A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 447



"I'll give you all the cards," Wartlow continues. I will take one. And without looking at the sheets, he takes one of the sheets for himself. Then he gives the rest of the papers and documents to Idris. Idris says: "Well, what do you want from me in return?" Wartlow remembers his mother's words: "One day your father will find you and he will tell you a story like the one I am telling you." "... Wartlow says to Idris after a short pause: "Tell me a story. Idris looks at him with surprise and Wartlow continues: "My father never told me a story. Tell me a story and take all the pages." Idris starts telling a story. Wartlow listens to her story with teary eyes. Then Idris tells him: "Wartlo, you are a wise person." But I don't know if your mind gives you these thoughts or someone else's mind. So far, many people have tried but failed. But you were able to take a bite out of the pit. Well done... I don't think my opponent is small. But you killed my son. The hatred I have for you covers my eyes. Then he takes the papers and leaves. After she leaves, Wartlow grabs her necklace greedily with tears in his eyes.

Sena goes home and Daren tells her that Nazem has come. Sena looks at Nazem with surprise and Sena takes Daren with her to the kitchen to find out why Nazem has come. Daren says: "When I told my brother that you are asking about Nazem, he immediately told Nazeem everything. He came to see you. After a while, Nazem's phone rang again and it was the respected gentleman who called him. This scene does not stay away from Sena's eyes and he immediately goes to the kitchen and calls Yamach.

On the other hand, Yamach is sitting in a barn with Pasha, Uncle and Salim and is watching them when Sena calls and says to him: "Look, is anyone's phone ringing among those three people?" Whoever he is, Jason is the one..." Yamach sees that Pasha's phone is ringing... a little later, Nazem leaves the Senate house and immediately sends a message to Salim: "You took it from their mouth, Mr. Salim! Salim looks at Yamach, who is monitoring Pasha's movements.

Idris calls Yamach and says: "Wartlow gave me all the cards except one. From now on, Wartlow has a share in the pit. Yamach apologizes. Idris tells him: "These documents are like your honor." Do not use these for anything. Then he gets closer to Yamach and says angrily: "I can't read Wartlow's mind." Every time I look at his face, the hero appears in front of my eyes... I remember the hand that took the hero. I can't, but you do it. Then he hugs Yamach tightly.

Karaja has come to his senses and is waiting for the address to go where Jalason asked. A little later he goes to a suite decorated with flowers and candles and waits.

Pasha is waiting in front of the prison where Qasim is. A little later, an explosion is heard from the prison. Pasha gets up and calmly leaves. Alijo is watching him with his sniper camera and says Pashai sadly.

Sultan thinks about the past in the balcony of the open house. When the Pasha told him that everything was resolved and took the child to a place that he would not even tell the Sultan himself. Sultan worriedly tells him: "Idris should not know about this matter." Even we don't talk about it anymore. Pasha confidently promises him... Idris comes to the balcony and sees Sultan thinking and says to him: "Is there something you need to tell me?" say. Saadat watches them from a corner and a little later he faints due to the great pressure he endures and falls to the ground.

Wartlow goes to his childhood home and remembers the memories of that time and how his mother was killed. Then, with hatred, he breaks and destroys all the furniture, doors and walls of the house. Suspecting him, Yamach finds the address of the paper that Wartlow took and goes to the same house.


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