A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 443

The third part pit

"Life likes bad jokes."

Yamach takes Sena home and caresses her hair before going to sleep and keeps saying that they will get married tomorrow, but Sena doesn't take his words seriously. Yamach leaves Sena's house in the middle of the night and goes to his friend to borrow money to take Sena to Paris. His friend doesn't have that kind of money and can't help. Yamach does not sleep until the morning because of his thoughts. He looks at his guitar sadly for a while and finally takes it to his boss's office. He takes one hundred thousand dollars in cash from the boss but says that the guitar is a loan and he will take it back when he has the money. The boss agrees on the condition that he will receive a thousand lira damages for each day he is late.

Hero and Salim decide to go out together to have fun and be home a little before dinner so as not to be scolded by Idris. They go to a luxury hotel and the hero enters the bedroom with three women, but Salim keeps his head on the phone and tells his brother that he has more important things to do. After the hotel, he tells the champion to go to the ring with Salim. They spend some time together, sum up their wins and losses, and sing Cari. The hero is sure that he will win the fight, he shakes Salim's hand. When they want to get into the car, an unknown person calls out to the hero in a loud voice. The hero turns his head towards that person...

Idris is sitting at the dinner table with his bride's wife and grandchildren. He is saddened by the absence of Hero and Salim. At the same time, the doorbell rings and the servant screams after opening the door and calls Idris. Idris sees his son Salim in front of the door, confused and crying, and asks about the matter. "I couldn't save him, Dad... we couldn't reach them," Salim says while crying hard and speaking forcefully. Being very busy. They finished my brother, dad..." Kemer Idris bends when he hears this news. She immediately goes to the morgue and cries when she removes the white sheet from her son's face and kisses his forehead. When Idris bathes the hero, he remembers the time when he used to bathe the hero when he was a small baby.

Salim sits in a corner of the house and cries silently. The sound of crying and wailing of brides and grandchildren is heard from the room. Sultan, who is the hero's mother, firmly and decisively addresses everyone, especially Salim, saying: "We will take our missions under this roof." If someone sees a tear from you when you go out, I will not let you home. Did you understand?! Idris arrives home sad and depressed. Seeing him, Sultan sheds a tear, kisses Idris's hand and offers his condolences. Idris also kisses Sultan's forehead.

Vartolo is sitting in a large warehouse next to his bodyguards and cleaning his gun. His nephew says to him: "Is your brother dead?" I wish it was me, I would have killed him with two bullets. Vartolo is waiting for a call and good news, but when his phone rings, Medet informs him about the failure of part of the mission and tells him: "We couldn't go. He went home. Vartolo asks the time to finish the job.

Elders of the neighborhood gather at Idris's house to express their condolences. At the same time, Alicho knocks on the door and wants to meet Idris. Idris leaves the house to see Alicho. Alicho lowered his head and said angrily: "Brother is gone, yes?" They were waiting for his brother there. I was there too. Idris wants to know more and Alicho describes in detail what he saw at the scene of the accident. Three unknown men shot the hero with their guns, and Salim was hiding behind the car, and because of his fear, he was nailed there and did not defend his brother. Alicho, who did not have a weapon, was able to break a bottle on the head of one of the killers. Idris, who had heard the story from Salim's mouth in a different way, called his son several times and had a stroke. An ambulance comes and Idris is taken to the hospital.

The next day, Vartolo is sitting in the car in front of the hospital and says to him: "He was smuggling carpets." Now you are under arrest, tomorrow they will take him to court. Vartolo says for a long time: "Well, what should we do now?" Should we send a letter to Azrael to come and get this hydrangeas? Don't we try ourselves? Medat says: "The decision is yours. But it can be a problem. Vartolo thinks for a while and then announces his decision: Okay... so let's give Mr. Idris two days. Let's go to the neighborhood instead. »

The situation of the neighborhood is messed up in the absence of Idris and Hero. People are helpless and worried and complain about this situation in their conversations. A car passes in front of the neighborhood coffee house. Three people close the coffee house with bullets. One person dies on the spot and his son Jalason cries a lot. Some people who intend to vandalize set the neighborhood football field on fire. In such a situation, Salim sits in his room and grieves and cries. Idris' advisers ask the Sultan about their duty and the people of the neighborhood. Sultan says he will find a solution.

Yamach Sak goes after Sena by the hand and asks him to take his passport. Sena wears a beautiful white shirt and Yamach takes her to Paris on a private plane. Sena, who does not know whether he is dreaming or awake, hugs Yamach tightly and kisses him. They go to a restaurant for lunch. The food is pre-ordered and the waiter puts a sandwich in front of the senate. Yamach gets up and tells the customers in French that he loves Sena very much and wants to propose marriage. Everyone claps for them. Sena's eyes sparkle with happiness and tears and while she is completely shocked, she accepts his proposal. When they leave the restaurant, a young girl, who has already arranged with Yamach, presents Sena with a bouquet of flowers and a beautiful hat. From there, Sena and Yamach go straight to the wedding hall and officially get married. When they talk to each other in the hotel, they can't believe that they got married after four or five days of dating. The next morning, when Sena wakes up, Yamach is not in the room. He waits at the hotel for a while, but when there is no news of Yamach, he goes to the street and searches for him from anyone he can think of. Nobody knows Yamach. Yamach left the Senate without informing. Sena cries when she returns to her room and sadly boards the same private plane that Yamach prepared for her to return to Istanbul.

The night before.... Sena is sleeping on the couch and Yamach is sitting on top of her and looking at her with love. The doorbell rings. When Yamach opens the door, someone gives him some news. Yamach is shocked to hear those words and squeezes his throat. He looks at Sena with tears in his eyes. Yamach's sad voice explains his decision: "Life likes bad jokes very much." You may marry a person whom you have known for five days and when you wake up tomorrow, you will not be able to find him... he ran away without even writing a letter...

All your life, you will let go of your love because nothing will happen to you. You will have the biggest fight of your life with your father.. that fight will make you the person you want to be. That fight will take you away from your family. While you say you won't be happier than this, you return to the house you said you would never return to. That night, he gets into the car and returns to his old home with Sultan sitting next to him.


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