A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 47

Pit 43-2

Chetu says when he is alone with Jalason: "Look, Jalason, you still haven't solved our problem, we have given you your reward. What does that mean? It means that this work is very important to us. You know, if you don't do this right, your house won't be locked. Even if it is not locked, there will be more traffic! »

At night, when the black lambs attack, Yamach, along with the others before them, is lying in wait next to the house they are going to attack. They enter the house and are confronted by the crowd they have gathered for your birthday boy. Wartlow somehow gives a ridiculous explanation and then they all leave the house immediately. One of the black sheep who was between Jumbat immediately calls Chetu and gives this news.

Akshin went to a warehouse to make a room for rent! Khadija arrives and because she is tired of his actions, she says: "Why did you drive yourself crazy? Ajar is dead. My sons are dying. Ajar died because of you. Your brother died drowning in your mother's arms. because of you! After Khadija leaves, Akshin cries a lot. Jalason returns home at night and when he hears from his mother that Akshin has imprisoned himself in a warehouse, he immediately goes to her and breaks the door of the warehouse and meets Akshin covered in blood who has cut a vein in his hand. He brings Akshin to the hospital crying. The doctor says that it is nothing special and he will be discharged tomorrow. Jalason calls Karaja, and Karaja arrives immediately. A little later, Jalason has a heartache with Karaja and says in tears: "I thought Akshin was lost." I lost the only thing that connected me to this world... You were right when you said that I can't handle it alone..." Karaja comforts her and says: "Don't try to bear everything alone.. Let me help you. »

Yamach angrily goes to Ersavi and says to him: "Didn't I tell you not to play me? Ersavi, who is surprised, keeps saying to himself: "How did it happen... they told me that they want to take the boy hostage... there is a bowl under half a bowl..." Yamach threatens him again that he will leave this game next time. He didn't care and left.

Arsavi goes to Chatto and asks him: "What happened to Chatto?" Weren't we supposed to steal the baby? Chatto says: "No, it wasn't meant to be." This was a kind of test! That there is an influence between us and that he informs for the little ones. "Arsavi sits down and says: "Well, why didn't I know? You cannot work with this account. Mahson says: "So get lost and work somewhere else!" Ersavi says: "If I am aware of the events, I can better ensure the safety of you and our brothers." Chetu and Mahson laugh. Arsavi meets him and gets up and leaves.

At night, Madd says to Wartlow: "Brother, why are we working for these black lambs?" If he is happy because of beer, let's go and take it from them! "Wartlow thinks a little and says: "You're right. But we have to move forward in a calculated way..." In the morning, Vartlu goes to the house of the Kochvalis to see Chetu and Mahsoun and says that he came empty-handed and continues: "I can't fulfill your requests in this short period of time. to do Finding the material and making it is not easy lately. Cheto says: "Wartlo, you can't do it this time. We won't kill you anyway!" do not worry! Then they leave him alone. Wartlow immediately goes to the kitchen and leaves a note inside one of the pots. After that, he goes out and says to Medd: "What you should do is to keep watch in the hospital day and night and inform me every little thing that happens." »

Karaja and Ayesha bring Akshin home. Khadija is still in a bad mood and Ayesha, who can't stand her behavior, goes to her angrily and says: "Look, what's wrong with you? Do you want this girl to die? Your sons died, are the mother, father and brother of this girl alive? We understand that your grief is great, but if you want to take revenge on someone, take it out on me. Make the girl happy. Don't run out of patience!" Khadija cries loudly after he leaves. Ayesha feels sorry for him and goes back to her room and sits next to him and holds his hand. Khadija says: "You don't know what I suffered... I can't even mourn..."

While cooking, Saadat sees the note inside the pot and happily hides it. After going to a warehouse, he reads the note in which Wartlow wrote: I know you are there. I'll come for you. But I don't want to endanger you. That's why you need to come out. It's like it's time for you to give birth. If you can get to the hospital, I'll be waiting there every night after tonight.

Chetu calls Jalason again and asks him: "What did you do? Jalason says: "He called someone in front of me." But I don't know who and what he is doing. He called to get the account back, but he could not speak. Only Yamach knows about it. Cheto says: "Whatever we tell you, you can't say it." You have an excuse for everything. good job! If you become friends with us, we will protect you, but you seem like you want to get away with it. Go do what I say and take care of Akshin. I liked it very much. I really say! »


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