A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 426

Pit part 116

Wartlow goes home with Uncle Jumali. He first shows himself sitting in the corner of the yard. Medd is shocked to see him at first and then hugs him while shedding tears of happiness. Vartlo asks Madd to pay attention to their guest Uncle Jumali. When Uncle Jumali reaches Idris's room, he stares at Idris's chair and then proudly sits on it.

Wartlow knocks on the door of his house and Saadat is surprised to see him and just stares at him for a few moments. Then he hugs her happily and thanks God. Wartlow enters the house with him and stares at little Idris, who has grown up in his absence. Wartlow sadly says that he will go to Salim's grave first today... Then Saadat talks about the disappearance of Yamach. Wartlow thinks a little and says: "This kid was thinking about this so much. None of them thought about it. He kicked Jomali out of the house after he shot his own brother and then Sultan gave him his suitcase... he has the right to leave here. If we don't have anything to do..."

When Jomali goes to Idris's room and Wartelo introduces Uncle Jomali to him, Jomali looks at him sitting on Idris's chair and remembers why his grave was empty, asks Uncle Jomali. . Uncle Jumali explains everything to him and at the end says: "Now that Idris is gone, I am taking care of you..." and claps his hand on his shoulder. But Jomali still does not trust him and when Uncle Jomali gets into his car and drives away, he drives Nadeem in front of him, who does not stay out of Jomali's eyes. He curses her under her breath. Uncle Jomali tells Nadim that Jomali will never leave him in Idris's place and will not feel sorry for him, so they have to get him out of the way, and then he asks Nadim for help in order to draw Wartlo more towards him. reach

Wartlo goes to Salim's grave and sheds tears and says: "My brother... maybe it wouldn't have happened like this if it were me..." and he takes off his coat and puts it on the soil of his grave...

When Wartlow goes to the neighborhood, Alicho and Uncle follow him. Alicho tells Wartlow that he needs to find Yamach because he is missing. Wartlow says they should leave Yamach alone, but calls Yamach's phone to comfort Alicho. Seeing his name, Kulkan curses him and does not answer, but sends a message: forget me. Now that you have thrown the spell out of the house, I have nothing to do with you. I am enchanted. Say hello to the family! Vartlo reads this aloud to ease Alicho's mind, but Alicho says: "Yamach doesn't say home." Yamach says tell Alicho not to worry about me. This is not Yamach! But Wartlow does not accept. Alicho also says: "I will go look for Yamach and find him." Uncle, who is not in his right mind, says: "What is the little boy of Idris?" Alicho confirms and uncle says: "Yes, let's go." I'm coming too Yamach must be found. And they walk together.

Kulkan imprisoned Yamach in a warehouse and told him: "Today will be the first day of your new life!" A life where you don't even know yourself and your name at the end, I promise you this! Yamach hatefully asks him where the charm is and Kulkan says: "You have to forget it!" Now you are far away in Afghanistan. No one can find you and reach you! Then he says: "You don't have anyone anymore!" You did something, I will kill Ogday, this is the punishment for what you did... Your name is no longer Yamach! And he picks up a cockroach from the ground and says: "Your name is an insect!" From now on, you are an insect! He orders his men to beat up Yamach and then, seeing the tattoo on Yamach's chest, says: "Cockroaches don't have tattoos!" It must be cleared! And he rubs a handkerchief soaked in lemon juice on his wounds and tattoos. Yamach screams because of its burning intensity and Kulkan says: "This is a safe method that slowly washes and removes the tattoo from your skin!" He, along with two of his men, beat and tortured Yamach for months and emphasized every day that he is not Yamach. But Yamach resists and mentions his name, which Kulkan says: "There is no food until he mentions his name!" And then he leaves Yamach in a box in front of the sunlight for hours until Yamach gets sick and faints... After a few months, Yamach becomes crazy and sees Idris next to him, who keeps calling him repeats Yamach writes his name and his family's name on the walls with a charcoal, and Kulkan, seeing him, beats him and erases them. Even once, Yamach tries to escape, but Kulkan stops him and beats him more severely and throws him into a well. Zand: "Okay, whatever you say... I'm not Yamach... I don't know my name..."

After two years, Kulkan examines Yamach's tattoo and when he sees that there is no trace left of it, he smiles and leaves with his men. Although Yamach stayed in that dark warehouse, he did not dare to come out for a while. until he finally leaves his foot and goes to one of the village houses. The Afghan village man gives him food and after a while he entrusts his sheep to him to shepherd...

One day when Yamach is in the desert with the sheep, two people approach him. One of them is Alicho and the other is uncle. When they see Yamach, they stare at him for a while, but they don't know Yamach, and when Alicho asks Yamach's name. He says that he doesn't know and then he takes them both to his barn and feeds them. Uncle, who doesn't remember anything at all, but suddenly he sees the mark of the pit that Yamach had drawn earlier on a part of the wall, and he stares at Yamach excitedly and calls his name. Alicho is also happy and says: "We came to find you, Yamach..." Yamach first gets scared and runs away from them and takes refuge in the well. But when he hears the voice of helping Alicho and Uncle, who are being beaten by one of the villagers, he remembers his name and attacks that man and saves them both... The three of them went on their way. they fall On the way, Alicho realizes from the number plates of the cars that it is not Afghanistan, but somewhere far from home...

Afsun is singing a song in the pavilion with thick make-up. All the men stare at her intoxicated and enjoy seeing the beauty of the enchantment. After performing the charm, the owner of the pavilion takes him home and says: "Just a few minutes!" then come! Fasun rushes to the upstairs room. A room that he arranged for his daughter with childish decorations. Afsun hugs and caresses her two-three-year-old daughter with love. A little later, the owner of the pavilion angrily goes to him and separates him from the child and throws him in a storage room downstairs. Afsun sits in a corner and throws a pill to get drunk and fall asleep.

At night, Yamach sees his family in his dreams and wakes up. Uncle goes to him and says worriedly: "Yamach, have you become like me?" Don't worry... it will pass... don't lose hope..." Then his forgetfulness returns and angrily says to Yamach: "Who are you?! Yamach takes him to sleep with compassion. When morning comes, all three of them are hungry, Alicho earns a small amount of money and takes them to a roadside restaurant to eat. There, Yamach remembers well from the mole on the hand of one of the customers, that one of the people who tortured him was the same person and attacks him. The man denies and the rest of the people kick the three out of the restaurant. Yamach tells Alicho that he is sure he was one of those who tortured him... They get into the driver's car to go to Istanbul. The man whom Yamach recognized chases them and calls Kulkan and gives him this news. Kulkan is surprised and says: "After six months, does he still remember you?" In my opinion, kill him. Because little ones never forget anything! And he himself goes to the club where his bodyguard is to start his work. That man attacks the car that Yamach, Alicho and Uncle are inside and wants to run them over...

The head of the pavilion tells Afsun that he has a special plan tonight. Afsun puts on make-up and finally takes pills and wears special clothes and starts dancing Arabic in front of many men. When his boss notices the police entering there, he drops the materials he has in his pocket into his coat pocket. After finding the drug, the police take the drug to the detention center. After the charm trial, he stays in prison for two weeks and suffers from missing his daughter and prescription drugs until he is finally released. When the boss takes her home, Afsun goes to her daughter's room without delay, but the boss stops her and says angrily: "You can't see my daughter until you have a plan!" That's what we were supposed to do! And he throws the spell into a warehouse and kicks him.

The car left and Alicho and Amo remained under it. The man who was torturing Yamach goes to the car to make sure they are dead by shooting him, Yamach attacks him and takes the gun from him and shoots him several times. Then he rescues uncle and Alicho from under the car and takes them to the hospital. The doctor is a good man who helps all three of them and keeps them for a while until he finally releases them. They thank the doctor and Yamach asks him to visit the pit. In the end, the doctor gives them a bus ticket to take them to Istanbul.

When they finally reach the neighborhood, Amo and Alicho go to Alicho's house and they are shocked to see his house, which has now been turned into a grill. Yamach also goes to the neighborhood and when he sees that even the colors and shops of the city have changed and new people come and go there, he is surprised and confused. He goes to the neighborhood coffee house, which has now changed, and stares into it and says in surprise: "Pit?? »


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