A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 434

Pit part 124

Yamach and his companions fight with Wartlo and his men in front of Uncle Jumali's eyes. Uncle Jomali looks at this scene with pleasure and their falling in love, which Yamach notices and looks at him with hatred.

After throwing Afsun out of the house, Sultan cried for a whole day and did not leave his room. Saadat tells this to Akin. Akin went to his grandmother and while cleaning the wounds on her hands and knees, he said softly: "Grandma, everyone in this world must pay for what they have done. No one will forgive you for sitting here and crying. »

Karaja is worried about Jalason who hasn't messaged her since he left. Uncle orders Nadeem to turn on Jalason's phone from time to time and comfort Karaja that he is alive. Nadim sends a message from Jalason that he has reached his destination and is fine. Karaja is happy.

Jumali does not seem satisfied with this beating. the night he arrives home; Damla sees him and sits next to him and says: "Jumali, don't you remember what you said to me last night? Because I love you, I don't want anything to happen to you, but don't listen to anyone. Be and live as you like. Jomali gets up at the same time and goes to the neighborhood and repaints the big sign of the pit, which is now faded. In the morning, the people of the neighborhood and Wartlow are happy and smile when they see the sign.

Uncle Jumali orders Nadim to put pills against the spell again. The same person as before goes to the prison where Afsun was imprisoned. But before that, Fayaz, who had heard the words of uncle and Nadim, tells this to Yamach. As soon as Yamach sees the young man, he grabs his collar and drags him to the neighborhood and beats him in front of Uncle Jumali's eyes. ! »

Jumali asks Mateen, Madd and others to come somewhere with him. He takes everyone to the dress shop and dresses them in stylish black suits just like before.

Yamach goes to the enchantment. Afsun says with shame that he kicked Sultan out of the house. "I can't tell you anything," says Yamach without reaction. Of course, I am not saying that the card was correct. A little later, Afsun notices Kulkan's photo in Yamach's pocket and asks him to find Kulkan for him, like a psychic and while shedding tears!

In the morning, after Uncle Jumali left, Sultan turned to his grandchildren and Saadat and said: "Tonight, without Uncle knowing, we are going to see Yamach and his daughter." Everyone agrees, but Karaja angrily gets up to leave! He greedily drinks a glass of orange juice before leaving.

Kulkan goes to Janak's house and finds out that Yamach killed him. On the other hand, Yamach asks Akin to pay attention to Kulkan. Kulkan tries his last chance and sends the video in which he told the truth to Wartlow to the uncle first and threatens him to pay him 25 million this very night. Uncle is forced to accept.

Yamach decided to talk to Karaja. He stops on the way to Karaja and says: "I heard you forgot who you are and turned your back on your family and your uncle!" Karaja says: "That's exactly what I did!" Because you couldn't. We killed a lot. Yamach says: "Are you saying it wasn't worth it?" Salim died because of a pit... you shot someone you loved because of a pit, Karaja... where is Jalason now? Do you know anything? Uncle is kicking out anyone who opposes him..." In the end, he kisses Karaja with love and hatred in his throat and leaves. Karaja gets into his car, angry and upset, and goes to the warehouse that his uncle asked him to check. At the last moment, he sees the rosary that he had ordered for Jalason in the hands of one of the guards there. His mind gets involved. Under the pretext that he needs a bodyguard to go back to the neighborhood, he asks the manager of the warehouse to send one of his men with him... As soon as Caraja gets into his car, he asks where he got the rosary. And he takes the rosary to look at it closely, and when he is sure that it is Jalason's rosary, he angrily points at the boy and asks: "Where is Jalason?! After realizing the truth, he kills the boy and screams from the bottom of his heart.

Yamach has promised that his people will guard the clubs like before. He waits for Jumali and the others and is excited to see their new looks and asks all the people of the pit to join them if they wish. Vartlo, who hears this, decides to stop him.

The night is supposed to be a deal between the sexes of Bilal, when Yamach shows up and threatens Morteza, who is in charge of them, that he planted a bomb between the sexes. Morteza is afraid and calls Wartlo. Wartlow delivers himself. Yamach takes him to a viewpoint where they can see the supply ships and blows them up one by one, saying, "Soon we're going to do this together!" »

Sultan prepares clothes and dolls for Masal and goes to Yamach's house with the others. Yamach greets them and Afsun is a little surprised to see them.

Uncle and Nadim go to see Kulkan and put the amount of money they want in front of him. Karaja, who has been chasing uncle like crazy, sees this scene and laughs with hatred. When the uncle returns home, Karaja points a gun at him and says: "You said Jalason is gone... why did you kill him?" "Uncle makes his way to it and Karaja says: "Does Kulkan know? Uncle Yamacham was right. You were with the person who tormented him for years... When I finish your work, I will tell my uncle Saleh everything..." Uncle Jumali attacks him and takes the gun from his hand and throws it to a side. Then he knocks Karaja to the ground and while squeezing his throat with anger and hatred says: "You don't say anything! You have no right to say anything! Yasmin sees the scene of Karaja's death while crying softly...