A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 421

Pit part 111

The lot that Jomali draws from among Jordanet's family is called Ogdai. Jalason, along with Metin and Makka, enter the hotel where Ogday is going to stay, dressed as servants. Mateen waits for him in Ogday's room.

Akin takes Yasmin to their house to protect her. Everyone gives him a warm welcome, but Karaja gives Akin a bad look and then asks with a fake smile, "Who brought this beauty?" Akin leaves the house without answering him. Karaja catches Yasmin alone in the porch and asks: "There must be a special relationship between you and my brother. You are so dear to him that he brought you here. Yasmin gets upset and then says that there is nothing between the two of them. Karaja smiles meaningfully and accompanies her so that she does not feel alone at home.

Yamach and Jumali notice that there is no news from uncle for some time. They rush to their uncle's house and Jumali says: "This happened once before. Salim had come to him. Yamach kindly tries to talk to Uncle, but Uncle doesn't say anything and looks a little scared. The two of them take the uncle to the bathroom and clean him with their help. Uncle smiles and says, "They say that when you are a child, you wash them and when you get old, they wash you..." Then he remembers a memory from the past and thinks that they are now in the same era, together with Idris and His little boys have come to the public bath. When he talks about Salim, he says, "Salim was quieter than all of them... He used to sit in a corner and look at the others." Jomali and Yamach are angry.

Little by little, the condition of the local residents worsens and they get poisoned due to the poisonous water. They bring themselves to the hospital one by one in a bad and serious condition.

Seren first goes to Genghis and asks: "I remembered my father.. Uncle, when my father died, were you out of town with Olga?" Genghis says: "Yes." But I don't know where Soraya was at that time. I do not remember. Seren makes sure that everything is under Soraya's head and tells her to get ready to go and finish Olga's job.

When Ogday enters his room in the hotel, Mateen anesthetizes him with an electric shocker, and then together with Jalason and Akin, they pass Ogday's guards and take him out of the hotel.

Seren drives until night and takes Soraya to the same remote forest where he killed Olga. They get off and Seren points the gun at Soraya and says, "You finish Olga's job!" Soraya is afraid and says, "I can't, I haven't killed anyone before." And he realizes that Seren is going to take his life and he says scared: "Seren, thank God, I didn't kill your father." It is not known what Olga lied to you. I was not. » Seren smirks and mercilessly shoots at him and leaves.

Genghis and Gulkan notice Ogdai's absence. At the same time, Yamach calls Genghis and says: "The same thing that Gulkan did to me, now I will do to you. On one side are the black tricks that I collected and my hand and on the other side is your son Ogday! I have two riddles for you! If you know where one is, you will save your money! Genghis is worried about his large amount of money and immediately asks, "Where is my money?" Gulkan stares at his father in disbelief and asks the mystery of Ogday's whereabouts. After this call, Gulkan says to his father: "We are going to look for Ogday, aren't we?" Genghis pauses for a long time and says, "You will reach Ogday!" And he gathers with his people to solve the mystery of the money. Gulkan walks alone and finds Ogday's place with difficulty.

Genghis, with the help of Genk, finds the place of the money in the stable and reaches the mountain of money, the hill catches fire, and Genghis stares at his burnt money with hatred while he is on his feet. Yamach calls him and says: "I'm not stupid enough to burn all that money!" Your money will be spent on a charity for sick children! Genghis gets upset and asks his people to find his money as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Kulgan finds the place where Ogdai was tied up, in the middle of the forest. He sees Ogdai tied on the ground and goes towards him, falling into a pit! Yamach, Jumali and Akin go over the pit and stare at him. Yamach puts a gun on the ground and asks Kulkan to come up and fight hand to hand! Kulkan accepts and even Yamach throws him a rope. Colgan clings to the rope to climb up, and when he pulls himself up, he encounters the scene of Ogday's hanging. while the same rope with which he came up is attached to Ogda's neck. Colgan is shocked to see this scene and lets go of the rope and shouts: "Let go. Manly! But Yamach, Jomali and Ekin leave him there and no matter how much Kolgan struggles to pull himself out of the pit. Yamach puts Ogdai's body on his shoulders and buries him in the grave he dug for him!

A little later, the news of poisoning of the whole neighborhood reaches Yamach. He worriedly calls Akin to let the residents know.

Chaetai calls Genghis and asks him where Olga is and why there is no news about her. Genghis smiles and says that Olga is at home and even if she is his mother, she is his cow! But after this call and putting together the fact that Yamach had threatened him with his money and possessions, he goes to Olga's room and realizes that she has disappeared and returns to his room in a poor mood where Kolgan Khaki sees while sitting on his chair. He orders Kulgan to get up, but Kulgan ignores him and Genghis angrily says, "My son, don't make it worse!" Kolgan gets up and grabs his collar angrily and says: "I am not your son!" damn you! Your son died tonight! You didn't even ask what happened and how it happened! What kind of person are you? Yamach has torn you to pieces! I'm going too I will go back to where I came from! If you have a son, call him and tell him, Chaetai, I love you so much, come and save me! Because you have no one to save you! Genghis, who is in awe, calls Chaeta as soon as Kulkan leaves!

The doctor tells Yamach that the condition of the residents is very serious and they need vital drugs in large quantities. Yamach also sends Jumali along with a number of others to Jordan's chemical factories, and from there they take as much medicine as they need. The doctor immediately takes care of all the residents, but in the meantime, Aykot, a young and disabled boy from the neighborhood whom Yamach loved very much, dies, and Yamach weeps over him with grief and sadness.

There is no news of uncle and Alicho is looking for him. On the other hand, the uncle goes to Alicho's house to take what he has hidden there, but the woman who lives with her two children near Alicho gets defensive when she sees him and does not allow the uncle to enter. Uncle faints from the bath he poisoned and falls on the floor. The woman informs Alicho and Alicho immediately takes the uncle to the hospital. The doctor informs Yamach and Jumali, who are worried about Uncle, that Uncle is fine and only his skin is damaged.

Yamach asks Afsun to come with him to their house, but Afsun refuses and Yamach says that he has no choice but to do so. On the other hand, Nahir rubs juice on Madad's head, leaves him at home with a letter he left for Yamach, and runs away. Madad also worriedly delivers the letter to Yamach. Yamach reads the letter sadly. In the letter, Nahir wrote that for the sake of the child who is in the middle and to protect his life, he leaves there forever and asks him not to follow him forever. After reading the letter, Yamach says to himself: "Maybe we will see each other soon. After everything ended well..."

Genghis immediately leaves the house with his men and goes to one of the hotels of Ardentes. On the other hand, when there is no room left in the hospital for new patients to be admitted, Yamach accommodates sick people in their homes with the help of Sultan. After the recovery of the members of the neighborhood, they all sit around a long table on the main street of Godal and eat together...

Yamach, to take revenge for this move, Ardantes and the residents attack Genghis's house, but when they find it empty of Genghis and his people, they all try their best to find Genghis anyway. Finally, Ekin finds the location of Ordanet Hotel and gives it to Yamach.

Genghis is sitting next to his private swimming pool and took a slice of orange to his mouth and eats it!!