A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 454



Sardar arrives at his meeting place with Yamach, which is in a gym. Yamach welcomes him and asks: "Are you ready?" Sardar, who was confused by the big boxes and Yamach's words, says: "Give me my money and I'll go." I put a gun to their heads." "Wait," Yamach says. You are ruining the surprise." Yamach takes out an old and torn bill from his pocket and says: "This is the first ten million." Sardar takes the bill and throws it on the ground. Yamach asks, “Are you sure? Is it your last decision? Sardar says: "Son, why are you running to Azrael?" "Okay, so I'll open the box," Yamach says. Then he counts to ten and the box opens. Sardar's father is in the box with his hands and mouth tied. Sardar and his men prepare to fire, but Yamach's men quickly surround them. Yamach takes out another bill and gives it to Sardar. Sardar shouts: "Don't fight." This does not have a good end." Yamach counts to ten and opens the next box. Sardar's wife is in this box. Sardar has hit it dry. Yamach says: "Now let's go to the one million damage." Sardar sits down and says, "Okay, you won."

Yamach goes to the place where his father and Sena were imprisoned and hugs Sena. Idris looks at him with pride. He calls Sardar who is still in the hall with his family and says: "Well done Sardar." You did the right thing." Sardar says: "Let go of your hair, boy." The third box opens but there is no one in it. Yamach says: "I went crazy, but not that much. Now go hug your father and ask for forgiveness. hug your wife I will even let you see your child. See it for the last time. Then run away." Sardar, who no longer has hope, goes to Fayaz and says: "Dad, you told me that whenever you were dying, come to me and tell me to help you." Then he kneels in front of him and says: "Dad, I'm dying." help."

Idris and Sena arrive home. The family has come to welcome them. Sena slowly moves forward and looks at Sultan. The sultan runs to the senate in tears and hugs him. At that moment, Sena feels a mother's love for the first time. Idris takes Yamach to his room and asks him to sit in his place at the table. Idris says while lowering his head and playing with the rosary in his hand: "My son, I love you very much. I have always loved even when you're gone it is the truth. Nothing can change this. I wanted you to know this." Yamach cannot believe what he saw and heard. These words come out of Idris Kochvali's mouth. He says, "Dad, I didn't hear what you said." "Okay then," says Idris.

Wartlow, who now finds an opportunity, goes to his mother's grave with a bouquet of flowers. While shedding tears and touching her hands, he says: "Mother, I'm sorry." I could not come until today. But I promise that your son will make the most beautiful grave for you. Behold! They could not destroy your son, mother. Your son has become a big man. Mother bothered me a lot when you were not there. But I clenched my teeth, clenched my fists, and survived. to take your revenge I lost you, he lost his son. Enough? Not enough. You left me in front of the wolf and left, mother. Just last night someone put a gun to his head. I wanted to say pull the trigger. But don't lie, I never lied to you, mother. I could not say I wanted it, it won't go away. I wanted to tell him once. Tell me once, my son... but he won't say it." Wartlow cries bitterly.

Fayaz goes to the coffee house to see Yamach. He puts two big money bags on the table and says cheerfully: "This general made a mistake. I understood myself. He sent these to you. 21 million." "I understand," says Yamach. But it doesn't hurt." Fayaz says: "No. you didn't understand Sardar is my son. But until now, he has done everything on his own. I was not behind him. But this is different. I understand the seriousness of this matter. Please magnify and forgive. Otherwise, you will upset me." Yamach says: "Mr. Fayaz is very respectful to me. I have no enmity with you. Give this money to Sardar. It will be necessary." Fayaz calls Sardar and says: "Freedom. Do whatever you want." While Sardar prepares his men to attack the pit, Yamach takes weapons from Pasha to attack Sardar. The men of the house go to the neighborhood after hearing the sound of shooting. Wartlow, who witnessed these scenes from the top of his new house, calls Saadat to find out what happened. Saadat goes out and Wartlow is talking to him when he sees some armed people coming towards the house and shouts: "Sadish, go back home."

On the other hand, Yamach finally finds Sardar alone in a corner after his men tried to make him run away, and he points the gun at him and shouts: "Nobody has the right to hurt the ones I love." At that moment, Sena, who has learned that Yamach has gone to kill the general, arrives and calls him and says: "Let's go, Yamach." you are not you're welcome. Sardar uses the opportunity and raises his gun to shoot Yamach, and Sena, seeing this scene, shoots him.


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