A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 427

Pit part 117

Yamach stares inside the coffee house and then goes to the shop next to it, which was the neighborhood kitchen. Now a young boy is in charge there, but there is no news of needy people. Yamach asks him for some soup and asks: "I used to live here. Why is there no one else? The boy says that he did not know him and Yamach says: "Maybe your father does." whose son are you The boy says his father's name and Yamach remembers him. The boy continues: "My father used to be a grocer. Don't let my uncle hurt now, he gave the shop below to my father. Here I am spinning. When Yamach hears his uncle's name, he stops.

Alicho attacks like crazy people who have turned his house into a deli and says: "This is my house!" My uncle gave me this..." The people beat him until Sahar arrives and is happy to see him and pulls Alicho out of the fists and kicks of the people and takes him and his uncle towards home. Ash, which is the same as uncle's previous house, but now uncle Jumali is taking it to Sahar. Sahar explains to Alicho there that it is not Alicho's house anymore and Alicho is sad.

Uncle Jumali is sitting in Zolfi coffee house and telling stories to people. Madd sits in a corner and stares at him with hatred, and when the uncle makes eye contact with him, Madd spits on the ground with hatred! The others attack Madd and throw him out of the cafe. Uncle asks them not to have anything to do with him.

Yamach goes to Idris coffee house. Fayaz, who is now returning there, is excited and happy to see Yamach. But then he says confusedly: "Brother, this is a special place." Let's go, I'll take you to the police. Yamach sees Jomali selling fruit in the market. Yamach is shocked to see Jomali's appearance, which is no longer the same as before and is broken, but does not move forward. A little later, when Salem, who is not in good health, comes to the market and collects spoiled fruits to eat, Jumali compassionately gives him some of his fruits. At the last moment, Salem sees Yamach and is happy!

When Kulkan calls Yadgar and sees that he did not answer, he realizes that Yamach must have reached his account. He rushes to Jenk and tells him that Yamach is looking for them and he will definitely find them to take his revenge and they must find the charm so that when Yamach catches them, they will have something to say to survive!

Wartlo is sitting next to uncle in the coffee house and uncle Jomali calls him my son! On the other hand, Karaja is sitting among a group of men who work for Uncle Jumali, and when they demand 25% more profit, Karaja says seriously: "With this money, you either continue your work or you sit and bleed and break eggs." Gentlemen! But if we are not, you are not either! And he gets up and leaves. One of the men says under his breath: "This makes me very sad!" »

Karaja goes to his driver and bodyguard, who are Jalason and Mecca, and gets into the car. A little later, they are attacked on the road. Jalason shields himself from Karaja and Karaja takes up arms with his help and they save themselves. Karaja says: "I know who they are!" »

Morteza takes two of their people to Wartlo and says: "These are driving me crazy!" Yesterday they were competing with trucks carrying materials! Wartlow stares at them angrily and lets both of them into the coffee house so that Uncle Jomali can settle their account. Before entering the coffee house, Wartlow sees Madd staring at him with hatred, cursing under his breath and spitting on the floor! Wartlow gets nervous but doesn't say anything.

Yamach follows Jumali to the end of the pub. Jumali enters the pub where Mateen is running and sits next to Madd. In grief, they begin to drink to the health of what they have lost.

Jenak finds the address and system number of the person holding the charm and gives it to Kulkan. Kulkan leaves and goes to Nizam's club, but Nizam sees him and says: "Didn't you say that my flesh and bones are yours?!" I will not give you the charm! And he orders his men to beat Kulkan.

Uncle Jumali entrusted to Akin so that he and Jalason could settle someone's account. Akin, together with the two of them, goes to the place of the person who stole the uncle's money and after taking the bag of money from him, he beats him!

Uncle Jumali notices that both of those young men have the Sin letter tattoo and its bracelet. He asks without introduction: "Is her name Sarpileh or Sama?" "One of the boys says: "Serpil! Uncle orders to find Serpil. Serpil is in Morteza's arms at that moment, and as soon as the news comes, his uncle calls him, gets up and goes to the coffee house. Seeing his appearance, uncle says to send him to the university soon. Wartlow likes his intelligence and resourcefulness and says: "Uncle, why did you have to go to university?! Uncle says: "It smelled like a man's perfume!" If you don't send it, it will be wasted! Then he orders Nadim to work both of those young men in two shops opposite each other whose sales need each other!

When Morteza enters the house, Ayesha prepares the dinner table for him. Ayesha and he are now married. But Ayesha finds a strand of yellow hair on Morteza's coat and angrily attacks him and demands an account. Morteza also swears that he didn't do anything, he pushes Ayesha, she quickly goes to him again and kisses him! Ayesha also accompanies him!

After doing Uncle Jumali's work, Akin goes to the pub and after hugging Jumali and Madd and Matin, he sits next to Jumali. Jomali asks Akin about Saadat, Yasmin and the others one by one. When Akin asks how Jomali's little girl is doing and says: "I miss her, why don't I come see her?" Jumali immediately says: "Do you want to get yourself into trouble?" It is wrong for you to come here! After drinking a little, Jumali leaves for his house and Yamach follows him. Damla is waiting for Jomali in a humble house, Jomali enters the house and is playing with her little daughter Asia. Damla realizes that someone is watching them through the window and calls Jumali worriedly. Jumali angrily storms out and Yamach starts to run until Jumali catches up to him and is momentarily stunned to see Yamach before angrily hugging his brother. Yamach is also crying with him.

Jalason is now a guard in the house of Kochvalis. Karaja sees him through the window and smiles. Then he goes down in the cold and sits next to him. Karaja is no longer the same and says: "I used to think that love was very important and I used to beg for it." But now, thanks to uncle, I know that power speaks first! Power follows me to be loved! Jalason regrets that Karaja has changed so much.

Fayaz calls Janet and after closing the coffee shop, he goes home to her and her children. Madd follows him like every night. Jennet calls Fayaz brother and Fayaz tells him that he saw Yamach today!

Jumali takes Yamach home. Damla is shocked to see him and hugs him. When Yamach asks why everything has changed, Jomali sadly says, "Don't worry about it. Tomorrow, go look for your charm and your child... we will help you too. Me and Madd and Mateen..." At the end of the night, Damla tells Jumali that he shouldn't give Yamach so much false hope when he can't help him. Damla asks: "How do you know if he is next to you?! Maybe he is next to your uncle. Jomali says decisively: "This will not happen!" He stays by my side. Damla says: "You said the same thing about all of them!" You said they are my family, but look! Jomali says: "Yamach doesn't work!" He is the only one left! He is my brother. Wherever I am, he is there! »

Akin, Karaja and Wartelo are sitting around the table with Uncle Jumali. Akin doesn't look happy. Saadat also takes some liquor and secretly goes to the storage room downstairs and starts drinking with the Sultan. At the same time, Yasmin's singing is heard. Everyone looks at Akin with pity and Akin goes out and tries to calm Yasmin down. Yasmin cries and continues to sing loudly. Akin notices her wounded hand and yells at Yasmin angrily, and they take her to their room to dress her wound. Yasmin says angrily: "Akin, your voice is too bad for me." They only go when I sing! I am afraid of them! »

Akin goes to Jalason at the door of the house and asks: "I can't go, why don't you go if you can?" Jalason says: "You know the reason why I didn't go." Akin points to the house and says, "Then why don't you go to that house and approach him on the pretext that he needs something?! Jalason says: "I know he doesn't need anything." »

Kulkan is the guard of one of the clubs and when he goes inside, he accidentally sees Afson singing on the stage. Kulkan stares at him without being seen.

Gennat, who heard about Yamach's arrival, brings this news to Saadat. On the other hand, Zulfi, who heard from Salem that Yamach was seen in the neighborhood, Nadim also says this. Nadim gets upset and hastily conveys this to Uncle Jumali.

Jomali and Damla take Asiya to the hospital early in the morning when her fever rises. Yamach is alone at home when someone knocks on the door. When Yamach opens the door, Saadat's eyes fill with tears when he sees her and hugs her tightly. Then he says: "Thank God you are alive, Abjijun... Yamach, wherever there is charm and your child, go there." This is not the same as before. Please go..." At the same time, the door rang again. Saadat asks him not to open the door, but when Yamach opens the door, he is confronted by Uncle Jumali. Uncle says: "I am your uncle son!" Welcome to your neighborhood! And he extends his hand towards her for a kiss. Yamach pauses, and just then Wartlow happily runs over and hugs Yamach.

Vartlo takes Yamach to the neighborhood and happily tells him that everything has changed and the neighborhood has improved. He says that no one has died in the neighborhood for two years and everyone is happy... Uncle Jumali looks at them from afar and then says to Nadim: "How did he come here?" Didn't you say he doesn't remember anything?! Nadim says: "You are right. But last time he was shepherding. I saw it myself! If you want, I will finish it today. "Uncle says: "If I wanted to do this, why is he still alive?! I don't want them to die. He is my nephew. I want him to kiss my hand and be in front of me. Because I am the king of the pit and the first ones! »


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