A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 429

Pit part 120

Yamach has a nightmare of the torture that Kulkan gave him. Damla and Jomali realize that he is having nightmares but they do not move forward until Jomali goes towards him and notices the tattoo on his chest. Suddenly Yamach opens his eyes and squeezes Jomali's neck and shouts: "Don't touch! Yamach comes to his senses and apologizes to him.

After breakfast, Yamach looks at Jumali playing with his daughter with a smile and gets a little sad. When Jumali asks what happened? Yamach shows him the key clip that he found in Messel's room. A little later, Matin and Madd come to their house at Yamach's request. When all four of them sit around the table. Damla also sits down and Madd and Metin happily talk about the handwriting that Yamach drew for Uncle Jumali. Damla says: "Everyone talks about it, but they are hiding because of their fear." I don't see them lining up in front of the door because of you anymore! Jumali asks them to put as much money, knives and guns as they have on the table. Everyone puts some money and a pocket knife on the table. Jumali says: "Do we want to go with this little amount of money and these two knives and a nail clipper?" The woman is right..." Yamach gets up and takes the chair with him and says: "If I can't do anything, I will sit in front of them like a mirror of torment! »

As Wartlow leaves the house, a young girl stops in front of his car and says she is a reporter. Wartlow turns his head and says: "Where did you see a little girl interviewing a reporter?" The girl says: "Your father had an interview with my close friend Hale." Finally, Wartlow agrees to interview him. When the girl asks about her uncle Jomali, Vartlo doesn't hesitate and just says that Uncle Jomali is just her father's brother! Then the girl asks Wartlow to give Yamach's address because she wants to interview him as well. Wartlow gives him the address.

When Wartlow goes to the cafe, he sees Yamach sitting on a chair in front of the cafe and staring inside. Wartlow asks him to sit inside, but Yamach refuses. Uncle looks angrily at Yamach when Wartlow enters the coffee house. Then he gets up with Nadeem and leaves. He tells Nadim that Yamach should not be sitting there when they come back and then orders the kids from other neighborhoods to beat up Madd as much as he can.

Yamach goes with the same chair and sits in front of Alicho's house, which is now a restaurant. When people see him, they feel a little embarrassed and leave, and on the other hand, others leave thinking that the restaurant's food is bad. The owner of the restaurant asks Yamach not to do this, and Yamach says: "This is Alicho's house." Give it back so I can find another place for you. But don't do this, I come here every day! »

Uncle Jowali goes to Bilal and asks him to bring his goods with his diesel trucks, but Bilal does not accept and when Uncle Jomali says: "How did you carry guns and weapons before?!" Bilal says: "Because it was Idris at that time!" Idris, I wanted it too! "Uncle gets angry and says: "Okay. I don't want to talk to you anymore, but this time I'm giving you a deadline to come in two days and agree to carry my stuff, otherwise I'll show Nadim on that table instead of you! »

Yamach goes to their house with a chair in his hand, but the guards at the door do not allow him to enter. Yamach also takes the switch of Jomali's car and when the door opens for a moment, Yamach quickly goes inside the house. He takes the chair and sits in front of the door. Sultan and Saadat go to him worriedly, and Sultan asks him to come in, but Yamach says: "Don't let the guard at the door come to my house, I came by force." And he turns to Saadat and says: "Why did you come all the way to Jumali's house and tell me to go back?" Saadat says: "Everything has changed a lot, Yamach..." Yamach turns to Sultan and says: "You know this about my grandfather's life situation... How could you agree to this situation?" Isn't the pit my father's will? You kicked out the woman I loved with the child in her belly, but with that man under the same roof! You crushed me, but you couldn't crush him? Didn't we give everything because of the pit? Why are you satisfied? » The Sultan sulks and doesn't say anything... After he leaves, the Sultan asks Saadat to invite everyone to celebrate the circumcision of little Soron Idris, so that everyone can be together as a family like before.

Bilal sends his men to Jomali and Jomali sees Yamach at the same time and takes him with him. Jumali knows Bilal from before when he worked with Idris. Bilal says that Uncle Jumali destroyed all his diesel tankers in order to embarrass him. Then he adds: "I made my last gamble." Tomorrow is the 25th of Thankram. If I reach the port and there is no problem, I will run. But there is another thing. Jumali's sex will arrive at the same time. He thinks no one knows. But I know..." Then he shows his pit tattoo and says: "Your father told me to show this to everyone from the pit, it will help me. "Yamach says: "My father is right, Uncle Bilal said. it helps should do Jomali, who is not satisfied with the trouble, stares at Yamach with a bad look, but does not say anything.

Shab Yamach passes through many security guards and reaches his room. When Afsun goes to her room to remove her makeup, she takes a pill without Yamach noticing. Yamach steps forward and asks: "Did you take the pill?" do you have pain Afsun gets angry seeing him and asks him to leave. But Yamach says: "It's not as you think. I myself had forgotten, but I came back to life only by remembering you. Now I know who I am. Afsun attacks him and says: "Who are you to me?" Get out of here! But when he sees that Yamach is not going to leave, he breaks a glass on his head and then asks the guards to come and throw Yamach out. The guards also beat Yamach.

Saadat Shab asks Wartlo to invite the others to the circumcision ceremony of little Soron Idris and then says: "Idris was looking for his companion!" Don't you want to help? "Wartlow, both for his son's heart and to get rid of other turbidities, goes to the pub of Mateen, and when Madd sees him, he comes out and curses him angrily! Wartlow says: "Your nephew came to you and said that I don't want to celebrate without my partner!" If you don't come, go tell him! Madd softens and says that he is only coming because of little Idris.

When Damla tells Jomali that Saadat has invited them, Jomali just says: "Let's see what happens..."

Alicho is going to tell the Sultan something important, and they go to Kochvali's house with Uncle, but Uncle tells them that he will not come where Uncle Jumali is. Alicho asks him to sit there on the stairs until he returns. When Alicho arrives home, Jennet invites him inside and puts a bowl of soup in front of him. A little later, Uncle Jumali enters the house and seeing Alicho, he recognizes him and says to Jannet: "Good, there is a reward. But don't let the poor and beggars go home, give them food outside! Alicho gets up sadly and says: "I am not a beggar." I am Alicho. And he leaves there. When he reaches the alley in the morning, he sees his uncle sitting there and says: "Alicho, you promised to come back soon." Alicho cries and apologizes to him and says: "I am not a beggar." I am Idris' cousin. "Uncle hugs him and says: "It is clear that you are a boy. You are the most valuable son of Idris... »

Yamach, Madd, Metin, and Jumali get together to make a plan to protect Bilal's tankers and destroy Uncle Jumali's species. Mateen says that Morteza must know about this and they can ask Ayesha about it. Jumali angrily stares at Mateen and Yamach says: "What is it? What is wrong with Morteza and Ayesha getting married? Jomali says: "He was a good trust for us!" Yamach says: "Because her husband is dead, she should be alone for the rest of her life?!" Then he goes to see Aisha. Ayesha is very happy to see him and hugs Yamach. Yamach tells him that he is always a part of their family... Then he asks Ayesha to find out through Morteza where Uncle Jumali takes his clothes. Ayesha also accepts and understands everything from Morteza and conveys it to Yamach.

All four of them are supposed to carry out their plan until the night before the celebration, but Yamach takes Jomali's car to visit the enchantment. Jumali also goes home to Damla and tells her to pull out the extra bed because tonight Yamach will bring Efsun and Masal there.

After performing the spell, Nizam returns the spell to the house with many guards. Fasun quickly goes to see his daughter. Yamach was following them all the time and when he sees that Nizam puts his hand on the charm hair, he gets very angry and attacks the house alone and takes all the guards out of the way. Afsun, who heard the gunshots, hugs her daughter with fear and shivers and turns a corner. Nizam comes to his room armed and asks Mahir to send more people. Yamach reaches the room and pulls Nizam out of the room and breaks his hand which is under the spell and shoots it. Then he repeatedly punches him in the face until Nizam falls on the ground. Yamach goes to the enchantment. Fasun, who is trembling with fear, asks him to leave because he does not want any harm to come to his daughter. Yamach asks her not to be afraid and hugs Afsun while holding their daughter and takes her out of there....


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