A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 449



Yamach wakes up with Idris's voice repeating in his head. "He thought he could, but he didn't know that a new boss came to the pit..." Yamach gathers those whose sons Wartlow had circumcised and says to them: "Why didn't you come to me? Who would do these things until today? Brothers! sister! You don't understand. This person does not do good. Whatever you want, you must tell me." It wasn't hard to understand, but the people understood it last night. When after the Wartlow ceremony, he got older and asked them to give him their places in exchange for money. Yamach notices that the attendees at last night's party are afraid of something and tells Mecca to search everywhere and find out why. People surrender their places to Wartlow and he transfers his drug production equipment to them. He tells Madd: "If we want to destroy something, we must destroy it from the root."

The people of Idris's house have learned about Jalason's incident. Akshin cries and Sultan gathers his brides and tells them: "I said it a thousand times, I'll say it again. Do not interfere in men's work. And he says to the senate: "The boy whose mother came to eat yesterday, has gone and become an idiot." what did i tell you do not interfere. »

Yamach goes to Jalason's house and tells him that he wants to talk to his mother. Jalason is worried about her mother finding out about her working for Wartlow, but Yamach has come to take care of Jalason's family situation. He apologizes and says that he was short and was involved in the neighborhood situation and recent events. He says: "Whenever you have something to do, come to the coffee house and tell them to call me. If I don't come, spit in my face. I am responsible for you." Then he comes to the door of the woman's house and says in a loud voice: "He who goes to bed when his neighbor is hungry is not one of us." This is a pit. Never forget this." Jalason's mother feels sheltered after a long time but still worries about her son and asks Yamach: "Does Jalason not work for you?" Yamach still doesn't say anything and asks him to ask this from his son.

The police entered the neighborhood and went straight to the gun shop and arrested the seller. Idris questions Yamach and says: "You forgot the neighborhood." Our situation is messed up. Where is our law and order? Do you know that the police went to the toy store? "I know," says Yamach. I exposed myself." Idris, Uncle and Pasha look at each other with surprise. Idris asks angrily: "What are you saying, boy?" "I wanted to see how we are doing," Yamach says. We were rejected. The police team and its car passed in front of the shops, not even a single person whistled. In the pit, everyone likes each other. But not this time. They look like this... but we will solve it. We will solve it together." Idris turns to Uncle and Pasha and says: "This boy has just arrived. What are you doing?" Then he says to Yamach: "All the bowls and jars broke on the owner of the shop. Sold it!" "I didn't sell," says Yamach. This was his rightful punishment. We gave him a place, 17-18-year-old boys stole from him very easily. He couldn't fight them." Idris says: "You will not do something like this again without telling me." Idris turns to Uncle and Pasha and says: "Tomorrow, we will also make a spread in the market." Everything should be like before."

Salim goes to see Wartlow at night, and Wartlow mentions between his conversations that he has seen Rath and Uncle in the park and feels that there is something between them, and it is better for Salim to pay attention to this story, maybe it will hurt them. Salim, who had seen Rathat at home giving his uncle his threaded rosary and had heard their short conversation and felt their confusion, thought about Wartloo's words. Shab calls Ayesha and asks her if she told him anything about uncle. Ayesha doesn't understand what he means, and Salim asks her to come closer to him and try to bring his uncle's thoughts to his head.

Pasha is sitting in his warehouse when Yıldız (a woman Sena met at the hair salon) enters and closes the door behind him and with a little apprehension tries to use her skills in attracting men and tells Pasha in Someone disturbed him at the cabaret and he wants to come with him one night and sit at the table with him to settle the matter. Pasha, who has smelled where this issue is coming from, calmly says: "Okay, I'll come." But you can't tell that friend. If you come with scabies, maybe it will be fine. But it doesn't work like this. Now go." Yildiz cries to Pasha: "I had to, by God." Don't be angry with me." And he admits that he came at Wartlow's request. One morning when he comes home from work, he sees his children at Wartlow's house. This is a threat to Yildiz. Yildiz is scared and takes the hands of the children and sends them home. Wartlow tells him: "If we ask you for something, just go away, right?" You are right here."

Wartlo fought again in the neighborhood and gathered the residents. He has found a new excuse to destroy small villages and says, "They say the police can't remember you in a pit." Who? Who do they say they inform before coming? It's all Alki's claim. These little ones don't leave their warm and soft house. How can they protect the pit?" Yamach arrives and says to him: "What did you tell us?" You said I am a guest here. What do you do if you have a guest in your house? Is the passenger making so much noise? Wartlow answers: "I am the voice of the people, dear friend!" I will say what they can't." Yamach asks: "What is the name of this neighborhood? Huh?" "The pit," says Wartlow. Okay!" Yamach says: "The name of the neighborhood! This is a small neighborhood. Saadatin neighborhood is not Wartloo. This is a small neighborhood. This is my neighborhood. party. Don't know your intensity. "The roof is leaking, homeowner," Wartlow says. "You are all talking and not acting." "There is nothing left," Yamach says.

After this, Yamach goes to the residents of Kochua neighborhood and says to them with unprecedented anger: "Do you understand what you are doing to me? The party that has come to our neighborhood is threatening us." And he shouts: "Come to your senses, gentlemen." Know what you are doing!" And he continues: "Here is the pit." Whoever forgets this will be lost." And after Kamal, he wants to take care of the situation of his people. Even against his own expectations, Yamach has accepted the presidency of Gudal very soon.

Yamach is attacking from several positions. On his orders, Uncle Mateen is wanted, he gives Mecca some solutions and tells him to be careful when using them, and he assigns Mohiuddin to approach one of Saadatin's people and get information from him.


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