A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 446



Yamach visits Baikal and asks him if he knows anyone with the title "Mr. Honorable". Baikal smiles mischievously, stares into Yamach's eyes and says: "Actually, he is a respectable gentleman that I know. That's me! Yamach smiles and says: "Brother, don't joke!" Then he takes Yamach with him to the exhibition of his classic car collection. Fayyaz, who found out who Mr. Respected is through Munir, chases Baikal. On the other hand, Munir begs his guard to let him talk to his little girl for the last time. The guard feels sorry for him and gives him the phone. Munir immediately calls Baikal and informs him of Fayaz's arrival.

After showing his cars to Yamach, Baikal tells him: "I brought you here because someone who calls himself Mr. Respected must have such subtle pleasures, otherwise he wouldn't call himself Mr. A little later, Fayaz attacks there and Yamach, who does not know it is him, helps Baikal to survive. Then Yamach goes to Fayaz. As soon as Yamach leaves, Baikal informs his guards that Fayaz must be killed before he sees Yamach.

Wartlow comes to the Kochvalis' house to see Saadat, but he doesn't succeed. Saadat sees him from behind the window and the redness of one of Wartloo's eyes reminds him of his childhood with Saleh, who asked why his right eye was red. Suddenly, putting the events together, he realizes something and starts crying.

Sena goes to see Nazem and tells him that she no longer intends to divorce. Nazem invites her for tea and when she leaves the table a little, Sena notices that someone is calling her by the name of Mr. Respected. Sena is suspicious of him and then asks Daran if Nazem is related to the Kochvali family or not. "Not as far as I know," answers Dern. But I can ask my brother. »

Baikal also asked Wartlow to go to rescue Munir. Munir asks him to send him abroad anyway. Wartlow agrees on the condition that he put the company in his name. As soon as Meunier names the company Wartlow, Wartlow strangles and kills him.

As soon as Yamach goes to see Fayaz, a sniper killed Fayaz by order of Baikal, and Yamach loses Fayaz without knowing who Mr. Respected is.

Among the documents that Baikal gave him, Wartlow notices the document of his childhood home and keeps that document with him.

Baikal informs Salim, Nazem and Wartlo and scolds them angrily and warns that Yamach should not get so close to him anymore.


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