to give him Azar. No one dares to tell him about Karaja going to Azar's house, and Yamach says: "Azar is yours, we just don't have anything to do with him for a while."


Francesca: Монстры против пришельцев

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