A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 469



The little women have been taken to a place like a stable. Other people are also imprisoned there. They separate Sena from her mother and send her to Saadat and her mother Ghazideh to the Sultan. Ghazideh screams so much that one of the guards grabs him by the throat to silence him and the Sultan calmly tells the man to let him go and leave.

Jalason takes Uncle and Pasha to Wartlo and they ask Wartlo for Baikal. He shyly says he doesn't know. Yamach calls uncle and informs him that the women have been stolen. Uncle hangs up and distressedly breaks the news to Wartlow and the others. “What is happiness?” Wartlow asks. And with the uncle's approval, he runs quickly to Idris's house, where he sees Idris's guards lying on the ground. He screams and spins like crazy. One of the guards who is still alive tells Wartlow that a foreign woman with a dog stole them. Wartlow loses his control and everyone looks at him in surprise. Uncle has to slap him to come to his senses. "What did I do, uncle?" Wartlow says helplessly. He puts the gun to his head and quickly regrets it.

Alicho returns home to his room and receives a message from Laz. He said: "It's time to settle old accounts. If you want to know everything, come." Alicho prepares his gun while repeating the address of the place.

Yamach arrives at the mansion and attacks Wartlow. Uncle stops him and says: "He's in a bad mood." You don't do anything with someone in this situation. You are Yamachi. You are the father of a pit." Yamach, barely able to control himself, says to Wartlow: "What have you done, my father's son?" Wartlow, who is crumpled in himself, says: "Ah, I'm getting fired up." Help me."

In the place where the women are imprisoned, Ghazideh is not quiet and keeps talking under his breath. “The pit…the pit,” he says. Go ahead, Sen. We fell into the pit." The Sultan gets annoyed by him and says: "You said pit." Ghazideh and Sultan, who had not met each other before, understand that they are both there because of the pit. Ghazideh angrily says: "So you are from a pit." "If the Senate had stayed away from here, I would not have fallen into this pit." Sultan says: "How do you know the Senate?" Ghazideh says: "What does the Senate have to do with you?" Sultan says: "Sena is my daughter." Ghazideh says: "My daughter's mother."

The men have gathered in Idris's room to think. Idris also went to Zia to find a clue through him. Salim enters through the door and says in front of the worried look of the others: "Stealing women and children's hair." I could not stay in the hospital." The only person who is not in the company of men is Jalason. He has gone to see his wife. Amrah says: "When you are in trouble, do you remember us?" "I don't have a problem," says Jalason. I came to give you the best job opportunity of your life. The opportunity to arrest Kochuvali and Wartlow. All together." And then he tells the story of Baikal's arrest and disappearance to Amrah. Amrah finds out that her mother and sister have also been taken hostage. "The great war has begun," says Jalason. If you are so smart as you think, you can catch them in the act of committing a crime." Amrah leaves quickly before Jalason finishes speaking. He investigates information about Elvis through the police department.

Sena says to Saadat who is crying: "Don't worry. They will save us." Saadat says: "From what? You may be saved. But it doesn't matter whether I am here or at home." Sena says: "Nothing is finished yet." Behold! Saleh is alive." "He hurt my family," says Saadat. Can you care about your family? cant. Dad Idris and Mom Sultan were always with me. Brother Hero has a lot of right on my neck. He hurt my family. Do you know what it means when a person can't look his family in the face? You're lucky." Sena remembers her own family and her mother who never understood why she doesn't love her.

In another corner, the conversation of Sultan and Ghazideh continues. Sultan plays with the child of one of the prisoners, and Gezideh says sarcastically: "Of course, it's not your first time." You are used to it." Sultan gets up and says: "I am the first time." But who has stopped the fear of death to take it now? If I am going to die, at least I have done something useful in these last moments."

He rarely gets restless and worries about his daughter. Ayesha tries to calm her down but her tears don't stop. One of the guards comes to bring food and asks Rath what they have done with Akshin. Ayesha begs them to tell where the girls are and the guard insults them and Ayesha angrily attacks him and the guard slaps Ayesha hard. Akshin and Karaja are also thinking about their mothers. Akshin says: "Karaja, if my mother leaves, I will have no one." Karaja Amy says nothing will happen. Akshin says: "Why is it falling?" We can't all get out of here safe and sound. If something happens, it will happen to me. When we were kids, when we broke something, you always found a way and saved yourself, I was blamed. We grew up, you got shot, ran away from home, nothing happened. I only wanted to see Jalason once, my grandmother cut my hair. even my dad He is all people. Uncle Salim, Uncle Jumali, grandfather... my father died." Karaja takes Akshin's hand and says, "Nothing will happen." If it happens, it's me. You are not alone. I am."

Idris returned from seeing Zia and said: "Zia said that they are stealing people." Whoever has money will take his money and whoever doesn't have his kidney. human trafficker These are violent and unscrupulous people." More than this, Idris has not been arrested and they have no clue. Suddenly Wartlow says: "Rajb Turist!" The one who takes our sexes out. The last time I talked to him, he said that I am smuggling people. The money is better." Yamach gets his address from Vartlo and sends him and Med to places in Baikal.


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