A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 477



Madd goes undercover to Wartlow's mansion to take his belongings. When he is coming out of there, Saadat stops him and entrusts him to convey his greetings to Wartelo.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Salim and Yamach: "The bullet was too close to the spinal cord." We cleaned that area well, but in the next checkups, we realized that the middle cartilage was damaged. We still cannot say the extent of the damage with certainty. It is very difficult to say when Sultan Khanum will be able to walk. "Only continuous physiotherapy may make them walk later." Sultan, who is sad and worried, is taken out of the hospital. Many people welcome him in front of the hospital to the mansion of the Kochvalis, and this is heartening for the Sultan. Idris says: "Look, Madam Sultan. We didn't do any of it. Pit kids because of you. Because of their mother." The crowd shouts: "The pit is my home, the sultan of our mother." Sultan arrives home and everyone looks at him with sadness. Saadat also looks at him from her house and sheds tears. The whole family goes to kiss the hand of the Sultan.

In Wartlow's kitchen, he warns his men that they only have three days to deliver the shipment. Meanwhile, he sees one of them sleeping in a corner. He drops something on his head and he wakes up in a panic saying, “Sorry sir! We didn't sleep for two days." "You shouldn't sleep either," says Wartlow. Get up, let me see." And then he shouts angrily: "I didn't tell you about eight hours of work with insurance. If no one wants to work, let them go. If this is not done in time, I will put you all to sleep." At the same time, help arrives and says to Wartlow: "I saw your uncle's wife." Greetings." Wartlow's face changes and he lowers his head and says, "Aleikum Salaam." He doesn't want his mind to get involved in this story, he tries to be indifferent to it, but he can't and he gets confused again.

At Idris's house, he takes Sultan's hand and says: "What events did we go through with you, lady?" do you remember? That is nothing. At that time, our children and friends were not with us. Don't worry at all. I talked to the doctor..." Sultan doesn't let Idris continue and turns to Yamach: "What did you do to him, you animal?" "Don't think about those things, Mom," says Yamach. Think about your recovery. After that, we will do whatever you want." Sultan says: "How can I tell you what I want, Yamach?" Salim says: "Mom was inadvertent. It is rarely the fault." Turning to Yamach, the Sultan continues: "No, you have solved everything!" I will do this, mom... I will do that, mom... we are all behind you. what happened? Here is the result. You brought your father's son and did not show it to us." And he says to Idris: "You thought I sent your son away out of jealousy. You thought that the Sultan only wants to take care of his own children. But it was not like that. Now do you understand why I didn't accept your son? Come on. Now your son has come." Idris says: "Don't get involved in those matters at all, Sultan Khanum." you got it? If you get into it, you will never get out of it. If you didn't give it back, it wouldn't have reached here. It couldn't be like this." Sultan says: "Take back the rights I lost from your son." Idris says: "Hey, don't say it, son." If he was really my son, he would have listened to me and left here. did not go. Sultan says: "I served you with these feet for forty years." I ran after your children. But now they don't hurt me anymore. Take them, yours." Sultan says to Yamach: "This is my last word. Until the person who took my legs from me goes underground, I will not give you my milk, Yamach.

Akshin goes to Sena and tells him: "Today is Karaja's birthday." He will be eighteen years old. And Sena decides to work for Karaja's birthday with Akshin's help. Sena goes to Karaja and says: "It's good that you were born!" “Are you sure?” Karaja says. Sena says: "Pashu, get ready, let's go out." After Yamach, Sena wants to spend the night together and eat and celebrate in the yard. Yamach thanks her for thinking of her family. He asks him: "Do you want him to go or stay?" "As long as he stays away from me, it doesn't matter where he is," Sena says.

Nazem goes to see Vartlo with a tray of baklava and takes him somewhere to talk and orders a backgammon board. "Dad got us used to chess," Wartlow says with a laugh. However, it was matted. let me tell you something Life is more like a checkerboard than chess. You threw a pair of six, your father is in March. But don't forget. In this life, you don't know who will match you." Nazem says: "I heard you left the pit." "Yeah, but I'll be back as the pit daddy soon," Wartlow replies. Nazem says: "We can turn this dream into reality in a very short time." “How are you?” Wartlow says. Nazem says: "I will take the pit people's bread from them." And he tells him that he has taken the protected areas of the pit from their hands and put them under the protection of his own private company and asks: "How long do you think the leadership of the small towns in the pit will last with the pit being starved?" "It won't take long, but Yamach will do whatever it takes to find them a job again," Wartlow says. Nazem says: "They don't stay idle. We have a job offer for the unemployed people of Godal. We say come and work with working hours and insurance. The owner of the cartoon should be known. Get training and license for what you do and get paid during this time. Wartlow says: "Yamach will get a license for them anyway." "We have reached the exciting point," Nazem says. "It is impossible for these people to get a Yamach license because most of them have a history." He shows Wartlow the contract he drew up for the unemployed pit workers, in which a clause in fine print states that if they fail to obtain a permit, they must pay the company a hundred thousand lira plus damages. "Dear Mr. Little," says Wartlow. You are throwing these people into the swamp." The moderator says: "Guess who will save them from the swamp!"


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