A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 444

pit part 24

After Amy and Pasha leave, Sena enters the coffee shop and sees the gun on the table and without introduction asks Idris if he killed anyone. Idris honestly says yes and Sena asks: "You mean there was no other option?" Idris answers: "Maybe it was.. but that was the solution I knew." The senate is silent. A little later, Sardar comes to the neighborhood with his men. Yamach plans to send Sena home immediately, but he sees Idris Salah pretending to be Sena and witnessing this scene from Mohiuddin's shop, and he says to Sena: "You were curious to know how our life is." The Senate accepts despite Yamach's opposition. Sardar enters the coffee shop and rudely asks for his money. Idris, who did not like his threatening gestures and hand gestures, says to Sardar: "Put your finger down first." Sardar proudly says: "Grandpa, I don't talk to you!" Idris points to Kamal with his eyes and when Sardar raises his finger again, Kamal cuts off his finger with a bullet. Sena witnesses this scene and is shocked. Everyone returns home and Idris calls Sena into the living room to talk to him. Idris says: "Do you know what that man said to me?" He said he will destroy all the small things! The little ones mean us! It seems that he keeps his word. what were you doing The senate has no answer and asks him to leave. Sena goes and listens to Idris' words behind the door. Idris says to Yamach: "There are some things in life that will find you no matter how much you postpone them... If the senate did not change your mind, what would be Jalason's punishment?! What happened next?! I inquired. Jalason even found the house for Wartlo! Do you understand now? And when he sees Yamach's silence, he continues: "Sena is between you and me.. Is it beside you... or is it beside you at all!" »

Sardar brings Salim to him and angrily puts his gun on his temple and says: "Daddy Idris cut my finger!" Salim asks him to calm down. Sardar says: "How can I be calm?! You said lose the money and then go to Yamach and make trouble. But you didn't say to place my finger! Suddenly they inform Sardar that Yamach has come to see him. With a threatening look, Sardar says to Salim: "Come on!" Let's all talk to each other! Salim tries to calm him down and doubles his offer and says: "We will be destroyed." We will both perish together. Then he hurriedly hides in a room. Yamach brings Sardar's severed finger to him so that if he wants to transplant it, then he says: "The decision is yours." If you want to fight, but without this time, it's not just your finger that will be cut off! After Yamach's departure, the commander, who was offended by Yamach's behavior, gathers his men and shouts: "The war has started!" »

Despite the opposition of Sultan and Yamach, Sena leaves the house late for her friend Daren's birthday and goes to Bari. Coincidentally, Nazem also comes to the same bar and introduces Daren, him and Sena.

Idris goes to Salim's gambling house and asks him to go home and rest, so that he is paying attention to the gambling house instead of Salim. A little later, Wartlow comes there and says that he has come to play. Idris also allows him to enter and then sits at his table and asks him: "Who are you?! At the same time, Sardar's people surround the gambling house. Sardar puts the gun on Idris's forehead and says: "Sing your ashhad, grandpa!" On the other hand, Sena is returning home when people steal him.

The news of Sardar's attack reaches Yamach. He is angry and wants to go to the casino immediately, when his phone rings and the drivers of Sena tell him that he has been robbed. Yamach, who cannot bear two bad things in a row, goes crazy and screams from the bottom of his heart.

Sena is tied to a chair in a warehouse with his hands and eyes tied and he cries and screams from the bottom of his heart. Salim, who looks helpless and helpless, stands in front of the senate and looks at him sadly.


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