A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 43

Pit 42-1

It is very difficult for Jalason to kill Jomali and he is still struggling with himself. In the house where they went to the roof, one of the black lambs that they had taken to that house regained consciousness and went to the roof and by shining the light of the flashlight on Jumali's face, it caused the other black lambs that Jumali He was waiting for them to see him and shoot him. Jalason also comes to his senses and helps Jumali. But because the number of black lambs is very high, Jalason shows a way for them to escape. But Yamach stands there and tells Jomali that he has no right to enter the pit anymore, and Jomali inevitably agrees to let Yamach escape.

Cheto tells Ersoy that he must finish the production of sexes by himself, and if he can't, he must answer to the Bulgarians. At the same time, they call Mahsoun and inform that some people have attacked the pit. Chetu immediately understands that it can be Jumali's work.

Jalason returns home and when he finds out that Akshin has gone to see Yamach and the others, he gets angry and blames Karaja and says: "I have been trying my best to bear this burden alone for several months. I did not tell anyone. I did not ask anyone for help. Karaja says: "But you said yourself that you are tired and you can't handle it alone..." Jalason says: "I didn't ask for help. I just had a bad day. Do not do anything without my knowledge. Otherwise, our hats go off to you too! »

Wartlow goes to a bar because of a bad night, and when he gets drunk, he doesn't want to pay, so the boss of the bar beats him up, but suddenly Yamach arrives and stops them, and then all of them. is beaten by the wind alone. Later, they go to the seaside together, and Yamach asks the reason for his sadness and understands that it is because of happiness. When Yamach scolds him that he should not risk his life, Wartlow says: "You too will go to hell for your loved one..."

While sitting in front of Maleeha, Idris remembers the time when he told Salim how he shot at Maleeha. Malijeh says to him: "Why don't you look at me?" Afraid? Idris starts crying and then plans to leave. Maliha says: "Take your deposit and then go." and puts a box on the table. Idris opens the box and sees a rosary in it, one of the beads of which is made of bullets... Malijeh says, "You shot me with three bullets." Two of them passed through my body, but one remained near my heart. Doctorates could not get it for 35 years. When we brought it, it was white. Saying doctor is like a bone. I endured that bullet for 35 years. Come on, carry him a little." Then he looks at the rosary beads in Idris's hand and says: "I couldn't become a rosary." let him be Idris thanks and leaves.

Jumali goes to the roof in front of Yildiz's house and stares at him from behind his window.

After Wartlow's words, Yamach goes after Sena to be by his side...

When Idris arrives home, he sees Salim sleeping next to him holding Sultan's hand. He pulls a blanket over both of them.

Cheto orders Mahsoun to take some people from the pit and imprison them so that they don't face any problem when delivering their sex. But on the other hand, Yamach and the others are lying in wait for the black lambs to arrive. When they want to start shooting from the same distance, they realize that Mateen and Kamal are sitting behind the wheel of the truck carrying materials, and the rest of the people they took from the pit have also been placed behind the truck so that Yamach cannot attack from two sides.


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