A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 478



Salim asks Yamach: "What do you think, brother?" What is your decision? Yamach says: "No, they listen to my decisions very much!" Idris says: "I listen to my share." Aren't you the father of the pit? Cara's responsibility is with you. "If you make a decision and no one listens, you have the right to protest." Yamach says: "We will get help." At the same time, uncle comes and says: "Someone is stopping the work of the pit boys. Their names are not known. Put everything in a bus and take it away. Then bring and let go. They say a person with a suit and tie. It was a place like a company. "They're filling the void," says Yamach. Idris says: "There is something in your mind." "But it's how quickly they know what's going on," says Yamach. Idris says: "I am not afraid of an enemy with a gun on his back." But I am afraid of the one who puts a tie on his neck. There is something behind this, my son! watch out." Salim says: "I will take care of this issue." I'll go find out who they are, what they do."

On the other hand, Nazem tells Wartlow: "These places are no longer protected by the Kochvalis." We protect, you also get the tax. With this money, you gather young people around you."

Yamach sees Jalason in the mansion and says: "Now I am to blame for everything?" Jalaso doesn't say: "If you had said everything from the beginning, it wouldn't have happened like this." Yamach answers: "If everything was so simple, I would have followed a different path. If another door didn't open behind every door I opened... In short, we are finally here. We are together." He entrusts Jalason and Mecca to find Wartlow. At this moment Yamach sees Saadat watching them from behind the window. He goes inside and calls Saadat. Saadat says: "I heard, but I don't tell anyone. do not worry." Yamach wants to caress Saadat but she is afraid and pulls her head back. Yamach is moved by her reaction and gets sad and hugs her and says, "If you want, you can go to her." Saadat says: "I can't go anywhere. I am the daughter of this house." Yamach says: "Whether you go or stay, you are the daughter of this house. I remind those who forget. do not worry." and wipes his tears. At this moment, he rarely comes and says: "Mother's happiness is calling you." Yamach rarely wants to go with him.

Sultan asks Saadat to sit next to him and says: "Can you forgive me?"

Yamach rarely says: "This situation is so complicated that no matter what I do, some people will be upset with me. It is unfair to some people. Some people go crazy with anger.... Wherever I take it, it stays in my hand. maybe i can't But you are right. i am guilty My father too, Pasha too, even my mother. But Saadat is not to blame, brother's wife. You can't take your greed out on them, I know. But I am here."

Sena takes Akshin and Karaja for a walk and then to the barber shop. From there to buy clothes. The girls choose beautiful shirts and are very happy. Sena goes to Peru's room to try on a shirt. When he comes out, he sees Amrah and asks him to leave. Amrah says: "I didn't come to see you. I came to warn you. That Yamach that you trust a lot and think is very good, that wall you leaned on is not very healthy." Sena asks what he means, and Amrah says: "For now, nothing." It will hurt you more than this. I just want to protect you." "I don't need your protection," Sena says.

Salim goes to see Alicho. He bought him a green tomato and Alicho is very happy. Salim looks around and inside the room. He sees Hale's picture in the corner of the room and says, "Poor innocent girl!" He asks Alicho: "Better Alicho?" Alicho says: "It will not pass. It will not decrease." Salim says: "It hasn't passed. It won't be easy. It does not decrease at all. You just forget." Alicho says: "I will not forget. I will not forget anything." Salim says: "You also have such bad luck. is not it?" Salim takes the photo of the aura and carefully notices something. Salim says: "This is not a halo, Alicho." This photo is very old. This is another one." He takes the photo out of the frame and reads the back. On the back of the photo, there is a faint trace of an inscription: "I wish I could be your rosary, I will always be with you." From meme to A. 1979" Salim asks: "Where did you find this?" Alicho says from Hale's house and Salim asks him if he found anything else there. He asks Alicho to re-examine Hala's notebooks and voices and let him know if he finds anything. Later, Salim tells Alicho that he has a request from him, and when Alicho asks if it is related to Yamach or not, Salim says: "It is also about Yamach." I want to tell him when I am sure."

Uncle and Mateen have a meeting with the owners of the protected areas of the pit people to find out about the problems that have arisen. They say that they were punished for not having a license for the bodyguards and that they did nothing. Some of them also say that they were not satisfied with the behavior of the bodyguards and that their behavior had become strange and arbitrary in recent months. Uncle says that he will give them earplugs and if they continue their behavior, they will remove their ears.

By finding one of Wartlow's men, Jalason and Mecca locate him.

Ayesha is tidying her room when she notices that Jameel has entered the room. "What do you want?" he panics. Jameel says: "Uncle Salim called. He told me to take his black suit to the laundry." Aisha says: "Go out." No man except Salim can come in this room. you got it?" Jamil takes Ayesha's arm and says: "I'm just thinking about one thing..." Ayesha says: "You know. Maybe you don't know, but many people have broken their arms and legs in this house for less than this." and throws Jamil out of the room.

Salim goes to Nazem and asks: "You are the ties that surrounded the small places, aren't you?" Nazem shows him the video of Jamal's murder by Salim and says: "You don't have to believe it, but it is only a copy of it." And he gives it to Salim and says: "To show my goodwill."

The bodyguards are invited to the coffee house to get information from those who have offered them a job, but the meeting ends with one of the bodyguards, named Ramzi, talking and being beaten by Kamal. At the same time, some agents from the municipality come to one of the places near the coffee house and say that this place will be turned into a green space and Yamach gives them the evacuation slip. Yamach says: "Someone is giving us a hard time."

Wartlow asks Madd to prepare ten of their men to go somewhere. Madd looks at him with concern.


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