A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 460



Salim, who is looking for his family, finally finds them unconscious in the car on the side of the road. He takes them to the hotel and the doctor informs him and asks Jamil to stay with them in the hotel and he goes himself. Jamil stares at Ayesha's face every now and then.

In the middle of the night, Idris visits Yamach, who is sitting at his desk and thinking. He says: "Someone who has been my wife for many years is not in her room or in her bed for the first time." Yamach sarcastically tells himself what he heard from his father a few nights ago. "This saying that I will stay with you for a lifetime is a heavy word...I couldn't handle it my son!" Idris says: "You do your own thing. This guy should still be at home there." Yamach gets up from the chair and says, “Come. sit down please. If not, leave it to me. One tone on one shoulder, one tone on the other shoulder. I swear you did not go through this way that I went through. "You sat on this chair for forty years, but you did not pass this hell." Idris gets up and says: "This work will be finished by tomorrow noon." After Idris leaves, Salim rushes into the room and picks up a gun. Yamach asks him what happened, and Selim shouts frantically: "I will kill Wartelo. Go away..." Yamach hugs him and comforts him. Wartlow has also lost Salim.

Varatlo, again, went to see his mother and recites a children's poem under his breath. He doesn't know if he will have a chance to put a stone on his mother's grave or not, he tries to arrange the stones around the grave and give it a shape. Yamach arrives and says: "What are you doing?" Uncle, Pasha, Karaja, Aisha!" "There are things you don't know, Yamach," says Watlow impatiently. do not interfere." Yamach says: "How can I not interfere? You were stealing them!" "I didn't steal," Wartlow says. They want to run away. I could not go. I said at least I will help them." Yamach says: "When a woman says to go, she must go." "You couldn't go either," says Wartlow. "I couldn't go," says Yamach. My situation is different." Wartlow says: "No, Dad! What's the difference? "I protect because you attack," Yamach replies. Wartlow asks what Saadat told Yamach, and Yamach says, "Everything." Even cherry trees. How could you pass such a dream?" "It can be passed," says Wartlow. "I still have a lot of work here." Their calm and empathetic talk gradually turns violent. "I didn't come here for prosperity," Wartlow says. I will not die because of that. He just messed up my heart, my soul, my mind." Yamach says: "You are afraid! You were afraid to be happy, to have peace." Wartlow says: "Shut up, Yamach!" Yamach says: "You don't care about these things! Family, home, respect... you were afraid that your wounds would heal. You think your wounds brought you here. is not it? You think you owe your wounds." Wartlow tries to leave but comes back and attacks Yamach. "Go to Vartlo," says Yamach. Go. "I am very tired of this game." "I will not die until I get my due," says Wartlow. Behold! This is my mother's grave. It doesn't even have a tombstone. I came to take revenge on those who did not let my mother have a tombstone. You do not know anything." In the middle of the fight, Yamach hugs Wartlow and shouts: "I know. I know Saleh. I know, my father's son." Wartlow goes limp and looks at Yamach, stunned. "Now that you know," Wartlow says angrily. I will take the pit. I will be king. I also give it to my son. Because I do whatever I want. You can not. I do anything dirty. You can not." Yamach drags him to the hero's grave and says: "Look." As long as this grave is here, you cannot own a pit. Whether it's me or not. You only get the pit. They forcefully bow before you. But I will never, never say that the pit in our house is our father's right." Yamach throws him on the ground and picks up a stone and says, “Get out of here. You will die." "I'm not dying," says Wartlow. Kill if you can. I will die in the pit. This is my last word. Write on my tombstone. kill me brother "Kill me, my father's son." Yamach lifts the stone above his head and throws it on the ground. "Don't worry," he says. You will die in the pit." and goes

Salim makes a date with Baikal and tells him that Wartlow is out of control. Baikal confirms his words and says that he has noticed this issue for some time. Salim says: "We will attack him tomorrow." If you don't want to do anything, you can wait for us." Salim tells Baikal to prepare his men tomorrow so that if Wartlow escapes from them, they will catch him.

Shab Wartlo says to Madd and Jalason: "Gather everyone." We will leave this house tomorrow. You should find me a house like a castle, Jalason. It has several inputs and outputs. Tomorrow is the day of life and death." He knows that Gudal will attack him with all his might tomorrow, so he wants his position to be strong and from above to have a chance to win. Yamach is also preparing for tomorrow. He asks Alicho to find him one of his friends who has no one. Alicho says: "Neither of them have anyone." "I need one," says Yamach. For a dangerous job." After that, he makes a date with Mecca in a coffee house and asks him to stay in the pit tomorrow when he attacks and do something for him.

Wartlow stands on the balcony of his house and looks at the window of Saadat's bright room. In his imagination, he pulls aside the curtain and covers Saadat's sleeping face and kisses her cheek. The two opponents prepare their weapons for tomorrow. Yamach loads the hero's gun and puts his rosary in his pocket, and Wartlow flashes his gun with his red handkerchief. At the end of the night, Yamach and Wartlow nod to each other from a distance.

The next morning, the Wartlows vacate the house. The last person is Jalason, who before leaving, hears Yamach's voice calling him.

The people of the pit are on their way to Wartlow's new location. Idris, Yamach and Salim are standing at the beginning of the line. The attack begins, and after a bit of a fight, things turn bad for Wartlow. Jalason asks him to come with him to escape through the back door. Wartlow hesitates. After Jalason's insistence, he looks at Medd with concern and says: "Nemir Mertike!" and goes Yamach is informed that Wartlow is on the run and he moves to the back of the building. Jalason walks Wartlow to his car and says, “Go bro. forgive me." Wartlow says angrily: "You make me halal, son!" Yamach calls Mecca and says: "Get ready. she is coming." One of the pit men tries to kill Wartlow as he escapes. Yamach wounds him. The people of Baikal are behind the door from which Wartlow exits and close his car with volleys. The car explodes.


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