A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 437

Pit part 127

Uncle stands over Idris's grave and grieves with him. He says: "There is nothing left for me to die to come to Idris." But before people die because of this letter, I will leave it here. And he buries his letter under the soil of Idris's grave. But the masked man, who was assigned by Uncle Jomali to follow him, takes the letter and delivers it to Nadim after he leaves.

Akin brings Yasmin to the hospital crying and sad with his family. Uncle also comes to the hospital to console him and says: "My son, that girl who has no right mind, didn't she commit suicide with her pills?" Akin angrily stands in front of him and says, "No one has the right to say anything about Yasmin." And he leaves the hospital with shortness of breath. Yamach and Jomali reach out and try to calm him down. Akin says: "That Bishraf sent me to look for Kara all last night. When I arrived, Yasmin was not well..." A little later, the doctor informs them that Yasmin has lost a lot of blood and they need to give her blood. Uncle Jumali immediately says: "I have the same blood type as Yasmina." I give him blood. »

An hour later, Akin thanks Uncle Jumali. Uncle Jumali says: "What are you talking about, my son?" We are all family. It is a duty. But then he says to Nadeem: "The girl will not survive." Even if he stays, there is no difference with this gold! Then Nadim tells him about my uncle. Uncle Jumali orders not to kill my uncle but to bring him to him to settle personal scores.

My uncle goes to Alicho. When Alicho enters his house, the masked man attacks Ammi and drags him away when Alicho arrives. The masked man also beats Alicho. Mateen, who was nearby, hears the voice of Alicho asking for help and goes forward. The masked man also knocks Mateen down at an opportune time. A little later, when Madd and Salem arrive, Alicho also shoots the masked man with a gun. The masked man inevitably runs away. When Yamach finds out about this, he gets very angry and decides to take revenge on his uncle.

At night, the doctor goes to Akin and his family and lowers his head and says, “I'm sorry. Pray. But you have to prepare yourself for anything. "Akin goes to the enchantment like a madman and begs: "Torukhoda, come with me. You made me feel good once. Save Yasmin. Afsun goes with him and enters Yasmin's room and puts his hands on her forehead and heart. In the morning, the doctor is also surprised to see Yasmin's results and happily tells Ekin that Yasmin has recovered.

Yamach puts Amami in the car and takes him to a warehouse. The masked man who was chasing him enters the warehouse where he sees that Yamach has already planned to trap him. They fight each other. He beats Yamaj severely, but at the last moment, Yamaj attaches a hand grenade to his clothes, cuts his bail and pushes him off the roof. A moment later, the sound of an explosion is heard... Yamach, with a wounded head and face, goes towards Makkah and the others who are with uncle Jumali and says angrily: "We were losing uncle today. What else should I do? And then he angrily shoots Ojuit's leg and says: "Get lost, ask for help!" This pit is no longer the previous pit! He sadly goes home and Efsun bandages his wounds with concern.

Uncle Jumali gathers his things and tells Wartlow that he plans to go to Afghanistan because they have lost their belongings and he goes to gather strength for themselves and to protect the pit! Wartlow worriedly tells him that it is not necessary. Uncle says: "It was not necessary until Yamach came! »

Very early in the morning, Makkah goes to see Yamach and angrily goes to him to kiss his hands. Yamach does not allow him to do this and opens his arms to embrace Mecca. Makka then tells about the fact that he heard that Wartlo and Morteza sold the sexes to a person named Akif. Yamach calls Esmet and Esmet gives him the address of Akef Kachel.

Yasmin regains consciousness and Akin happily climbs on top of her. Yasmin says with fear that she doesn't want to go back to that house because she swears that Uncle Jumali is going to kill her and she will try a second time. Akin thinks a little and accepts. He packs their bags and goes to Yamach's house to live there.

Jomali attacks Akaf's car showroom and takes all the guns from him by pointing a gun at him and threatening him. After Jumali leaves, Nadim arrives and says: "That person is the brother of Saadatuddin Wartlu." Wartlow was the one who put a cap on your head and took your money, and now his brother took the guns from you. I will leave my men beside you to attack Wartlow. I just want you to tell him that he wanted this! »

Wartlo goes to Yamach and tells him with concern: "Yamach uncle Jumali went to Afghanistan!" This is very bad. This person is after his money and people. If it comes back, it will be very bad. We cannot protect the pit. Yamach, who is not happy with him, says with a frown: "We can protect our pit ourselves." Wartlow says: "I am not your enemy, Yamach." Yamach says: "I will not spare you if you continue to be Wartlow." »

Uncle Jomali steals Idris's car from Jomali's garage and goes to Yamach's house. When Ammi sees Idris's car from a distance, she thinks that he is back and leaves the house and follows the car to reach Idris.

Shab Asmat and his men attack the coffee house and point guns at Wartlow. Asmat asks him to return his money to him by the end of tonight and then says: "Your father's son said you tried to put a hat on my head!" » After Ismat leaves, Wartlo angrily gathers his men, when Yamach, Jomali and Madd arrive at the same time. Wartlow angrily tells Yamach: "You tried to kill your own brother!" You see me as your enemy! We will meet later! And he leaves with his people when Yamach gets the news that my uncle has disappeared. Yamach goes door to door in alleys and streets looking for his uncle. On the other hand, Ammi chases Idris's car until the car stops and Ammi stops when he sees Jumali. Jumali first burns his letter and then points the gun at him. Ammi opens her hands to him and says, "Kill me, Jumali." hurry up. But the war will start without me leaving! Uncle Jumali pauses for a moment and then shoots him several times. My uncle falls to the ground. Hearing the sound of gunshots, Yamach runs towards that direction and sees Ammi on the ground and goes to her and hugs her. My uncle caresses him and says: "Don't be afraid, my son. Don't be afraid... I entrust the pit to you. And he closes his eyes forever.


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