A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 416

Pit part 106

When Jumali goes to Ogdai's car to kill him, he encounters Yamach and Akin there as well, and then pretends to shoot them and tells them to run so he can blow up the car. Then Madd takes Ogdai handcuffed to a warehouse and imprisons him there. A little while later, Ogday offers Madd a lot of money to be released. Madd thinks a little and says that he just wants to go to Afghanistan and to Wartloo. Ogday promises to do it for him.

Jomali shouts angrily at Yamach and says: "Why is your head always found in everything? This is my duty, my neighborhood. It has nothing to do with you.." and he cries with anger. Yamach tries to calm him down. A little later, when Jumali calmed down, he stood up and said to Yamach: "Why did you fight my father, Yamach?" Why didn't you kill yourself? Yamach stares at him a bit confused and then says: "Look at yourself, how did you go to work for Chaetai because of some documents... Now you have to understand me... If it were you, you would kill yourself and get rid of yourself." You were actually running away. But I couldn't. I wanted to protect my family, my neighborhood as much as possible... I killed my father and this pain will stay with me forever. Then, crying, he gets up to leave, but Jumali goes to him and hugs him very tightly. Both are crying in each other's arms.

Upon hearing Ogday's death, Soraya screams and cries. Hearing his complaints, Olga smiles and while Seren is next to her, she says: "Finally, I got my revenge." And then he calls Chaeta to thank him. Chaetai asks her not to show her happiness too much. Olga also goes to Soraya and offers her condolences. Seren is isolated from seeing all these two faces!

Yamach goes to Soraya's room. Seeing him, Soraya angrily asks Yamach to go out, but Yamach says that he told her about Ogday and shows Soraya a video of Ogday saying: Yamach saved me and I am alive. I owe him now. Do whatever he says. Soraya stares happily at Yamach and Yamach asks her to bring their documents that are in Chaetai's room to her so that she can receive her son safe and sound.

Jumali goes to Chaetai to get back the documents in exchange for killing Ogdai according to their previous agreement. "I will return the documents," Chaetai says to him carelessly. But after your death, I will give them to your brothers! Then he gives him Genghis's number and says: "Go now and spend your last family dinner with your family and say goodbye to your loved ones." Then call Genghis Jordan and tell him that you were the killer of Ogda. You know the rest! Jomali leaves there without saying a word and encounters a spell on the way. Then he goes to see Yamach and without telling him anything about Chaetai's request, he asks about what the enchantment has to do with the Edrants. "He's trying to annoy me," Yamach just says. Meanwhile, don't worry about the documents, I will solve it myself. »

Salim goes to see Jamil. Jamil is unhappily gathering his things. Selim sadly asks why he left, and Jamil says: "Brother, I couldn't come back to Istanbul." I can't stand it here. I have to go. Salim thinks for a while and then slowly says: "Can I come with you too?" Jamil hesitates a little, but then happily accepts.

Madad Shabana frees Ogday to proceed according to their promise. They get into the car and Madd notices that the switch is not in the car. Akin takes the switch from the back seat and grins. Then, Ogday and this time he also imprisons Medd.

Salim goes home and asks Karaja to talk. "I'm only telling you because I think you'll understand," he tells Karaja. Karaja, I never wanted to be a father or a husband. I didn't even want to be the middle son of Idris..." Karaja kindly understands him and says that he gives him the right and then asks: "Then what do you want, Salim? Salim smiles and says: "I want to go to Karaja." I want to go and never come back. Karaja approves his work and then hugs his father tightly. On the other hand, Jumali goes to Damla and stares at her with sadness. But when he realizes Damla is also upset about something, he asks why. Damla shows him Yildiz's photo and says, "Why is this still in our lives? I can't stay here despite something like this. And he gets up to leave there. Jumali stops him and says: "Believe me, it's not what you think. Madam, just give me one day. Wait for a day and I will explain everything to you tomorrow. Don't say no to me once. Damla decides to wait until tomorrow.

The whole family is gathered together for dinner. Uncle is there too. After hearing about Idris and Yamach from the Sultan, he is waiting for Yamach to come without any reaction. When the doorbell rings, Uncle opens the door and Yamach looks down at him. Uncle welcomes him and lets him inside the house. After dinner, Jumali calls Yamach and they go to the basement together, where Salim is also waiting. Seeing Yamach, Salim hugs him. All three brothers sit together and drink and sing together. Little Sultan also joins them. Salim stares at them sadly.

When Yamach intends to return, the Sultan asks him to grant his right. Yamach stares at him with hatred and says softly: "Halalah. And he kisses his mother's hand.

That night, Jomali walks sadly through the streets of the neighborhood and finally goes to a coffee house and calls Genghis and says: "I am Jomali Kochvali, the murderer of your sons Eric and Ogdai!" To settle the account, come to the stable to see each other. At the last moment, Mateen hears his words and tells this to Yamach.

Soraya calls Seren to her room and tells her: "Seren, you chose the wrong person to be intimate with." I know something about your father's death, but before that, I want you to bring me some documents from the Chaeta drawer. » In the morning, Seren goes to Chaetai's room and talks to him, and at a suitable opportunity he takes the key from his drawer, removes the mold and puts the key back. Then Soraya gives the mold to Yamach to remove the key for them. Soraya promises Seren that if she does this last thing for him, she will tell him everything. Seren goes to Chaetai's room without the guard noticing and takes the documents and hands them to Soraya. Soraya hands the documents to Yamach and says: "I did what you asked me to do." Now it's your turn. Yamach also calls Ekin and asks him to release Ogdai.

Jumali is waiting in the stable. Genghis' men go towards him and beat him to death when Yamach arrives and asks them to let him go. But no one listens to him when suddenly the youths of the neighborhood arrive with Matin and Jalason and save Genghis Jumali by beating them. In the Yamach machine, it shows the documents as Jumali. Jumali gets excited and happy and says congratulations to him.

Salim is with Ekin and Jalason last night when Jamil calls him and asks him to come. At the end, he kisses Akin and tells him: "I'm not here for a while. Take care of your mother and sister. Then he turns to Jalason and says: "Pay attention to Karaja." And he goes to Jameel's house.

Soraya, Olga and Seren are sitting at the dinner table. Olga is surprised that Soraya forgot her son's death so soon. Seren remembers what Soraya said: Before meeting Genghis, Olga worked in the Russian spy agency in Afghanistan. His relationship with your father was bad from the beginning. One night, he and your father were shooting guns at each other, but Genghis stopped them. I woke up at night with Olga's voice shouting and saying: Now that you couldn't finish the job, I will do it myself. The next day, your father died in a suspicious accident, which I think has nothing to do with Olga... Seren stares at Olga for a long time, and a little later Chaetai calls her and says: "Seren, I apologize to you." . You showed me that one should not trust even the closest ones. After I return home, you will return this card. Forgive me. Seren returns to the dinner table with concern when Genghis arrives and says with a smile: "Another person will join us for dinner tonight." And Ogday comes forward. Olga is shocked to see him and falls.

Salim is on his way to Jameel's house, when Jameel calls him again and says in tears: "My brother caught me. Help me. Then Chaetai's voice reaches Salim's ears, and Salim starts walking with worry and anger towards the warehouse where Jameel is tied, when Chaetai arrives with two of his men and faces Salim. He says: "When you know someone's weakness, you can easily hurt him and I know your weakness." Then he points at Jamil from behind and Salim turns to Jamil in surprise, and he knocks Salim unconscious with a blow. Then Jamil turns to Chaetai and says: "Were you satisfied with me?" Chaetai smiled and said: "I was very satisfied!" »


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