A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 459



Karaja goes to Wartlow's house. When he told his mother about the escape, he meant asking Wartlow for help. "Only you can help us," he tells Wartlow. It may not be right to say, but I saved your life. Will you save my life too?" "I understood what you said," says Wartlow, who is a little confused. I want some time to think about it. "My grandfather gave Uncle Yamach twenty-four hours about you," says Karaja. We don't have time. If it happens tonight, it will happen. If not, I don't want anything more from you."

Hale goes to see Alicho again and sees him reciting poetry. They talk and laugh and then Hale asks Alicho to continue reading. Alicho picks up a book called "Separation is a part of love" by Atila Ilhan and starts reading. Alicho's aura fades away and kisses his lips. This happened in an instant and Hale regained his senses and was shocked by what he had done and left in a hurry, leaving Alicho alone while laughing and his eyes shining.

At Sena's house, Deren asks her about Sena's family. Sena, who does not have a good relationship with his family, says that he does not need them. Daren talks about Sena's brother and Sena's mood changes and he stares at a corner and says that he has no news about him. Meanwhile, there is a knock at the door. Sena sees Sultan behind the door and is surprised to invite him home. Sultan, who has nowhere to go after leaving his house, calls Mateen and Mateen brings him to Sena's house.

On that day, Wartlow prepared an elaborate meal for his people, and he himself stands with a smile and disgust and looks at them from a distance. He calls Medd and hugs him. Madd is surprised and goes to Wartlo.

Pasha and Uncle Yamach are invited to the coffee house and inform that Idris has kicked Sultan out of the house. Yamach laughs and asks where did he go? no one knows But their worries don't last long because Sena calls and informs that the Sultan is with him. Then Pasha asks him: "What are we going to do about Wartlo's case?" Yamach says: "I have a hope. If that doesn't happen, I will let you know."

Saadat is approaching her date with Saleh and is restless. Now that the Sultan is gone, it has become more difficult for him to leave the house. He looks at his father from a distance. He does not have the heart to say goodbye and kisses her from a distance and leaves. Wartlow also goes to his mother's grave and then to Saadat's meeting place. Happiness is anxiously waiting. Saleh is standing somewhere far away and looks at him with tears in his eyes. He sees his own child who blames him with his look. Wartlow waves to Saleh in tears. Saadat returns home and puts his head on Idris's knee. Yamach's last hope is also lost.

Saleh calls Karja and says that he will do what he asked and says to himself: "I couldn't go. At least you will be saved."

Salim is sitting in the pub with his father and they are drinking together. Salim asks: "How are you, Dad?" Idris says: "How should I be? If you weren't there... do you know what happened?" Salim says: "Yamach told me." Idris says: "I didn't know, my son. If I knew, would it be like this? "Everything was very different." Salim laughs and says: "Another brother was found to fight with us." Idris complains to his son and says: "If I have so many families, it's because I lost everyone, I'm an orphan." you don't understand You grew up with your brothers. Your parents are always there for you. Idris understands well the condition of the boy who was taken away from him. Salim says: "We will find him, father." We hope to God that we will find him." At Sena's house, Sultan drinks sweat in a cup with Daren and Sena, talking and laughing. Perhaps Sena is the only one who sees the other side of Sultan.

When Salim returns home and does not see Ayesha and Karaja, he asks the family about them, but they are all ignorant. He calls them but their phones are switched off. The gatekeepers of the mansion have not seen them either. He entrusts everyone in the neighborhood to find Karaja and Ayesha, and after some time they report that they were seen in the car of Jalason and Madd. Karaja, who cannot hide his anger towards Jalason, starts arguing with him. Jalason, who does not know the reason for his behavior, gets angry and loses control and fights with him. The car swerves on the road and they crash.


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