A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 418

Pit part 108

Yamach digs a small grave near the house and buries Salim's instrument in it and even pours some of the soil from Salim's grave on it and sits on top of it with sadness. He has even dug and prepared the tombs of Genghis, Kolgan, Ogdai and Chaetai! Yamach goes to Aisha and tells her: "I am taking care of Akin." Be careful of Karaja, he is not good at all. Ayesha cries and says: "What can I do from now on, Yamach... I don't know what to do after what happened to Azar and Salim died." Yamach, who doesn't know anything about Azar's death, asks about this. Ayesha says: "You don't know anything, do you? leave him. I don't want the children to be a burden to you.." Yamach says not to say this again and hopes that they will finally get through this difficult time. Then he goes to Karaja's room. Karaja is shivering from the cold and has thrown several blankets over himself. Yamach goes to her worriedly and hugs her. Karaja cries and says: "These things will never end..."

In the morning, Yamach asks Jalason about the case of Azar and Karaja. Jalason explains everything and Yamach panics and thinks.

The news of the explosion of 17 theta from Genghis Jordan factories is spreading everywhere. That same night, Genghis pulled all the managers of these 17 factories out of their homes and shouted at them and scolded them angrily: All the time he was burning my factories, what did you do? You are sleeping at home! Don't get hurt! Then he not only expels all of them, but also emphasizes that he will do something so that they will no longer be able to find a job in Istanbul and they will be forced to return to their villages!

Akin is still angry and tells Yamach why they don't kill the Ordantes all at once so they can be relieved. "They don't care about their age," says Yamach. Their money is important. We have to take everything they have from them and then finish their work."

Genghis angrily goes to Fasun and scolds and humiliates him and says: "Fool! You fell in love! People like us do not fall in love. People like us get strength from the love of others. We created love! When do you want to understand this? Afsun says: "When you died and no one is by your side... You know my mom, she sometimes saw the future." He even saw the time of his own death. I sometimes see the future. For example, I know that your death is near and you are going to die alone! Genghis smiles and says: "I can see the future too." do you know how Because I make the future. For example, I made it for you, and if you are curious to know it, your future is over! »

Jumali is still in the pub. Mitten goes to him to take him back home, but Jomali says that he is done and doesn't want to be in charge of anything and it's better to leave him alone. Mateen pauses a bit and then tells a memory about Salim and the death of his brother Kamal. Jomali is affected by his words, but he sits there and forgets to drink Ganesh, when Yamach arrives and puts Jomali's hat on the table and waits for him. Jumali takes the hat and goes with him.

When Jumali enters the house and sees Damla's absence, he becomes even more upset and tears Yeliz's picture. A little later, Sultan goes to him and asks for Damla from Jumali. Jumali says that he does not know where Damla is and has not heard from her. Sultan thinks and goes to Jalason and asks him to find the address of Damla's father's house for him.

Ogday tells his father that the insurance companies cannot pay for all the damages to the factory. Genghis gets angry and shouts and asks Ogday to force the insurance companies to do this anyway. A little later, Gulkan wakes up and Genghis frowns when he sees him and blames him for being useless. Gulkan says: "You never allowed me to do anything, Dad. And he talks about the war between Kochvalis and Ardantes. Genghis is surprised that Gulkan is not too ignorant of everything.

Jumali asks Akin if the last time Salim was with them, the person who called him knows his name. Akin thinks a little and remembers Jamil's name. Then Jumali goes to Metin and asks him: "Do you know where Salim used to go alone at night?" Mateen says: "No, no one knows." He always went alone and did not tell anyone. Jomali gathers the youth of the neighborhood and asks them to search the cabaret and bars one by one to find a trace of Salim and someone named Jamil. Ramzi hears these from behind the door and walks away from there.

Yamach stops Genghis' car on the street and Genghis tells him: "You are going to pay for your actions in the shortest possible time!" Without reacting to his words, Yamach only asks: "Where is Chaetai?!" Genghis smiles and says: "If you want to find it, find it yourself!" Yamach says: "How many factories did you have?! Wait for the rest! Genghis calls him in panic, but Yamach moves away from him, and then Genghis and his men notice that all the tires of the car in the middle of the street are flat. Genghis angrily and immediately gets into a taxi to go back to his company. He is in such a hurry that he doesn't realize that the driver is Jumali. Jumali, without being recognized, very slowly empties the anesthetic gas on him and Genghis faints.

Sultan goes to see Damla. Damla, who is not in a good mood and hasn't had the patience to do anything in the past few days, goes to see the Sultan and apologizes for her untidy state. Sultan says that it is not a problem and sits on the sofa. Damla immediately says that the situation is not as he thinks, and if he wants, he can ask Jumali himself everything. Sultan says softly: "Damela, we lost Salim." Damla, who did not know, hugs the sultan with anger and apologizes for not being with them. Sultan also hugs her and cries and says: "Damela, I need you. turn back. I don't want to lose Jumali Ram. Be with him, please. Damla also agrees.

Ogday yells at one of Genghis's men, who was also his driver, because he still hasn't heard from his father. When Gulkan hears this, he goes to the driver and asks him: "Did you check the location of my father's phone?" » The driver is surprised and pretends to be unaware. Gulkan angrily puts his hands on the table and takes one of his fingers and says: "Now go find the location so I can return your finger to you!" »

Gulkan enters the room where Afson is imprisoned and knocks the guard at the door unconscious. Thinking that the charm of Genghis's girlfriend is working, he smiles and at that moment, Genghis's driver arrives and says that he has found the location. Gulkan takes the finger out of his coat pocket and Fasun looks at him with horror. After Gulkan leaves, Afsun immediately goes to the unconscious guard to take his phone, but Gulkan returns and takes the phone from his hand and drags the body of the unconscious guard out of the room.

Genghis opens his eyes in a remote desert and sees Yamach in front of him. Yamach asks him about Chaetai. Genghis fearfully says that he has not heard of Chaetai himself and is looking for him from door to door. Yamach seriously asks her to take off her shoes, socks and coat and then leaves her there. Genghis begs him not to leave him alone, but Yamach ignores him. Genghis, scared and terrified, walks barefoot in the desert and gets stuck in the mud. But he pulls himself out with all his efforts, and then when he hears the sound of wolves in the distance, he drags himself under a tree and starts crying because of the cold and fear that has struck him. But a little later, Gulkan arrives with his men and calls his father loudly. Finally, Genghis hears his voice and goes to him and hugs his son and cries. Gulkan sees him from a distance and Yamach, who has been behind a tree the whole time, watches them.

Jumali finds the place where Salim usually goes at night and enters there and sits on a chair. Jamil, whom Ramzi has already told him, approaches Jumali from behind to shoot him, when Jumali, who is suspicious, gets up and shoots at the singer and suspicious waiters. Jamil, who is scared, immediately shoots at another servant and introduces himself as Salim's friend and tearfully tells Jomali everything in his favor. Jumali listens well to his words but tells him: "We are not done with you yet. Go home and come tomorrow to talk! »

Jumali confronts Damla when he enters the house. Damla caresses her gently and Jomali cries and hugs Damla tightly.

Yamach goes to see Nahir, and Nahir offers his condolences for Salim's loss and adds: "I wanted to come, but I stopped myself." Most of all, I wanted to come to Karaja in these difficult days, I know what is going on. Yamach says: "Then come." Caraja really needs you. Nahir, understanding the reason for Yamach's insistence, asks: "Why should I come?" Who am I? I once experienced this when I was in your house. But I can protect myself well. Yamach says: "But you don't understand that I got into a war and I can't protect you like this." Nahir says: "You are nothing but the father of my child, Yamach." do not worry about me. I can handle myself. Go. Yamach leaves, but all his thoughts are in front of Nahir. Damla, who understood this, tells Yamach not to worry about anything and goes to Nahir's house with his men and places the guards in the yard of his house and convinces Nahir that he was cut short because of the baby in his belly. Come.

Genghis is having breakfast with Ogday. He entrusts his son to pay more attention to Gulkan and teach him all the ways and ways of working. One of the servants, who has a pit mark on his wrist, goes to the kitchen and the cook asks him with a laugh: "Did he eat his tea?!" » The young boy confirms with a smile.

Jenak angrily goes to Jameel's house and punches him hard. Jameel asks him to call Chaeta and then tells everything about his meeting with Jomali and says that he is going to bring her to a warehouse to settle his account. Chaetai also accepts.

Gulkan shoots the guards placed by Damla in the yard of Nahir's house and takes Nahir to Genghis. He had already followed Yamach and understood Nahir's location. Gulkan tells Genghis: "I brought you Yamach's pregnant wife, Dad! Genghis says: "Are you stupid?" Yamach's pregnant woman is in front of me! Gulkan shows Nahir's belly and says: "But this is pregnant and the baby is also from Yamache!" Genghis laughs and says: "I always knew Yamach had some similarities to me!" And he imprisons Nahir under a spell. Afsun hugs Nahir with concern and asks him not to be afraid.

Jomali goes in front of a warehouse with Jamil and gives him a gun. When Jamil sees Jumali in front of him, he points the gun at him. Jumali smiles and says: "I was waiting for you to reveal yourself somewhere!" At the same time, Akin takes his gun from behind Jamil's head. Then Jumali talks about the fact that he saw Jameel from the very beginning and inside the bar and understood that he was wearing a shoe. At the same time, a gunshot is heard from inside the warehouse, Yamach, who is hiding in the warehouse, gets into a fight with Chaetai's men, and Jomali also goes there to catch Chaetai. But Chaetai escapes from them. Then Yamach, Jomali and Akin tie Jamil to the chair with handcuffs. Jameel says: "Salim's son, kill me." He has the right to avenge his father. Yamach says: "Akin was supposed to kill you by nature!" Akin smiles deeply and thanks Yamach. Then he takes out a tire from the car and throws it around Jamil's body and pours gasoline on him and sets Jamil on fire! Yamach, Akin, and Jumali stare in disgust at the burning Jamil.


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