A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 465



At the end of his long conversation with Wartlow, Idris says: "Look at Yamach." It has only been a few months. The child grew old. A load on his shoulders. it's hard. That is loneliness. That too without agreement with the devil. The devil who tried to kill you." Wartlow gets up and says, "What if I destroy that demon?" Idris says: "I will do it, I will do it, I don't understand this." "Come and tell me." Idris opens the door and says: "Don't know this either. I am not a judge. Judge Gudala Now go out. Get out of the pit. Come on Eid day, kiss my hand, maybe I caressed you too. We will drink a cup together, maybe. But if you say I will stay, I will become king, my place will be before Yamache. I will not tell you, my son. You can't be my son."

Mohiuddin calls Yamach and says: "What are you doing?" Let everyone take the rain himself. Everyone should pay for his own sins." "It's very difficult," says Yamach. It is not as you think. Fire in one hand, gunpowder in the other. I am passing through mines. If I don't find that balance, we will all explode." Mohiuddin says: "What did I tell you? I said hit from the bottom. Let it explode, it will come back together. It's not the end of the world." "Really?" Yamach says.

Hale goes to Alicho and says that he cannot find Yamach. At the same time, Baikal calls him and says he wants to see him and says: "You won't be late. It's close to you." Hale asks Alicho to help her. Alicho loads a revolver and goes with Hale. After that, Baikal calls Yamach and gives him the address of the meeting place with Hale and says: "There is a journalist girl. what was his name? Aura...” Yamach quickly goes to the address. Alicho is restless and keeps saying, "It's not good here." let's go." Hale wants to wait. Suddenly, he remembers that Baikal told him that the meeting place is not far from him and he is terrified that he knew his place. He looks around and sees a man pointing at him at the top of a building. He calls out to Alicho and before he can do anything, Hale is shot. Alicho shouts and runs towards Hale. Yamach arrives as Alicho hugs Hale's lifeless body and cries loudly. Yamach sits next to him and cries.

In the hospital, one of the nurses brought Salim a laptop and said: "Greetings, dear sir." The image of Baikal appears on the screen. He waves his hand to Salim and says: "God forbid Salim Jun!" He broadcasts the video of Jamal being killed by Salim. Salim barely controls himself and says: "Well?" "Don't try to buy time," says Baikal. What will happen if your brother sees this? Remove the evil of your brother from me." Salim says while clenching his teeth: "I will take Yamach in front, dear sir." But he thinks about the night Nazem came to see him and has made another decision.

Distraught and confused, Yamach goes to Baikal's house with a gun. Mateen, Kamal and his men, who are still there, can hardly stop him.

Wartlow emerges from that crypt. He buys a bouquet of flowers and goes to his mother's grave. They put a stone for his mother's grave. Wartlow is impressed by seeing him and says: "Ah Yamach!" Oh brother! Oh, my father's son!" Wartlow also sees his own grave and goes to it and picks up the hawthorn branch on it and realizes that happiness was there. He picks some hawthorns from the branch and puts them in his pocket and then goes home. Jalason, who knew that he was alive, tries to pretend to be surprised. "Look," Wartlow happily goes to help. "The prosecution has arrived." Madd looks at him with indifference and says: "Get lost, get out of here." Madd, who does not believe that his brother has returned, is angry that someone has put himself in Wartlow and takes out his gun and fires several shots in the air. Saadatin goes upstairs. He wears his suit and red shirt. As always, she combs her hair back with lemon juice. He puts on his gold chain and closes his gold watch and goes out of the house and calls for help. This time Madd believes that Vartlo Saadatin is really alive and hugs him. Jalason's eyes fill with tears when he sees them and he is confused by his own feelings. But Wartlow doesn't give their feelings a chance and immediately tells Madd to go with him to the neighborhood.

Wartlow and Madd are standing on the roof of Salmani with a loudspeaker. Wartlow coughs and says: "Hello to the Muslim community of the neighborhood!" People gather and look at him in surprise. Wartlow says: "I Wartlow Saadatin, but basically righteous, I returned to the pit. I grew up in the pit. I am the son of Idris Kochvali. i didn't die i am alive IM here. I have no intention of leaving." Idris looks at him with anger.


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