A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 448



After staring at each other for a while, Yamach and Afsun go to each other and kiss each other passionately. But at the same time, he casts a spell on Yamach's head with a vase and says to him, who is fainting: "You stay away from me, do you understand?" Don't come near me!" Afsun returns to the table and says something in French to the trading party and they understand that they have been dealt. Then both sides take out their guns and the shooting starts. At the same time, Jumali arrives and takes Yamach out of there. On the way back, Afsun tells Nizam that Yamach is back, and Nizam, panicking, decides to quickly evacuate the house and leave.

Uncle Jumali goes to see Kulkan to see what he wants. "If I die, Yamach will understand everything," says Kulkan. I have a friend who will tell me everything if I die." Uncle says: "Let's see if Yamach listens to your friend's words!" "I didn't say anything about Yamach," says Kulkan. "I meant Wartlow." Uncle Jumali, who is afraid of losing Vartello's trust, agrees to give Kulkan the right to remain silent and protect him.

Yamach goes to the house where he saw the charm, but the house is empty. He enters a room and by seeing things and toys, he realizes that it is his daughter's room and hides his gun. Disappointed and distraught, Yamach returns to Jumali's house, and Jumali tells him that they will find Afsun and his daughter soon.

Tomorrow morning, Matin, who heard the news of Bamach's return, comes to Jomali's house and hugs Yamach and says: "We have been waiting for you, brother!" You won't let us go anymore, will you?" Yamach looks at Mateen with disappointment. Mateen takes Yamach to the neighborhood to show him some things. They see Salem collecting garbage, but when they call him, he runs away. Mateen says: "Amujumali has sworn to destroy this place." Everything they tell you is a lie." He takes Yamach to Farhad's door and Farhad explains that his uncle's people have closed his shop and he has lost his job. Yamach sees that the people are cursing Amojumali and are not happy with him.

A little later they see Wartlow in front of the coffee house and Mateen looks at Wartlow angrily and wants to leave, but Yamach asks them to tell what's wrong with them? Knowing that Mateen is not happy with the change of the neighborhood, Vartlo shouts: "Are you upset that Mohiuddin's barber shop has become a cafe? Who is Mohiuddin's uncle? kill him Rarely, Ajar, Jalason's little brothers. You have become blind yourself." Then he asks his men when was the last time they were injured and they say it has been a long time since they even cut their hand. Wartlow says: "I came to talk to you and say let's solve the problems together. You broke my head by throwing stones. My brother Madd doesn't look at me because of you." Mateen leaves angrily. Yamach again asks Wartlow to tell him what happened, but Wartlow also takes him to the neighborhood and shows him that there are no more guards on the roofs because no one can harm them anymore. Then it shows that the pit has become so safe that students go there.

Yamach, who is confused by listening to the contradictory words, asks Damla at night to tell what happened in his absence. Damla says: "When Jumali realized that Nadim was his uncle, he realized that it was a bowl under half a bowl. The work of these drugs. Jumali protested. He said that you are violating my father's will. Neither was Saleh. He took Saadat and his son to Afanastan. He was working there. Jomali was caught and immediately imprisoned for life. They caught me a little later. Because of my father's work. I was about to give birth when my mother came and said, Jumali, we will release you too." "But I'm happy, Yamach," Damla says. we are healthy This is good. Let it continue like this. Everyone will be hopeful with your arrival, but let it stay like this." Jumali wants to go with Yamach to bring charms, but Yamach says: "Being a father suits you, brother." When I saw you in the market, it was as if I saw my father. I was proud of my father's work. I didn't want the gun in his waist. I wish my dad was only a marketer. I'm sure I would still be proud of him." Jomali sheds tears and hugs her brother.

On the other hand, Ayesha goes to see Uncle Jomali and tells about the events that happened in the neighborhood. He says: "Everyone heard about Yamach's arrival. They seem to be embarrassed. Of course, I only see people in the barber shop. They say that their husbands have left after hearing that Yamach has come."

Yamach goes to the pavilion where Kulkan took him to see Afsun and sees Afsun singing and stops and watches him and remembers his memories with him, but at the end of the performance Afsun notices him and Nizam points and Nizam sends his men to Yamach. Yamach gets into a fight with his men, and Afson goes to his room. But Yamach manages to defeat them and go to the enchantment room. Afsun says: "I know something happened to you. It happened to me. I forgot myself. I'm not anymore So neither are you. I stopped thinking about it. It's just masala." Yamach says: "My daughter's name is Masale?" "She is not your daughter," Afsun says. My daughter." He says angrily: "If my daughter gets even the slightest bit hurt because of you, I will kill you." and goes Jumali, who still couldn't take it, comes to Yamach and Yamach says: "My daughter's name is Masale!" Jumali happily hugs Yamach.

Amujumali asks Nadim to send Saleh to Shujauddin so that he can release his anger and fear and get busy and calm down a bit. Wartlow goes with Morteza to see Shojauddin and his men and shoots them all.

Yamach decides to go to the neighborhood and find out for himself what is going on around him. He goes to Alicho first, and Alicho takes him to his house, which is now grilled, and Yamach inquires and finds out that Amujumali has rented it there. A little later, he sees some healthy people being beaten and healthy friends standing and watching. Yamach, who is upset, goes to Salem and Salem cries bitterly and says: "You beat me so much. day and night. In the alley, in the house. Nothing helped me. I hit Wartlo's head with a stone, and since then no one has seen me again. All of them are going to work on materials. I don't know them anymore. All of them are our childhood friends. Yamach sends Salem to Alicho and Amo and says that he is safe there. Yamach wants to go to Ejwit and Kechi and question them, but they run away. After that, Yamach takes Ali's car and chases Kechi and Ajwit, he reaches a shed where drugs are packed.

Amojumali tells Nadeem: "The residents just heard that Yamach is back, and the neighborhood has become lively. No one should know about the problem between me and Idris. No Yamach, no Jumali, no Wartlo! The only person who knows about that incident is Mujahid!" He then goes to his uncle and the uncle who recognized him first says: "Didn't Idris kick you out of here?" Go get lost out of the pit!" But Amojumali uses his uncle's illness and suggests to him that Idris loved him and they had no problem together.

Yamach, who has now realized everything, comes to the coffee house and sits in front of Amujumali in the presence of Wartlo and says without preamble: "You will give Alicho's house back to him." Uncle immediately accepts. Yamach says: "The houses in the upper alleys are hungry. The kitchen starts again. Food will be taken for them too." Uncle accepts this too. Yamach says: "You don't do drugs anymore!" Uncle and Wartlow are silent. "You are my uncle," says Yamach. my big Sit at another table in this coffee house. We will buy you a house above ours. live there Our children are also your grandchildren. Teach them to live. This can be your way. You are also a member of our family. Be our elder. Make our family one. We also kiss your hand out of fear, not out of respect." Yamach continues: "Babamoneh's loan pit." It is not worth its soil, door and wall. It's up to you. You hit the nail on the head. It doesn't smell like a pit here. This is not Idris Kachvali's pit. I will return here to the previous situation. Either with you or against you. What is your choice?" Wartlow says under his breath: "There will be a war!" Amujumali says: "You didn't give me the right to choose, my son!" "I am not your son," says Yamach. The son of Idris Kechavali M. Yamach goes out, followed by Wartlo. Amujumali tells Nadim: "If he wants war, war!"

"His work is hype," Wartlow tells Yamach. It sends materials abroad. what to me The pit is clean. Everything my father said is the same." Yamach says: "When my father said that materials do not enter the pit, he did not mean this. you know well Saleh, we were killing each other over this issue. "My dad told us to protect your family," Wartlow says. could we The neighborhood is clean. The material does not pass around it." Yamach says: “At what cost? Didn't he get clean with drug money?" "Any amount of money," says Wartlow. See the result." Yamach says: "You Chete Salih?" do not you see? It wants to destroy the pit." "You're the one who can't see," says Wartlow. What was the pit before that is not now? Did we sell halva? Did we distribute books? We sold weapons. The same gun that came was shot in the face of our own women and children. Let it all go. These people are hungry. What is the relationship with hunger? Look, if you do this, there will be war again. I protect my family, Yamach. My child will not be shot at the dinner table. That's why you're making a mistake." He points to the uncle who is standing on the other side and says: "No matter what, he is our father's brother." come kiss his hand reconcile talk discuss But don't let me leave like this." Yamach turns to Amojumali and says: "If I kiss his hand, Saleh!" The universe must curse my ancestors! This was my last word." Uncle stares at Yamach with hatred and Wartlow's nose bleeds.


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