A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 464



Wartlow has reached his thirteenth year. He is associated with a group of smugglers. He eats the rest of their food and sleeps next to their mules. When smuggling through mined routes, he and the mules are sent ahead so that if a mine is in their path, it will explode under their feet. One night, a mule's foot steps on a mine and they take him home half-dead so that he won't tell the police if they find him. Tomorrow they will take him out for burial. But they see that he is breathing. The veterinarian who came to take care of the mules is carried over his head. "He said I wouldn't be surprised if he died," says Wartlow. But I didn't die. Do you know why? My mother's imagination helped me. He caressed me and said, my son, these days pass, bear with me. I was righteous until that day. Even though my grandfather named me Saadatin. I said to myself, aren't you tired of being righteous? how many times have you died Do you think that when your father says your name, everyone will show you and say that Saleh is there? I said come to yourself. Your father is not looking for you. Listen to your grandfather. be happy Take revenge on those who tormented you. Saleh died. Take righteous revenge." Wartlow waits until he is seventeen. With the money he earns from the retail sale of the materials he stole from smugglers, he buys weapons and shoots everyone in one day. "From that day on, I got my revenge on everyone who hurt me," says Wartlow. "I'm the only one left," says Idris. "You were a piece of cake," says Wartlow. The king of the pit, Idris Kochvali. You did not find me, but I searched and found you. I wanted to say look! i am alive I pulled you down from your bed. Now I sit on the ground and I sit on your bed. Because you pulled me out of the pit. What did I do, Dad?" Idris says softly: "I didn't know about your existence." Wartlow laughs and says: "Don't worry about these games, Mr. Idris." Do everything in my name and stay away. I am not fooled by these games. My name is…” Wartlow can't say his name. Stunned, he looks at his father's calm face and takes a breath. He sits on the floor and says: "You didn't know about my existence?" Idris shakes his head and says no.

Sena's mother went to visit her son. He asks Amrah: "Did you go to see your father?" He is also in Istanbul." Amrah says: "No. You said not to see it, I didn't see it either." Ghazideh treats Amrah like a child and is constantly pampering her and giving her charity. After saying goodbye to Amrah, he comes to the Senate and says: "He is holding hands." promise. If he promises me, he will keep it." Sena sits next to her mother and cries, "I am my daughter, mother." Why didn't you love me and you love him so much?" "There are things you don't know, Sena," Ghazideh says impatiently. Sena says: "So tell me." Ghazideh says sarcastically: "What you wanted became. pulled back Is one victory in one day not enough for you?"

Mateen finds the house where Baikal is hiding and takes Yamach there. He looks at the house from a distance with a camera. They inform Baikal that they are watching the house. He goes to the balcony and sees Yamach with his camera and calls him and says: "Thank you for finding me. Now we will play another one. I set my table around you. You don't understand, but you will understand in time." "You forgot something," says Yamach. You stay in that house and your toys stay outside. You are the one, but I am out. When you are not there, I play with your toys. Keep your phone on. He's calling a lot today, bastard." Baikal orders to place guards everywhere in the house. In the same Girodar, it is reported that Ghazideh has come to see Baikal. Ghazideh says: "Leave my son alone." Baikal says: "How dare you talk to me like this?" Shall I call your husband to come? Should I tell him everything? Let me tell you that your wife brought her own son into your family as a foster son? Do you want to spend the rest of your life alone? Do I make them leave you alone? or worse. Should I tell your son that the mother who left you when you were a child is the same mother? Ghazideh says: "The pit destroys my son." I will lose my son because of you. stop." Ghazideh says while leaving: "This pride and selfishness will kill you." you'll see."

Yamach's people attack Baikal's restaurants, towers and fairs and destroy them. The news reaches Baikal and shocks him. While Yamach and his men are waiting around his house for him to do something unwise to finish his job, Baikal calls Hale and makes an appointment with him. Hale, who is in Nazem's office at this time, takes advantage of his absence and searches his room and finds a photo of Nazem and Baikal in a book called "Fathers and Their Sons".

In the pit, in Wartlow's dark cell, it is Idris's turn to speak. He tells the story of himself and Mehraban. He says: "I had a friend named Ghancheh." He always told me, why don't you love me, Idris? I love you so much. What did I say to him? I could not lie. I don't know how to lie. At the same time, I made a mistake and went to jail. Then I got stabbed there. I was busy with myself. I did not remember the bud. I finally came out. I heard that the bud is dead. I just heard this. That was all I knew. Thirty years have passed. Thirty years later, telling me that his name was not Ghancheh, he was kind. Mehraban was pregnant with you. We hid your son from you. Your son's name is Saleh. He lived here..." Wartlow holds his head in his hands and trembles. Idris says: "If I had known about your existence, I would not have given up." You did not experience any of what you said. I will bring you to me. You won't even kill your brother." Idris bangs his head on the bars and Wartlow cries. Idris continues: “I am not the king of the pit. I don't have a bed. I have a dry and empty seat in the coffee house. I am the father of my pit. It is easy to become a king. It's hard to be a dad. If you want to be king, I will not let you. I will not let die. Either you die or I die. But this time you really die. I will die if a drop of tears falls from my eyes. But if you say that I will be the father of the pit, then so be it. Try. This sphere and this field."


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