A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 472



Yamach spends the night with his wife and tries to calm her down. "It's over, Yamach, isn't it?" Sena says. "It's over," Yamach says. Only something is bothering me. Why did Amrah help us?" Sena freezes and says: "The same police? Did he help you?" "Helping is not the right word," says Yamach. He saved you. One does not help one's enemy like this. is not it?" Sena tries to stop her voice from shaking and says, "Finally, she's a cop. He has done his duty. What do you think is suspicious? Yamach says that Amrah is not a law-abiding police officer, and besides, he has never accused them of doing such a thing. "There must be something behind this," he says. Finally, Bush will come."

The night has reached the pit and everyone has a different mood but close to others. Jalason walks in the neighborhood and squeezes the bullet that Idris gave him in his fist. Wartlow drinks, holding his father's necklace in his hand and pressing it to his wound, and pours the rest of his glass on the fire, igniting it. The Sultan is staring at the picture of the hero in the dark. Idris hugs him. Yamach stares at this darkness and thinks. It is night outside the pit. Far away, in the forest, Alicho lights a fire and listens to the aura. While Laz is still in his hands.

Early in the morning, everyone is looking for a way to find Laz. Yamach knows that Alicho can help him, but he is not Alicho and no one knows about him. Makkah says: "The one who shot the aura was also a sniper. At all, Alicho went after him. I don't know where he went, but everyone was saying laz!" Hearing this, everyone eats everywhere. Now they have to look for Alicho.

On the other side, Salim and Wartlow have gone to Nazem and tell him about the events of the previous day. Nazem says: "Why should I kill you? I just want my dad to be found. Dead or alive!" "All the places that belonged to your father were empty," says Wartlow. Salim says: "We are looking for someone named Laz. Do you know anything? The moderator says he doesn't know anything. But Salim and Wartlow are suspicious of him, and Salim ironically says that he has not yet fully sat on the Baikal chair and his place is not firm. Wartlow and Salim are sure that Baikal is in Nazem's hands and in the same house. Wartlow urges Salim to go and capture Baikal, but Salim disagrees and says: "If you want to die, shoot yourself in the head." "Salim, I made a promise to Idris Kochvali," says Wartlow restlessly. I said I will bring the devil to you with my own hands. Salim says: "We will wait a little longer."

Sultan gets angry when he finds out that what happened last night was because of Wartlow's mistake. After Idris tells him the story, Sultan says: "You speak so easily." It's like your son hit the ball while playing and broke the ball. We could have died, Mr. Idris! They put guns on our big and small heads." Idris gets angry and says: "Don't make me regret saying it." What should we do? We are putting their rights in the palm of their hands." Sultan says: "What is the right of the hero?" Who will you take it back from?" Idris leaves the house angrily.

Yamach finally finds Alicho just as he is about to attack Baikal's house alone. Alicho takes him to Laz. Laz is tied to a tree somewhere with a rope. Alicho wants to take revenge on Hale, but Yamach says that they must hand him over, or Gudal will enter another war. Alicho accepts. Laz panics when he realizes that they want to hand him over to someone.

Idris goes to the coffee house and sees Jalason sitting in a corner, angry and confused. He tells them to call Jalason and leaves the coffee house to talk to him. "I saw you with the police," says Idris. with one of Amrah's team." Jalason denies. Idris says: "Don't be angry, my son. I said maybe to put pressure on you. you are still mad at me I know. You say your father's blood is on the ground. You're right. I told you to take your blood from me. You don't feel like it, the bullet is still in your hand. You went to Saleh to avenge your father, but it is clear that he has placed himself in your heart. All that time has passed. You must have had a chance to kill him. you couldn't Just like you can't kill me." Jalason says: "But your heart did not burn for me." One of your sons killed my father, he deceived me and abused me." "There is nothing like that," says Idris. Yamach likes it. How many times I wanted to crush under my feet. He didn't leave." Idris continues: "I have another suggestion for you. Now that my son killed your father, I will be your father. You come and be my son. Not like this pit in our house, our father's Idris. like my son I have a legacy." Jalason looks at Idris with surprise and tears. Idris says: "From now on, you will also be one of my children." Wherever I am, you are there too. I will teach you everything I know. You say that Wartlow wants to be the head of the pit, and you also look at him. Come and be his boss. Think about this. If you say yes, I'm behind you." Jalason gets up, shocked and ashamed, and Idris says that if the police have anything to do with him, tell them to help him. "No," says Jalason. "My hands got dirty." Jalason puts the bullet on the table and says: "This bullet poisoned me." Hatred blinded my eyes." "I understand," says Idris. Now that you are my son, we will solve this problem together." Jalason, who can't believe it, can't stop his tears. Idris hugs him and says: "Children make mistakes, fathers correct them." is not it?"

At the Amrah Police Department, the complainant goes to the chief about his suspension letter. "You are fired," says the boss angrily. Pack your things and leave Istanbul. You will go back to your previous job. Amrah says: "I will not leave Istanbul." I resign."

Laz is handed over to the Russians. Nazim also hands over his father to Ulysses. Alicho solved the mystery of Hale's murder, took his revenge, returned to his hut and framed Hale's picture and put it in a corner and returned to life.


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