A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 422

Pit part 112

In his hotel, Genghis is afraid that Yamach and his men will come and kill him, and he walks around the rooms cautiously with a gun in his hand. While Ekin is watching him along with some people in the hotel and reports every movement to Yamach. Jenk tells Genghis that Chaetai wants to talk to him and gives him the phone. Chaetai tells him that he is coming to the hotel and brings an important and valuable gift with him that will make him happy! Genghis is relieved that he finally has someone by his side.

Morteza is happy about his freedom and that he can finally eat kebab after a long time, but Chaetai's people imprison him and beat him, and in the end Chaetai asks him to chase Yamach and spy on him. Morteza, who only wants to survive, says with a smile that he has nothing to do with it and accepts.

Akin feels bad when he sees Chaetai from a distance and remembers the moment of his father's death. One of those who is in front of him immediately informs Yamach about this. Yamach asks them not to let Akin make any move to reach them, and together with Jumali, they walk towards the hotel. But Akin can't bear it and attacks the hotel with his speed and anger without anyone being able to stop him. Meanwhile, a strange person with a mask on his face sees him from a distance and watches him from his room in a good hotel. Genghis's men also attack Akin and his men until finally Yamach and Jomali reach themselves and Yamach forcibly pulls Akin back from there! Akin is angry that they didn't finish Chaetai right away. Yamach tells him: "If he died, we wouldn't be cool!" Before yourself, you should think about the people you love! »

Chaetai and Genghis finally find time to sit opposite each other. Chaetai finds out about Olga from Genghis. Genghis says that he did not know about his absence until he found out that his documents and accounts were in Yamach's hands! But Chaetai says: "My mother's disappearance is not Yamach's business. Serene's work The last time together! Genghis, who seems to have just realized, says, "Soraya was last seen with Seren!" Genghis gets very angry.

Karaja is giving soup to uncle who is just staring at the corner. Yasmin sits in front of them and uncle, who has not spoken a word until then, as soon as he realizes that Yasmin has come from Kandahar, starts talking to him in Dari language. But as soon as their conversation ends, it returns to its previous state. In the neighborhood kitchen, when Yasmin tells Karaja what his uncle said, he suddenly gets weak and falls to the ground. Karaja goes to her and Yasmin says that there is nothing special and in fact she came to Istanbul because of her illness, but suddenly she faints. At the same time, Yamach and Jumali Akin arrive in the neighborhood and Karaja worriedly asks them to take Yasmin to the hospital. Akin gets into the car with Yasmin, most worried.

Kulkan is partying in one of the clubs when Nadim goes to him and sits in front of him and says: "If you want to be in front of Kochvalis and Yamach, we are with you." My client promised to protect you. do you accept? Kulkan doesn't show interest at first, but when Nadim says, "You are now one of the two great princes of Jordan!" Think about it! Kulkan thinks and decides to accept.

Chaetai learns about the charm from his father and then adds: "It helps me to be alive!" I had made an agreement with him before I left here. If he has still agreed to do nothing, but if he has hit it, he knows a lot and we haven't even gone half of it! »

Chaetai calls Yamach and says: "I missed you so much!" I called to see if you know where the charm is. It was not their own house! Yamach gets worried and angry after hearing these words and quickly reaches the safe house, and seeing the charm, he hugs her safely, but then he says, "Go, get ready, we are going to our house!" Afsun says: "I will not go there." You yourself know why. Yamach shouts: "You must come!" Chaeta is back! Fasun stares at him with sadness and worry.

Chaetai calls Kulkan and asks him to return home if he wants to survive. Kulkan agrees when he sees that Chaetai is right.

Yamach enters the yard with the spell. He gets off first and says in his mother's ear that Efson is pregnant with her child and now he must be their guest. The sultan, who is shocked by this news, inevitably accepts and politely invites Afsun to enter the house. Fasun, who is a little scared and worried, enters the house, but Yamach says that he has work and has to leave soon. Afsun begs her not to leave her alone, but Yamach asks her not to worry about anything and leaves the house. When Karaja finds out that Yamach has brought him a guest, he grumbles under his breath. But when the Sultan asks him to prepare Yamach's room for the spell, he gets confused and gets a little suspicious! He takes Afsun to the room and shows him the photo frame of Sena and Yamach in order to annoy him a little and says that this is the room of Yamach and Sena and then Nahir stays here. Fasun gets a little upset and finally Karaja asks his name and when he realizes that it is his Fasun, he stops and stares at her for a while, but then he leaves the room and says with a strange smile on his face: "Yojal , charm, Akin... Yujel died. Akin is here.. Charm is here too! And his smile deepens.

Yamach approaches the hotel with Jumali, Akin, Jalason and others. The masked person wears his special clothes and waits for the little ones to come through the camera. He sets traps on the way to the forest and every time someone is injured or trapped, but Yamach and the others continue on their way, and when they finally reach the hotel, they fight with the warring people and search the rooms one by one. to find Chaetai or Genghis. A trap was used in the rooms and Jomali and Makkah were seriously injured. Yamach makes his way downstairs where he meets the masked man. The masked man fights with Yamach with his bare hands and only with his own skills and beats Yamach to death without being beaten until finally Jomali arrives and the masked man leaves. When Jumali and Yamach see that most of their men are wounded and there is no news of Genghis, they retreat and take themselves to the hospital. Akin asks the doctor about Yasmin's condition there, and when he is sure that she is better, he is relieved.

Kulkan takes himself to the place where Chaeta gave the address. They seem happy to see each other, but Genghis pretends to be Kulkan. Chaetai asks them to stop this fight now and stay with each other. Genghis and Kulkan very reluctantly accept. Chaetai informs his father that the gift he was talking about is the same professional and masked person who grounded all the pits. When Genghis hears this, he becomes excited and says excitedly: "Yes, I showed them the power of your Jordan!" They all fall on me! They all disappear from the earth one by one! Kulkan and Chaetai give each other a meaningful look.

Yamach goes to Fasun and Fasun sadly cleans his wounds and says: "This is not your blood. It's someone else's blood! "This is the blood of those I love," says Yamach. My pit and I am my pit. This is not something that can be changed. Afsun is silent, and then he doesn't even sleep on the bed with Yamach, and when Yamach asks why, he says, "Why do you think?" Your and Sena's bed was there! Nahir is also sleeping there! And he takes his seat on the sofa. A little later Yamach goes next to him and hugs him and falls asleep with him.

Genghis is relieved by the presence of the masked man and goes there despite Chaetai telling him that it is better not to go back to the hotel. Chaetai also calls Kulkan and asks him to do the work he entrusted to him and then leaves the hotel himself. Kulkan also calls Yamach and says: "If I were you, I would take myself to the same hotel you attacked today before morning!" Genghis is waiting for you there. This is not a trap! Go do whatever you want with it! Yamach tells him: "If you are right, I will leave one of you alive, Kulkan!" Kulkan hangs up the phone and says under his breath, "There is no need to promise." You can't do this by nature! And he remembers Nadim's words and promises and then he stares at Morteza who is sitting next to him.

Jalason calls Yamach and says that Genghis is now in the hotel since he has been monitoring the hotel. Yamach immediately calls Jumali and Akin and they go to the hotel together.

Genghis is relaxing in the hotel when he hears Yamach's voice. Terrified, he grabs a gun and starts to run away, but Yamach's voice is still heard calling his name. Genghis reaches the basement of the hotel and tries to run away, but suddenly one of the doors opens and he meets Jumali. Then the next door opens and Ekin goes in front of it and finally Yamach arrives. Genghis falls on his knees and shouts: "Enough! And he cries.

An hour later, Yamach ties him to a chair with his hands and feet tied, and then attaches to him a serum of poisonous substances that he gave to the people of the neighborhood, and puts a gun a little further by him and says: "I will tell you I give you the right to choose to die slowly or to kill yourself! Then he sits down to watch with Jomali and Akin. Genghis tries his best to reach the gun, but he can't, and when the poison finally enters his body, he cries and reaches for the gun with all his might, and even though he is very scared and scared, he holds the gun under his throat. and shoots. Jumali, Akin, and Yamach keep their eyes on him while drinking tea.


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