A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 438

Pit part 130

When Uncle Jumali comes across a wounded Nadim and sees that the Kochvalis are coming behind him, he curses him and runs away. Yamach and the others attack the place where Uncle Jumali was sheltering and find Nadim there alone and they round him up. Nadim says while he has no way to speak anymore: "But I told you that my client is crushing you..." Wartlow ends his conversation and fires a bullet in his head!

Yamach dreams that he is walking from a dark place with terror to a calm beach and sees Karaja there. Karaja calls his uncle with a smile and tells him not to worry about him anymore. Yamach asks angrily: "Have you forgiven me?" Karaja says: "You did everything you could." Don't forget, uncle, a root that has blood, its stem also has a house..." and leaves. Yamach jumps up and whispers what Karaja said.

A group of criminals on motorbikes go to see Uncle Jumali, and Shahram, their leader, bends down and kisses his uncle's hands and says: "I will force whoever did this to you to pay back." Uncle Jumali asks him to look for the right opportunity so that the calm of the neighborhood has nothing to do with them.

Wartlow goes to Madad's house and tells him that from now on wherever he goes, he should be with him like before. Madd happily hugs him. Yamach, Jomali, Vartlo and others go to the coffee house and Yamach sits at Idris's table. Then he says: "Now that we have finished the materials work and no more materials will enter the neighborhood, on the other hand, we should not bring weapons into the neighborhood anymore." Wartlow was right. In these three years, without our presence, not even once has the sound of a bullet been heard in the neighborhood. Jomali gets angry and says: "So how do we arrange a job for Joona?" Maybe our father had a factory, we didn't know?! Yamach says: "Let's look carefully at Kulkan's video once more." And after that, he says: "Kulkan says that Jomali's uncle was the Ardantes' big rival. Jumali pushed them aside and put all of them under his own name, just like he did with property. We will take this back and arrange a place for the employment of the people of the neighborhood. Wartlow says: "It means we have to take our guns for the last time." And Yamach smiles and they go to Morteza who is alone holding Ayesha's picture in his arms and ask him to accompany them to find Uncle Jumali's location.

Afsun prepares Masal to send with Damla to see the Sultan, but he does not go himself. When Sultan meets Masal, he happily hugs him and puts old Karaja and Action dolls and toys in front of him and plays with Masal. Masal is delighted to see the beautiful Gulsar. Sultan puts it on Masal's hair and says: "This was Karaja's... Idris bought it for him. »

Ayesha sleeps all the time and does not even eat. Saadat is worried about him and Afsun says: "Okay, let him sleep." His sadness is new. Dying is not so easy. Then Saadat, while being very sad, talks about the night when the Sultan threw him out of the house and apologizes to Afson. Afsun tells Saadat that the past is in the past and it's better not to talk about it anymore.

They take Morteza Yamach and the others to the Shami Ardantes company, which is now run by one of Jomali's uncles named as the manager, and threaten him to tell the rest of the places. The manager of the name of three companies and a large factory of luxury cars, cosmetics and the postal company. Yamach divides his people into three groups and makes those places theirs by force and threat.

Yamach returns to the neighborhood and says to the people: "As my father said, we are the lots of Istanbul." No one knows the streets and alleys as much as we do. But from now on, we will not take our weapons. If there is a war, we will protect and if necessary, we will give our lives. But I want the pit to survive. »

Sahar goes to Alicho to pull him out of his lonely cave. Alicho is sadder than ever and is less talkative. Sahar gives him his book and a rosary that was left by my uncle.

Saleh has not been heard from for hours. Yamach follows him and sees Saleh planting saplings in one of Uncle Jumali's large plots of land and says: "I remember you once said you were interested in nature and the forest... I want this place to be our own." pit forest Yamach likes his idea and goes with him to plant the first seedlings.

At night, everyone has gathered at Yamach's house for dinner. Fayaz goes to see Jannet and gives her a paper. Seeing this paper, Madd leaves with sadness and Janet follows him. Madd says crying: "I don't want to disturb you, Miss Janet." you are married Janet smiles and says: "Fayaz brought the divorce papers." And he hugs Madd and says: "I have no one but you in my heart." Medd is happy and Yamach and Vartlo who are staring at him laugh and Medd is a little embarrassed.

Yamach goes after Alicho before dinner and tells him: "Alicho, you are leaving me alone. At least you don't. Alicho turns away from him and Yamach gets up to leave. Alicho also follows him.

Right at the dinner table, Sultan also prepares Yamach's favorite dish and serves it himself. Jumali invites him to come inside. Everyone smiles when they see him. After dinner, Sultan sits next to Jumali and says: "Forgiving is not for everyone, my son." Uncle Jumali told me that your son will go to prison, if you want me to bring him out, it should be a simple market. Your wife was alone and I could not bear to lose another son. I accepted. Jomali is moved and kisses her mother's hand and hugs her.

Companies and factories that are now called Gudal have started working. With the help of people, the number of trees in Godal forest will increase.

Masal goes to Ayesha's arms and Ayesha smiles spitefully when she sees Karaja's head flower.

Yamach goes to the roof and casts a spell. “Are you used to it here?” he asks. Afsun smiles and says: "Yes." I don't want to go anywhere. Yamach is happy and kneels in front of Fasun and proposes to her by reading a poem. Afsun frowns and says, "You can't take yes from me by finding a poem on the internet and a single stone ring." Yamach Kalafe says, "But we have another child." My name must be on your birth certificate. It is necessary for school. Afsun thinks a little and accepts by setting some conditions.

On their wedding night, only the family has gathered and Yamach and Afsun officially become husband and wife. Yasmin gets sick in the middle of the party and Ekin follows her worriedly. Yasmin says to Akin with a smile: "Are you going to be a father, Akin?" Akin is very happy and excitedly goes among the guests and says loudly: "I'm going to be a father!" Then they start their usual dance together with his uncles.

While the Kochwalis are at the wedding ceremony, Shahram and his men attack the factory and the neighborhood and throw the people of the neighborhood into the street with their hands tied. When Yamach and the others return to the house, suddenly shots are fired at their car. Yamach sends the women and children to the house, and they go to the neighborhood with Jumali, Wartlo, Madd, Matin, and Mecca. Salem runs towards them and shouts: "Run away brother." Someone shoots him from behind and he falls to the ground safely in front of Yamach and the others. Behind him, Shahram walks towards Yamach and the rest with a cool look.


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