A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 470



Nazem sits behind the chess table and sometimes says something while looking directly at him. Meanwhile, Amrah arrives and asks him if he knows a person named Elvis. Nazim says that he is one of their father's partners and that he is not the right person, but he does not know where he could be. Amrah says: "My brother, this is a matter of life and death for me." Nazim, who doesn't understand what he means, says to speak more clearly, and Amrah says: "Elvis has stolen all the little women and wants my dad in return." Nazem says: "Most likely, the one who saved my father is Eloise himself. He organized a game to get rid of the little ones. He also gives Amrah a list of places in Baikal.

On the other side, the little women are finally brought together and Sultan hugs them all. Ghazideh is surprised by the affection between them and coldly asks how Sena is. Elvis comes to them and says that their men have no supply and they don't do anything to save their lives, and then the woman who is next to him wants to send something from them to their men.

Yamach goes to Rajab and says that he has a cargo that Rajab will pay him if he passes it across the border. The man asks what burden and Yamach answers: "The burden of conscience." And he gives a fistful of remittances to his face. The man is beaten until he says something about Elvis and the foreign liaison. The man doesn't say anything until Yamach finds a message on his phone and finds out who sent it. Yamach goes to Vedat's workplace and he does not respond with threats and torture. Mateen finds a bag full of money in the corner of his office, and Yamach says, "It's like you're a traveler!" The man says: "Now that you know Elvis, you know that if you touch his money, you will not survive." Yamach puts a gun to his head and asks him for his date with Elvis.

In the coffee house, they bring an envelope to Idris. Inside is a bunch of hair with a note: "Don't lose a hair from anyone's head."

Wartlow, Madd and Amo visit each and every place in Baikal but find nothing.

Alicho, on the other hand, goes to his appointment with Laz. Laz aims at him from a distance, but Alicho does not turn his head. He calls Alicho and tells him to look at the building behind him. Alicho says to look at the bag under the window. Laz finds a candy from Duran's bag and when he turns his head, Alicho is on top of him with a gun. Alicho takes him to his hut.

Yamach chases whoever takes the sack of money from Vedat, but they pretend to stay behind with a premeditated plan so that Elvis' men can make sure they get away. But they put a phone inside the bags and through it they find Elvis' location. Mateen informs the people of the pit to reach themselves.

Alicho listens to Hala on his tape recorder and Laz looks at him in the dark with his hands and mouth covered. Hale says: "I experienced something strange with Alicho today. He was sitting facing Rome, but it was as if we were not at the same time. Or as if we are in the same time but he is in another world. A world that was simpler and purer than ours. But I wanted to say that I can read from your eyes that you are somewhere on this side. I understand this from the way you look at me. Maybe you don't know what love means, but I see love in your eyes. I want to go deep into your eyes and break you out. I have hope. Maybe you will kill me in that world of Alicho's envelope." Alicho cries.

They inform the moderator that the Kuchavalis are attacking with Elvis. The moderator says: "Great." Tell Elvis that the kids are coming. Be ready." Facing Nazem, behind the chess board, Baikal is sitting with his hands and feet tied. The moderator moves one last bead and says: "Kish and Mate." And then he throws all the pieces on the ground and says: "The game is over, Babajun." I won."

With Alicho not coming, Yamach's plan to attack Elvis is in trouble. Salim says to get help from Wartlow. Madd and Wartlow are supposed to quietly kill the guards at the door and make way for the pit men. Wartlow and Madd turn off their car and start pushing it towards Ulysses' place. They ask the guards to help them, so they pull them out and knock them unconscious. Wartlow signals for Yamach and his men to enter. Pasha says: "It's a bit too noisy around here." But nothing can be done. They are in and moving on. There is no sign of women inside the stable. They are trapped and surrounded by Elvis' men.