A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 479



Sultan calls Ayesha and says to her: "We failed in the right of happiness. How long does he want to stay with us? I wish we could find a suitable person for him, he would also have a home and a life..." Ayesha comes to her mind and goes to Rath and says: "If you want to be happy, help me. Saadat is going to get married." He rarely says: "This is the best thing." Ayesha says: "I have one in mind, but it's more appropriate if you tell me." He wants to introduce Jamil.

On the other hand, Wartlow goes to a cabaret and says to the owner: "From now on, I will run this place." As much as you give to the little ones, you give to me." And he sends his people there. The owner of the cabaret rushes to the bodyguards and when he doesn't get an answer from them, he calls Amrah and says: "They are asking me for money for spilling in my place. Look at your guards. What are you doing?" Amrah says calmly: "If there is a problem, our friends will act quickly." Don't worry at all." The man says he will fire his bodyguards, and Amrah gives him the address of one of the clauses of the contract and says: "I'll see you in court." The man realizes that his hat is gone and that he has nothing to do with him. Wartlow sets a table for himself and asks the cabaret singer to sing his favorite songs for him. He thinks about their happiness and their short memory. Saadat is cooking at home, and Nadir and Ayesha go to Sultan and talk to him about Jameel.

Alicho listens to Hale's voice in his room and reaches a place where Hale is talking about Maleeha. He says: "Today I met Idris Kochvali. I want to know about this fiery love since I realized my similarity with Maleeha Khanum. Our similarity with Maleha Khanum did not escape the eyes of Idris Kochvali. Maliha said involuntarily the first moment she saw me. A deep sadness appeared on his face. I realized that as much as Idris Kochvali is important to Maleeha Khanum, Maleeha Khanum is also important to Idris Kochwali."

Mecca and Jalason arrive at Wartlow's kitchen on Yamach's orders. They threaten one of Wartlow's men and force him to pour a solution into their materials. Immediately thick smoke engulfs the place and everyone gets out while coughing hard. Medd informs Wartlow and Wartlow asks his men to continue taking cabarets and bars without him and goes to his kitchen. Madd has to take everyone to the hospital.

Yamach is at home helping Sena and the girls prepare for the birthday dinner. Everyone is gathered in the kitchen and laughing. Sena and Yamach joke and the girls are happy. But as always, their happy moments don't last long and Yamach is forced to leave with a call. He goes to Wartlow's kitchen and asks Mecca and Jalason to bring Madd.

Yamach goes to his father's tavern and says: "We are back at the beginning of the line. Wartlow started again. I messed up. I don't know what is right and what is wrong." "You never know," says Idris. If you write right and wrong in one place, everyone could become a father. But you have to try. This didn't work, another one." Idris continues: "I made a decision, my son. You took over everything. I trust you completely. You can continue without me. I will leave completely." Yamach sits down and says, "Dad, tonight is Karaja's birthday." Sena gathered the children. They are waiting for us. Come and be above us tonight. We will think about it later."

In the small celebration of the little ones, Idris sat Saadat and cooked food for everyone himself. The men drink to their health and Yamach brings the Karaja cake. Karaja blows out her candles. Akshin asks what you wished for and Karaja says: "That none of the people who are sitting at this table and in this yard, those who are in this neighborhood will be harmed." Don't shoot anyone. Do not steal. do not kill Isn't it very bitter?" Akshin hugs Karaja with tears in his eyes. Meanwhile, Jalason and Mecca arrive and tell Yamach that they have brought help. Yamach takes his mother inside.

Wartlow, who has a date with Nazem, sees Amrah at the dinner table and takes a seat. Nazem introduces them and tells Wartlow that Amrah is no longer a policeman and that he need not worry. Nazim says: "We are our father's unwanted sons, aren't we?" "It might be," says Wartlow. I don't want to spend the rest of my life crying over this. If something happened, good or bad, it's gone. It means you are in the past. At least I think so. As far as I understand, your opinion is the same. A new life begins. A new order. We are on the same side, the past has passed." Nazem points to an empty chair around the table and says: "Our fathers don't like us." We have no heritage. Another one is like us." He is healthy. After their meeting ends, Alicho looks at them from a corner. Amrah asks Wartlo to deliver him. At the destination, a large number of Godal residents who have joined Nazem wait for them and show their tattoos when they see Wartlow. Wartlow is close to Pirzoi.

At home, Yamach asks Madd and Sultan to look at each other. He says to his mother: "Well, look into his eyes." When you say hit, I will hit. Without delay." And he puts the gun on Madd's head.


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