A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 428

Pit part 118

Uncle Jumali caresses little Idris to sleep. Little Idris asks him to tell him a story. Uncle tells a story from the past about himself and his brother Idris. When he came to the pit, but Idris shot him with complete cruelty and even later said that he must leave the pit forever or this time he will shoot him in the brain... He adds: "I I waited a long time... but look, now I have a son and a grandson..." and he looks at little Idris and kisses him.

Wartlow and Yamach are sitting in one of the pit coffee shops. Wartlow asks about Yamach's situation and why it has come to this day. Yamach explains everything to him in bits and pieces. Wartlow gets up in anger and says: "I will pay for that Kulkan guy!" At the same time, Jumali passes by with Damla and Asiyeh. Jumali stares at them angrily. Damla asks him to be calm and says: "Jumali, I told you... Yamach is also going towards them..." when Yamach asks Wartlo why everything is so strange to him and why Jumali is no longer with them. "I haven't been here for a while," Wartlow says. Whatever happened in the same time... Jomali and Amo got into trouble and I did everything to make one of them fall short... I didn't care about them either. At the same time, Madd crosses the street and, seeing Yamach, goes towards him and kisses his hand. Yamach fits and says: "Where there is Wartlow, why me?" Madd swears at Wartlow and looks at him with hatred. Wartlow gets so angry and argues with him that his nose bleeds! Yamach takes Madd and takes him to a corner and asks: "Why are you so angry with Saleh?" Madad says: "Ask yourself!" Then he says with concern: "Go to Yamach." This is no longer the pit you used to know. And he goes. Vartlo goes to Yamach and asks him to go to the coffee house because Uncle Jumali wants to talk to him. When Yamach enters the coffee house and sees Uncle Jomali sitting on Idris's usual chair, he says: "That's my dad's place." Uncle says: "I am a boy instead of my father!" Vartlo angrily tells that he has been torturing and harassing Kulkan Yamach all this time and now he has to pay back. Uncle Jumali says as if this issue has hit him a lot, he will settle Kulkan's account no matter what!

Karaja is waiting with Jalasun and Makkah for Sajjaheddin, the one who planned to empty their backs, to come out of his place. Later, he goes with the boys to settle his account, but Jalason angrily asks him to stay in the car because Vartlo has entrusted Karaja to him. Jalason and Makkah enter the place and each of them go from the other side. One of Sajjaheddin's men traps Makkah and squeezes his throat. Makkah has no way to escape when Karaja shoots that person from behind. Then, when Jalasun asks Mecca to take Karaja to a safe place, Karaja takes the opportunity and runs away from them. He immediately finds Sajahuddin when he is running away and points a gun at him. At the same time, one of the wounded people of Sejahuddin gets up and points towards Karaja. Jalason quickly notices him and shields himself from Karaja and falls to the ground. Karaja gets so angry and enraged by this incident that he greedily shoots all his bullets into Sejaheddin's body, and then they immediately take him to the doctor along with Mecca Jalason.

When Jumali and Damla arrive home, they are met with bliss. Saadat stayed at home the whole time because the door was locked from behind. Saadat asks Damla about Asiya's condition. Due to Jomali's looks, the atmosphere is heavy and Saadat immediately gets up. Damla offers to stay, but Jomali immediately says: "Bye! After he left, Jomali angrily asks Damla: "Why did the Wartelo woman know about our child's illness?" Damla says: "Yes, I was in contact with him." Because I don't have a mother to help me in this matter, and not even the neighbors like us. The only person who was with me was Saadat. That's why she's not a bad woman for me, Saadat. »

Vartlo changes Yamach's clothes so that he will be neat and tidy when he goes to see the Sultan. On the way to Wartlow, he says: "Now it's very strange. When I look at you, it's like someone else... When you look at me, I'm someone else... like a nightmare... "And then he jokingly grabs Yamach's arm and says: "Then let me wake you up! Yamach, like a madman, sticks him to the wall and squeezes his throat and shouts: "Don't touch me!" As Wartlow calls for him to let go, Yamach continues to squeeze his throat until Wartlow says, "Daddy's boy. Yamach comes to his senses and leaves him, and then apologizes to him one after another. Wartlow cries and says: "My son, what did they do to you..."

When the doctor tries to remove the bullet from Jalason's body, he screams and Karaja, who can't bear it, goes to him and holds his hands and caresses him. Jalason forgets the pain staring at his eyes! A little later, Caraja bandages his wounds. Jalason tells him seriously: "You think this is child's play, Karaja, but it's not!" Don't put yourself in the middle! Karaja says in a bad tone: "I have to ask you what and how to do it?! Do you want to think before interfering in my business? Jalason gets upset and asks him to leave and says: "You are right!" It does not suit you to be here! »

Uncle Jumali angrily tells Nadim that now that Yamach has come, they should try to catch Kulkan so that Yamach will trust him and kiss him!

Afsun is singing on stage when one of the men likes her and tells Nizam to accompany Afsun to a curry meal. At first, Fasun doesn't accept, but after the insistence of Nizam and the fact that there is a lot of money in this business, he accepts.

At dinner, Jumali says to Damla: "Shall we leave here?" Let's go anywhere. He doesn't want us to collect our things at all. let's just go You know Damela, Yamach was my only hope, but he also went to them... I have nothing to keep me here. Damla says without a moment of thought: "Whatever you say..."

Yamach knocks on the door at night. Sultan opens the door and cries when he sees her and hugs her. Then he takes her home and apologizes for throwing out the spell that night. Sultan doesn't know about the tortures that Yamach suffered, and Yamach doesn't say anything so that he doesn't get upset.

A little later, Karaja buys him soup and takes care of him in order to get him out of his heart. Jalason is happy and then says: "If it is possible, Wartlow doesn't know about today's case." If they find out, they won't let you come out. It's not like before... I can't leave you alone..."

Seeing Yamach, Saadat pretends that he did not see him this morning. Then he takes Yamach to the kitchen and says: "Didn't I tell you to get out of here, Yamach... If you don't go, he will do the same to you as he did to Jumali. Then he promises to explain everything to him.

A little later, the whole family gathers and hugs Yamach one by one and is happy to see him. At the dinner table, when Uncle Jumali asks a question, no one answers. Yamach realizes that no one has the right to speak at the table except him and without his permission. At the same time, Yasmin starts to laugh and Akin immediately takes her back to the room... Yamach looks at the upset faces of the others at the dinner table and then says: "Why isn't Ayesha! "The others are shocked when they hear this. And after thinking for a while, Yamach says: "That girl, I remembered now. That's Jasmine. Uncle changes the topic and says: "What did you ask?" Aisha? He is very happy now! Yamach can't bear to sit there and gets up and goes to his room, but he sees that the room has been completely changed and there is no sign of his belongings. Uncle Jumali walks forward and says slowly: "At first, everyone took one of the rooms and I used to sleep on the couch, but then I got back pain and had to sleep here..." Yamach says that there is no problem...

Ayesha hears from Morteza that Yamach has returned to the neighborhood. He sits down and thinks for a while, then he goes to the room and locks the door without saying a word.

Afsun goes to a restaurant with the rich man so that Afsun can be by his side while he is talking to his foreign buyers. A little later, Afsun realizes from the words of the foreign men that they are planning to put a hat on the head of the man next to him and tells him this. The man freaks out and asks Afson to be with him tomorrow to close the deal so that he can make up for his work later.

Nadeem informs Uncle Jumali that he has found Kulkan's place. A little later, Uncle Jumali drinks and when he enters the house and sees Sultan sitting there, he hides his glass of liquor behind his head and approaches Sultan with a smile and asks: "Where did you sleep the boy?" Sultan indifferently says that he offered oranges to Akin in the previous room and later. Uncle says that he doesn't like oranges at all and goes back to his room and stares lovingly at the picture frame of Sultan that he has hidden in his room. Sultan also puts the orange container behind the door of his room.

Jumali and Damla have packed their things to leave that night. It rings at home. Yamach is behind the door. Seeing him, Jumali says: "Why did you come here?" Yamach says softly: "It's very strange to me there... Can I stay here for the night?" Jumali embraces his brother with gusto and pulls him aside to let him enter the house.

In the morning, Yamach goes to the neighborhood for a walk. Everything is strange for him until he sees Alicho and hugs him happily. A little later, Ojuit approaches Yamach and kisses his hand and asks him to go to the coffee house because his uncle has something to do with him. Uncle Jumali and Vartlo tell Yamach that they have found Kulkan's place. Vartlo and Yamach go to the cabaret where Kulkan is guarding and wait. When Yamach sees Kulkan, he starts shaking. Wartlow goes to him with concern and says: "Come to yourself, Yamach!" Then he knocks him down and angrily says: "Don't tell me about torture!" I spent my whole life with torture! Think of your child. Think about the woman you love! And he picks up a brick and attacks Kulkan. Kulkan starts to run away, but in one of Yamach's alleys, it turns green in front of him and he dies with punches and kicks. Then they take him to a place with Wartlow and he starts beating him with his hands and feet tied. Yamach angrily asks him where the charm is. Kulkan says: "I say on one condition! Either kill me or tell me the magic place! Yamach chooses to find the charm.

Before her date with that man, Afsun goes to her daughter and lies down next to her and starts telling a story about herself and her love to Yamach who is still waiting for her... Yamach tells Afsun from behind the trees while He sees his daughter in his arms and his eyes fill with tears when Nizam and his men enter the room and take the charm with them. Seeing this scene, Yamach gets angry and follows the charm.

Kulkan goes to Nadim and tells him: "Since you exposed me to Yamach, now you have to protect me from him!" If I die, Yamach will understand everything! »

Fasun sits at the table with the men and gets up for a moment to go to the bathroom. A familiar voice calls him from behind. Afsun turns to Yamach and they both stare at each other with disgust.


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