A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 431

Pit part 122

In the celebration of Idris's circumcision, the guests get drunk while having fun. In the meantime, Uncle Jumali, who realized that his sexes were gone, goes to the survivors of the accident and asks Morteza and the others what exactly happened. Morteza Man and Man Kanan tries to exonerate himself and says that internal forces shot their trailers. Among the survivors, one person says: "I was able to identify one of the people who diverted the path of the trolleys. Uncle refuses to kill him and asks him to identify the man he saw among the guests. That man also mentions help. Uncle asks Nadeem to punish Madd. He is sure that Yamach and Jomali were also involved in the attack.

Yamach gives Idris the rosary he inherited from his father as a gift. While thanking, Idris points his toy gun towards Yamach and shoots and says, "Bang! This move reminds Yamach of Golkan's tortures. He gets nervous and leaves the hall early. Uncle Jumali, who is paying attention to Yamach, sees this scene and starts thinking.

Yamach makes his way to the dungeon where he imprisoned the spell. He is trying to hear the pain of the enchanted hearts, but he himself does not say anything about the torments he suffered. At first, Fasun just asks him to let her go. But after a while, when he sees Yamach in a bad mood, he asks him to explain the troubles that happened to him. "They took something from me and filled it with fear," says Yamach. I sometimes think that I am only as capable as an insect. And I can't take care of my loved ones. "All of us are like insects," Afson says. we are human If they hit our weak point, we will be torn to pieces. »

Uncle Jomali goes to Gulkan and asks him what troubles Yamach has suffered and how he tortured him. Gulkan says: "You better ask why I didn't hurt him." I did everything to break it. I did not let him sleep for days. I used to play a very loud mechanical noise for him to drive him crazy. Uncle Jomali leaves after realizing this weakness of Yamach.

Madd, who promised Idris to take his gifts for him, was badly beaten by Uncle Jumali's men in the middle of the night while going to the hall. However, without revealing himself, he delivers Idris's gifts to the house of the Kochvalis.

On the other hand, Uncle Jumali, who realized that Mateen and Farhad were also involved in the destruction of his sexes, asks his people to hold them accountable. Uncle Mateen's men threaten to harm his little son Yilmaz and beat Farhad. Uncle Jomali also goes to see Bilal and threatens Bilal with death in order to make him surrender. Bilal still doesn't blush, but he is worried about Jomali's uncle's threat.

When Jumali realizes that Alicho misses his house so much, he decides to return his house. He goes to Alicho's old house, which has been turned into a small restaurant, and fights with the staff and the boss there. Uncle Jumali's men beat him severely. The owner of the restaurant also goes to see Jomali's uncle and asks him for help by reporting what Jomali did. Uncle says he will take care of it. The owner of the restaurant, who has turned his back on the uncle, when he sees Alicho, traps him and beats him.

Uncle Jomali reaches the square of Tere Bar and tells Jomali, who is sure that he played a role in the destruction of his family: "With the help of Pasha and Uncle, your father Idris was able to fight and defeat the bigots." But I am in front of you. I was able to get you out of prison with a fake name. That's why you can come and go easily. Now that you are hostile to me, I might break the agreement. And I will take this name from you. Think about your wife and children first! Jomali, who is worried about his family, has nothing to say.

Jalason asked Mecca to fly a kite in front of Karaja's window. Karaja, who thinks that the kite is Jalason's hand, comes out of the house and stares at it happily. Jalason grabs Karaja's wrist while looking at the kite and says to him: "You thought this kite was for you, that's why you got so excited, right?! Karaja doesn't agree and Jalason asks him to meet at a place at five o'clock. After a few hours of delay, Karaja shows up for the appointment and sees that Jalason is still waiting for him. Jalason tells Karaja: "We once loved someone and lost them. I am not saying that we should forget them, but it is not right to die with them. We have no other chance but each other. think about my words »

After a while of pain and suffering with the charm, Yamach promises her that soon both of them will be fine. Afsun says that there is no such possibility and asks Yamach to open the prison for him and not interfere in his life. Unexpectedly, Yamach opens the door and says, “Okay. go wherever you want But this without the possibility that one day you will hurt your daughter with the same hands. Do it without this and then make your decision. "The crying enchantment asks Yamach to lock the prison door on him and says: "Lock the door soon. After a while, I can't ask you this anymore. Yamach does the same thing and says: "I don't know a person who is as strong as you."

Yamach realizes that Mateen and Jumali and Madd and Farhad have all been threatened by Uncle Jumali's people. When he realized that his friends were a little off and pulled back, he said to Mateen: "Dad, when they were guarding the pit, there were only three of them. Then he goes to Idris's grave and grieves with him.

Uncle Jumali tells Wartlow that Yamach was involved in last night's attack and the case of exploding trailers. Wartlo doesn't believe it at first, but then he promises Uncle Jumali that if it was really Yamach's work, he will stop him from being hostile.

Wartlow goes to Idris's grave and blames Yamach for what he did. Both of them are satisfied with the path they have chosen and give themselves the right. "If you keep doing this," Wartlow tells Yamach. You see me in front of you. And you have to accept responsibility for what you do. Yamach looks at him confidently and says: "This sphere and this field..."


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