A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 450



Akshin sends a message to Jalason that he misses him and is waiting for him at his usual place. Seeing Jalason crying, Akshin says, "We went to the park yesterday. Wartlow was also there. My mom did something I didn't expect at all. You know what?" And he goes forward and spits in Jalason's face and slaps him hard and shouts: "How could you do this? He is the killer of your father, Jalason. My father's killer..." Mete and Karja, who are there, try to stop him. Jalason stood in his place without any reaction. Seeing Karaja and Akshin chasing them, Sena enters and asks, “Why did you do this? I convinced Yamach to forgive you. Now he blames himself for your work." Jalason also said the same words that everyone repeats these days to the Senate: "Don't get involved in things you don't understand. You thought there would be two, two, four everywhere. It hurts twice as much in the pit. The law is different here. Don't get involved in these things. I left you to God."

Salim has another plan in his head. He wants to open a gambling house and through one person to disrupt the situation there and thereby strike another blow. He shares the idea of the casino with Idris, and Idris likes it, and Yamach agrees and gives Salim the authority in this case.

Halle, who realized that Alicho has been following him for several days, goes to him and buys him a soft drink and talks to him and realizes that he is one of Idris's relatives. Hale asks Alicho to come to see her again. Meanwhile, Hale is contacted by Nazem and they make a date with her. Wartlow accidentally saw the halo report in the newspaper and informed Nazem about it.

Makka takes action and with the solution that Yamach gave him, he sedates the drivers of the Wartlo bar, and Kamal and Mateen get them out of their car and leave them on the street, and they take the car with Saadatin. At night, when Wartlow is waiting for his men, his car comes to them empty in idle gear. Seeing the empty car, Vartlo leaves and remembers Yamach's words. "I'll show you soon." And shouts loudly: "Yamach! where are you?" Yamach looks at him from a distance and says to Makkah: "When he doesn't have money, as you can see, he is nothing but petty." Let's see how long he can continue. Take care, Mecca." Wartlow angrily goes to the moderator and says: "I feed a hundred people." Their eyes are mine. If I don't have money, how can I support my people? I see? with a kiss? Yamach is ruining my work for the umpteenth time. Tell the honorable gentleman, if you want me to continue, you have to give me cash."

Uncle and Pasha, who both know that they are under surveillance, go to Yamach at home at night and ask him about this. Yamach says: "I heard Wartlow wants to attack you. I did this to protect you. After their attack on the night of the arms deal, I was worried." Uncle and Pasha, heartbroken that Yamach might suspect them, leave happily. Yamach asks Kamal and Mateen to stop the pursuit.

Ayesha is trying to fulfill the mission given to her by Salim and rarely comes close. But he rarely has a good relationship with Ayesha, and this discomfort seems to have more reasons than the usual bickering and eye contact between two people in the same house. Aisha rarely asks: "How long do you want to continue like this?" He rarely answers: "Forever!" Ayesha says: "No dear. you are young you have a life Even the hero's brother..." He rarely says: "You will never mention the hero's name in front of me again! you got it?"

Mohiuddin, who had dragged Wartlow's driver to Salmani on the pretext of cutting his hair and tried to make friends with him, goes to the pub with him on the night when Wartlow fired him for losing sex. As soon as he warms up, the man starts saying things about Saadatin. It is not known who his parents are, and it is not even known if he is from Varto. He tells the story of the night when he had beaten and threatened one of his men for singing a kind song.

At night, Sena takes Yamach to a place and closes his eyes, and when Yamach opens his eyes, he sees the first Sena he performed on and looks at it in disbelief. Sena also finds the video of his first performance and shows it and takes Yamach back to his good old days. There were days when he thought he was not in the pit, but the pit was always in him and he was never separated from it. Sena hugs him and says: "Even if I don't know what you are doing, I understand that it is hard work. But there are two ways here, one is your way and one is your father's way, the hero's way. You decide which way to go. Whatever path you choose, I will always be there for you. “Always?” Yamach asks. "Always," says Sena.


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