A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 455



Makkah has been handed over to Wartlo by Darb and Daghan, and Yamach goes unanswered whenever he calls. A letter from prison has arrived for Idris in the coffee house. After reading it, Idris immediately gets up and leaves, and Uncle and Pasha, who have come to talk about Fayaz's issue, are surprised to see his haste and anxiety. In the coffee house, they find out that a letter has arrived for him from Kartal prison. Idris emphasizes to his driver that no one should know about this case.

Jalason has gone to the hospital to see Karaja. Karaja tells him: "I'm going crazy for fear that it will happen to you." I could not think of anything else. I don't know what happened. I didn't tell you that I don't care when you work. I didn't get shot for nothing. It was because of you. Understand how precious you are to me." Akshin hears these words from the back door of the room. Jalasun kisses Karaja's forehead and leaves.

In the coffee house, Pasha tells Yamach: "The police are gone, but we are all under surveillance. We can't do anything. The customer can't come either." Uncle says: "We lost some of our friends. Their families should be taken care of. What about the funeral? Is it one by one or all together?" Yamach says: "Death is not a show, uncle." Things are messed up and families are in financial trouble. Yamach wants everyone to think in order to sort out the situation as soon as possible. Salim, who was silent until that moment and sometimes sarcastically says: "There is a company called Plain Finance. The owner's name is Munira. In essence, it is a descent. "With the hero, we sometimes took money from him." "For now, let's try other ways before we get here," says Yamach. Pasha also says that there is a person who has been saying for a long time to work with him regarding the arms trade. Pasha says: "We make a little money, but in this situation, it takes our hands." Yamach tells Pasha to call him.

Jalason goes to Wartlo and, seeing Mecca, fits in there. "Do you miss your friend?" Wartlow says to Jalason. You look at him a lot. This help tells me that Jalason does not use his left hand. I said wow! I did not understand at all. What happened to your hand?" "It doesn't work for me," says Jalason. That Yamach changed it incompletely. Wartlow, who has doubted Jalason, asks him: "What is the punishment for this friend of yours?" Jalason picks up a heavy weight from the ground and says: "I don't know about you, brother, but this is how we break the leg of a person who spins a lot." And he lifts the weight and throws it on Mecca's feet. And he continues: "Then they will throw it in the middle of the neighborhood to make it a lesson for everyone." And he raises the weight again to throw it again, but Wartlow shouts and stops him. Mecca writhes in pain and screams.

Yamach goes with Salim to the address sent by Mecca. He asks Salim: "Don't you want to ask where we are going?" Salim says: "What's the difference? Baba Yamach orders, we do. The pit of our house, our father's house." He, who is angry with Yamach's recent behavior towards him, continues: "Are you crazy? If yes, tell me. Tell me how to behave. look at me. i am healthy Salim." "I know," says Yamach. Salimi." Salim pulls the handbrake and stops the car in the middle of the road and gets out and takes out Yamach and shouts: "What do you know? what? You are Yamachi. Sir Yamach! How can you understand being healthy? Every day I spend proving myself. God every day. I play this dirty game every day. do you know? Your mother told you that we didn't want you, were you born unintentionally? said He didn't say! Do you know what it means to grow up under the shadow of a hero? you do not know! I know. Have you ever seen your father tell you why this child is like this? This is being healthy. You don't know anything, Baba Yamach." Salim cries. Yamach raises his little finger and Salim takes his finger as a sign of reconciliation. Yamach hugs his brother.

In the prison, Idris insists to see the author of the letter, but the prison director says that it is not possible, and during his talks, he mentions the murder of a prisoner, and Idris is shocked when he hears of the murder, and the director says: "You killed his wife." And then he reads the address of the crime scene to Idris. Idris immediately asks: "Is there anything about the child in this file?" The manager says that there is no such thing in his case and Idris leaves, confused.

Yamach and Salim arrive at the intended location, which is a stone quarry. A tombstone with Yamach's name on it is right in front of the shop, and Wartlow comes out of the shop a little later and says, "New Year's gift, dear!" Yamach asks, "Where is Mecca, Mertike?" "I wanted to kill him, but something happened to him, and his foot broke," says Wartlow. Wartlow's phone rings and Yamach says, "Your boss is calling." Don't make him angry or he will kick you. Did you think I don't understand? I destroyed your capital, the next day you lived in a three billion house. There are two explanations, or you will pay money, which is not the case. or do you own I want to talk to him from now on. Give him hair number. Yamach takes Wartlow's gift and leaves.

Sena goes out to talk to the lawyer and Matin and Kamal follow him. When Sena is sitting in the lawyer's office, Yamach calls the lawyer and says: "I am the wife of the lady who is sitting in front of you." Hearing the name of the little ones, the lawyer loses his hand and legs and tells the senate that it is better to solve this issue with his wife first. Sena takes the phone from the lawyer and angrily tells Yamach: "You don't own me." You can't control my life..." Yamach hangs up.

Idris goes to the address of the house he heard from the prison director and asks one of the residents about that house and he says: "This house is cursed." A woman killed her husband in this house." Idris asks: "Having children?" The old man says: "I think about having a son." The police took him. One won in short. Idris asks: "Was the woman's name Ghancheh?" do you remember?" The man does not remember. He continues: "This woman's husband used to get drunk all the time and was shouting why don't you love me?" Idris says: "Kind!" "Yes," says the old man. Idris thinks of a woman who told him years ago: "Why don't you love me, Idris? First, love this kind person. the bud."


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