A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 425

Pit part 115

Yamach also buries Chaetai's body in the grave he had dug earlier. When he gets home, he realizes that there is no charm and looks for her. Sultan has already entrusted all the family members to tell Yamach that his charm is gone. Therefore, when Yamach asks about the charm from Karaja, Karaja says that it is better to ask Sultan about it. Yamach goes to Sultan and Sultan tells him with stress: "He said that it is not suitable for him and that he cannot live here." That's why he left. Yamach only says: "He is not like that to let him go!" And then he goes down to ask Saadat who never lies to him. Saadat wants to tell the truth, but when he sees the sultan's eyes behind Yamach's head, he confirms the sultan's words. Displaced and lost, Yamach goes to Efson's house to find him. Jumali hugs Sultan, who is very worried, from behind and says: "Mom, you did the best job..."

Kulkan put the charm next to him in the pavilion and does not allow him to answer Yamach's calls. Kulkan entrusts the charm to one of the people and says: "Let his flesh and bones be yours!" "I see you dying and the last picture you see is my picture!" Kulkan smiles at his statement. People take the spell with them and inject something with a syringe...

Around morning when Yamach returns home, Jumali sits next to him and asks him not to think about the charm because he should not follow someone who has left. Yamach continues to say that Damala is not the one to leave him alone in this situation. Jumali reminds that they have more important things to do than looking for charms, for example, they have to take Aykot's revenge from Kulkan.

Khalil Ibrahim is proud of Wartlow for defeating one of their enemies and tells him: "Now we can go back to Istanbul..." Wartlow agrees and goes to get ready. He also takes a carpet as a souvenir to give to Madad.

Metin, Jalason, Makkah and the rest have watched the house where Kulkan took refuge. When Jalasu and the others are planning to attack the house, Kulkan notices them and runs away with Jenak.

Yamach entrusts Alicho to write every place where the charm might be there, and then with the help of the neighborhood youth, they search everywhere for him, but there is no news of the charm.

Saadat witnesses Yamach's bad mood because of the spell but can't say anything. He prepares to go shopping for the wedding with Sultan and the girls. On the other hand, Jomali and Yamach take Akin with them to buy a groom's suit. They don't like Akin to feel Salim's absence even for a moment, that's why they leave all the stones for him.

When Ayesha enters the clothing store with the others, Morteza, who followed her, secretly says: "My Ayesha is the most beautiful of all!" And when Ayesha enters Peru's room, Morteza secretly hands her a paper. Aisha nervously opens the paper that says: come out of the store in 15 minutes. I will come to you! Ayesha leaves the store with anxiety and on the pretext of bringing her phone from the car. Morteza is lost watching him and Ayesha asks: "What do you want Morteza?" Morteza gives him his phone and says: "I just found you and I won't give up!" Ayesha smiles faintly and takes the phone from him.

At the store, Saadat and Karaja urge Damla to wear a feminine dress for this wedding and not to wear a suit as usual. But Damla is not comfortable with this and just because of their insistence, she wears a beautiful dress that everyone likes except herself.

When Khalil Ibrahim and Wartlow are on their way back to Istanbul, some Afghans who were attacked by Wartlow attack them for revenge. They are much more numerous and Wartlow understands that he cannot do anything against them alone. He takes Khalil Ibrahim, who has a wounded hand, with him to escape.

Before the wedding, Jumali and Yamach take Akin to the pavilion for their bachelorette party. The rest are with them. They drink and dance all night long.

When Karaja sees Yasmin in her wedding dress, he remembers himself and gets angry. She goes to Akin's room to visit him. "Karaja, I always wanted you to be happy," Akin says. do you believe me Karaja smiles faintly and says: "I believe you after what happened to you." Because you were innocent. It is not our fault that we are small. That's why we will never be happy.. "When he leaves the room, he faces Jalason. Jalason is dumbfounded for a moment and then says: "You have become so beautiful..." Karaja thanks and returns to the girls' room.

It is called the marriage between Akin and Yasmin. Everyone starts dancing. Jumali gets excited seeing Damla in her long dress and keeps his eyes on her. Then he secretly brings drinks to his table, Yamach, Damla and Saadat so that they can cheer up a little. Damla gets sick after drinking some alcohol and goes to the bathroom, but Saadat keeps asking Yamach to pour more alcohol for her. Damla says to Jumali after leaving the bathroom: "I've been feeling like this for a while." I think that I am pregnant..." Jumali is very happy to hear this news and immediately tells everyone about it. Sultan and the others happily hug him.

Yamach goes out of the hall and Saadat, who is quite drunk, sits next to him and asks the reason for his unhappiness. Yamach mentions the charm again. Saadat says this time: "I want to tell you the truth, Yamach!" Your mother dragged the charm out of the house! Yamach is shocked when he hears this and goes to Sultan and says to him: "Come outside, I have a card!" Sultan understands that something must have happened. Yamach angrily tells him: "What right did you cast the spell on?" He has my baby! Sultan says: "I did what was necessary." He was your father's killer. Yamach says: "It wasn't. You do not know anything. That's my family! Sultan says: "Your family is only us!" Yamach says angrily: "I have paid enough for this!" Stop. And then he shouts: "I am the killer of my father!" » Sultan puts his hand in front of Yamach's mouth and Jumali arrives at the same time. Yamach goes to his car and goes home and packs his things to find the charm. Along the way, he remembers Sena, Akshin, Salim, and Idris whom he lost.... Yamach calls Kulkan and asks him about the charm, and Kulkan fearlessly sends the address to Yamach and himself through The CCTV waits to watch Yamach. Yamach reaches a house and enters there. He fights alone with a large number of people that Kulkan left for him and gets injured, but in order to reach the spell, he gathers all his strength and pulls himself towards the room where the spell was placed. As Yamach pulls down the bag pulled over the charm's head, he encounters another girl. He cries in sadness when Kulkan gives him an electric shock from behind and knocks him unconscious. A few hours later, Kulkan turns to the unconscious Yamach who is lying behind a truck and says: "We are going to a good place." We are going to the best tourist spot in the world. Afghanistan!! »


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