A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 456



In the meeting Baikal has with Wartlow and Salim, he humiliates them as much as he can. "You acted so stupidly that Yamach became the pit champion," he tells Wartlow. Salim says: "I raised the issue of Plain Finance, but Yamach preferred Pasha's solution." He doesn't take money from anyone like this." Baikal asks if Pasha talked to his Dutch trading partner or not? Salim, who had not said anything about the details of Pasha's proposal, is surprised by Baikal's information. Baikal says: "I didn't get here just like that." It's not like you shooting left and right." And he continues: "These weapons must explode." "Do you know chess, Wartlo?" Baikal asks Wartlow, who doesn't agree with his plan. Wartlow and Salim look at each other with a smile. "No," says Wartlow. But I killed a chess player."

The bad financial situation of the people of Chokur puts Yamach in a difficult situation and he goes alone to the Plain Finance company and talks to the boss there. Munir says: "The number you want is too high. It will be very difficult without a guarantee. Property document or construction machinery or ship. Yamach thanks and leaves.

On the other hand, Idris made an appointment with one of his friends who is a retired police officer to get information from him about the incident. He says: "In 1988, a crime happened in the pit. A man named Qasim Halwachi killed his wife. Find your file for me." Meanwhile, a car leaves Makka half-hearted in front of the coffee house and leaves. Mohiuddin takes his son to the hospital and picks up his gun to go to Wartlow, but Yamach stops him and says, "I'll take care of it. I promise."

Uncle and Rast have gone to see the senate. Uncle says: "You know better, my daughter, but a woman's place is before her husband." A woman gives hope to a man. It makes him see beauty. If there is no woman, the man goes to himself. For example, look at me..." Sena says: "You are the thinnest among them, uncle. Because you all think we don't understand. Maybe it's because of loneliness. "Yamach will be fine without me." He rarely says: "Don't say like that. This happens in the life of husband and wife. you fight you argue Then they calm down. After this, you have to see if he is injured or not." "It's too late," Sena says. I want to get a divorce."

Saadat sends a message to Saadatin and asks him to see each other by the wall. Saadat waits by the wall, but there is no news of Wartlow, but he stands behind the wall and does not say a word. After some time, Saadat wants to return home when he hears the voice of Saleh, who sings to him: "Nasim Sahar, what's up with the one I love?" What about my Sultan?" Saadat returns and stands behind the wall next to Saleh.

Wartlow is in his house preparing his men for tonight's operation when shots are fired at his house. Mohiuddin stands in front of the house and shouts: "If a man, come out." Jalason reaches himself and says, "Brother, go." This person will kill you." Mohiuddin says: "You go and get lost." You sold the neighborhood for money." "Hit me if you want," Jalason says. Mohiuddin shoots without hesitation and injures his ear. Wartlow comes out and Mohiuddin raises his revolver to shoot, when Yamach arrives and takes the gun from him and leads him away.

Idris's friend brings him the murder case. But before opening the case, he tells Idris: "I wouldn't have opened it if I were you." There may be a lot of trouble after that." Idris opens the file and by seeing the photo of Mehbar, he is sure that he is Ghancheh or Mehbar.

Shab Wartlo goes to Salmani Mohiuddin and asks him to trim his beard. Mohiuddin takes the razor and starts to shave with anger. Several times he is tempted to finish Wartlow's work right there, but he sits there with a smile and peace, thinking of a memory from his childhood. On the way to school, he sees his father in Salmani Mohiuddin and goes there to see him. Mohiuddin gives him chocolate and Idris strokes his hair and he sits like that and does nothing. Mohiuddin shaves his hair like a pit boy but does not take money. Saleh, who does not like this model, wears a hat at home. Seeing his hat, his mother realizes what happened and he tells the story to his mother. His mother says: "One day we will go to Uncle Mohiuddin and I will tell your father this is your son. He kisses you too."

Pasha's deal goes smoothly and he gets the money. But on the way back, Wartlow's men stop his companions and leave Pasha alone and start shooting. Pasha's gun is empty. At the last moment, uncle arrives and saves his life. They are forced to leave the money in the car and leave.

Yamach has been informed that Wartlow entered Salmani Mohiuddin. Yamach arrives when Wartlow's work is finished and he is leaving. Yamach says: "From now on, you are not on the side of Wartlow with a Sosol kid. From now on, blood against blood." Yamach takes a heavy sledgehammer from Salmani's front door and slams it on Madd's leg. Madd screams for help and Wartlow takes out his gun. Yamach steps forward and presses his forehead against his gun and says, "Hit." Salim shouts angrily and says to Wartlow: "Go quickly, get lost here!" Wartlow looks at Salim and lowers his gun.

At home at night, Sultan is sorting Idris's clothes when he sees the prison letter in his coat pocket. He takes out the letter and starts reading. It is written in the letter: "I am the husband of the woman you knew as Ghancheh." He married me after you. They buried her in the pit in front of my eyes and with me because she was pregnant. It is not known from when. I will be released in a week. Threatening to pull me out when I come. If you want to know what happened to your son, protect me. Sir Idris! You lost a son, you gained another. Do you see God's work?" Idris goes to Mehraban's grave at night and sees a fresh bouquet of flowers on it. The bouquet that Wartlow had brought for his mother.

At the end of the night, Deran, Sena's friend, introduces Nazem to take over Sena's representation, and on the other hand, Yamach gives the documents that are in Padesh's name to Munir as a guarantee. In another hour, these documents will be in the hands of Baikal.


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