A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 430

Pit part 121

Yamach, Afsun and Masal are sleeping next to each other, when near the morning, Afsun wakes up with a hangover and severe body pain and goes to one of the neighborhood pharmacies without anyone noticing. He, who has neither a prescription nor money to buy the pills he needs, hits the head of the pharmacy official with a fire extinguisher, takes the pill and runs away.

Masal wakes up Yamach in the morning and asks: "Where is my mother?" Yamach is surprised by the lack of charm, but he does not pretend that Masal is worried. "Who are you?" Masal asks. Yamach says: "I am my father..." Masal goes towards him and lets Yamach hug him. He and Jomali entertain the children until around noon. Masal turns to his mother again. Yamach goes out to find him.

Sahar puts Alicho's carriage and his books in one of the warehouses and makes him very happy. When Alicho and Salem go to one of the ruins, suddenly they hear footsteps from the roof. Alicho goes to the roof and sees the charm lying in a corner. He immediately informs Yamach. Yamach tries to wake up the spell and gently slaps him in the face a few times. Afsun wakes up like crazy and starts hitting Yamach and says: "Why are you hitting Mertike? I see? Yamach calms him down with difficulty and takes him home. He explains Masal's condition to Jumali and says that he should be admitted somewhere, but on the other hand, he is afraid to leave him alone in the camp because he will surely run away. Yamach goes to Efsun and tries to talk to him softly and says: "Efsun, we need to help you... I know you have suffered a lot, but everything is in the past..." Efsun starts crying and says: "Do you really understand?" And then he screams like a madman and shows him the bruises on his body and says: "Does this look like something left in the past?" I see? Yamach forcibly hugs him and no matter how much he screams and struggles, it is useless. With the help of Jomali, Yamach imprisons Afsun in one of their old prisons and puts Alicho over him to watch over him.

Wartlow goes to the barber shop with his son and then puts on a stylish suit for himself and his son and goes to the neighborhood. Today is the celebration of the circumcision of Idris Koch and all the people are happy. Seeing Idris, uncle Jumali spoils him and reaches him and takes him around the neighborhood on his horse.

Karaja goes to see Jalason and says, "Did you hear the news?" Jalason pretends not to hear. "Uncle Yamacham is back," Karaja says indifferently and a little upset. Jalason says: "I knew, I asked you to tell me and see if there is something called hope in your face!" But I was wrong! Karaja gets angry and says: "I am satisfied with my life now, I didn't stay like you in the past." Jalason says angrily: "Yes, I had forgotten that you are someone who doesn't need love and only relies on your strength!" »

An hour later, Karaja sees a kite flying in the air from the side of the house. He remembers the past and the action and goes to where the kite is. Suddenly Jalason goes towards him and says while smiling: "You pretend that nothing is important to you, but if it wasn't, you wouldn't have come to this kite!" »

Yamach, together with Jumali, Madd and Mateen, and Uncle Bilal's people, have made a plan to blow up Uncle Jumali's sex. With a well-planned plan, they chase their material trucks and somewhere in the forest, without the uncle's people noticing, the material trucks explode one by one.

Everyone in the house is getting ready to go to the circumcision ceremony of little Idris. Yasmin is not feeling well and Ekin is sitting on top of her sadly so that she might feel better. Everyone goes to the party together and the Sultan goes with his uncle. Uncle sits in the car next to Sultan and stares at his hands under his eyes and brings his hands a little closer to Sultan's hands and then reminisces about the past between Idris and himself: "When we were children, when I was circumcised, the ground and I sewed the sky together, but Idris didn't hear me..." Sultan smiles faintly after hearing this memory.

Jomali, Madd, and Yamach arrive a little later than the rest. When Yamach and Jomali enter the party, Yamach stares at all the acquaintances one by one and then sits in a corner next to Damla and Jomali. A little later, when a soft song is playing and Saadat and Wartloo are dancing together, Uncle gets up and stretches his hand towards Sultan. Sultan takes a look at Yamach and Jumali and is tormented. Yamach and Jomali glare at him angrily and Sultan cannot say no to Jomali's uncle. He starts dancing with her, and Yamach and Jomali watch this scene with greed when Ayesha goes to Yamach and asks her to get up so they can dance together. Yamach is still angry and agrees. He does not take his eyes off the Sultan. Ayesha immediately says to Sultan: "Mom, should we change our clothes?" And the Sultan agreed and went to Yamach. Yamach gets greedy and Sultan doesn't say anything....

This time, with a lot of money, Kulkan goes to the same bar where he was a guard for a while and sits on a table and waits for the spell. But one of the servicemen says that the army and its men have been killed and there is no news of the enchantment. Kulkan understands that this is Yamach's work...

After uncle leaves the party for a moment, Sultan goes to Yamach and Jumali with concern and asks them to sit at their table. "Don't say anything," says Yamach angrily. Go sit back, another one will come! Sultan returns to his table sadly.

Jalason and Mecca talk about going to Yamach. Mecca says that Umra Yamach should even look at their faces. Jalasun decides to try his luck, but Karaja asks him to sit down with his eyes and eyebrows, Jalasun ignores him and goes to Yamach and greets him. Yamach looks at him with a bit of anger, but then stands up and opens his arms to hug him. Jalasun cries and hugs Yamach tightly, but Karaja is not happy at all to see this scene.

Kulkan comes to uncle and tells him about the charm. On the other hand, seeing the video in which Afsun attacked the pharmacy, Amo realizes that he is in the neighborhood and asks Nadeem to search everywhere to find him.

Yamach goes to the celebratory singer and asks him to sing their usual song. Then he goes to Wartlow and takes his handkerchief and waves it in front of him to get up to dance. Wartlow gets up happily and Yamach asks Jumali to join them. Jumali doesn't agree at first but then joins them and all three start dancing. The others except Karaja and Amo are happy to see this scene and clap their hands. Suddenly Jumali stops moving and remembers that Salim always stood by his hand in this dance, when Akin comes and takes his father's place. Jumali smiles and accompanies them. Then Sultan happily goes towards them and Jalason, Makkah, Saadat and Damla come in the middle.. Sultan dances close to Yamach and Jumali, but both of them angrily turn their backs on him...

At the end of the assembly, Nadim informs Uncle Jumali that all their cargo has exploded. Jumali and Yamach look at uncle while holding their wine glasses and smiling.


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