A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 48

Pit 43-3

Ersavi calls Yamach and makes an appointment with him. Ersavi says: "Well done. The case of Talaharu Trakkundi. Their tails are stuck in the door. The customer is waiting. Tonight there is sex again. Same gender, same person. But look, we can't continue like this anymore. Chetu and Mahsun started hunting. Sooner or later they will reach me..."

Karaja calls Sena and asks him to come immediately as Akshin is not well. When Jalason returns home, he is shocked to see the senate. Then his attention is drawn to the sack on the ground and he asks the reason. "For Akshine," Sena says. Karaja explained everything to me. Look, I know you are trying your best not to hurt Akshin. But it doesn't work like this." Jalason says: "Akshin is my wife and she stays with me. This discussion is closed here. Sena says: "Well, your mother?" I'm not saying to skip one of them, but don't force them to live together either. Because you can't stay away from action, should we let the poor girl die? What are you going to do the next time a girl wants to do this? Akshin stays with me. You can come and stay with him whenever you want. But he will stay with me until he gets better." Jalason, with tears in his eyes, inevitably agrees. Sena takes Karaja and Akshin to his house and then calls Yamach. Yamach immediately reaches out and kisses Akshin's hands and starts crying.

When Idris returns home, he sees Salim with Sultan. Salim tells Idris: "Sena went to Akshin." She has not been well.." A little later, Idris goes to the porch of the house and looks at Maleeha's photo. Salim goes next to him and asks if he was able to talk to Maleeha or not? Idris says: "I couldn't say anything... what can I say?" Salim says: "I know where it is." If you want..." Idris stares at him. He goes after Maliha and invites her to the pub. There, one of the customers starts misbehaving with one of the young employees there. Maleeha expects Idris to do something, but Idris does his own work and does not pay attention to them. Maleeha is upset and Idris is nervous about this carelessness and leaves there. Idris follows him and Maleeha angrily says: "Have you chatted, huh?? You are not the person I knew." Idris is silent and Maleeha leaves.

On the night when the operation of the black lambs is going to go ahead, Saadat starts screaming and yelling falsely as per Wartlow's request. At that moment Madd sends a message to Wartlow that he saw Saadat in the hospital. Wartlow, who was going along with Yamach and the others and pretending to be a black sheep operation, saw the message and said to Yamach: "There is a problem that I have to solve alone. Can you do it without me? Yamach agrees, but Jomali, who suspects him, becomes more suspicious.

Yamach and the others go to the meeting place of the black lambs with Jupiter and a fight breaks out. Everyone begins to retreat. Ersavi runs away towards the forest and Yamach follows him. Yamach shoots him to clear Ersavi's doubts.

Wortlow rushes to the hospital and to Saadat's room, but sees Cheto lying on the bed and staring at him with a smile! It turns out that Lal saw the note before Saadat and informed Chettu. "If you want to save Saadat, it's easy," Chatto tells him. Do what we told you. Wartlow just looks at him and leaves, and when Madd asks where Saadat is, Wartlow says that they will finally save him.

Chatto, who is in the hospital, sees one by one his people being brought there wounded and even Arsavi is wounded and in bad condition. He immediately calls Mahsoun and says: "Arsavi is here too!" wounded »


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