A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 414

Pit part 104

Yamach dreams that his relationship with his family has been improved and they are all gathered around the dining table of the house and treat him well and take Yamach over, but suddenly he opens his eyes and finds himself in a cold and dark warehouse. He sees Jordan and realizes that he is dreaming and gets upset.

At the breakfast table in the Kochvali family's house, no one takes Jumali and not even Damla shows her a good face. Jumali is upset with their behavior and leaves the house.

Genghis calls Yamach for breakfast with his family, and when Yamach wants to choose a seat next to Genghis and Chaetai, Chaetai tells him that there is someone else's place. Yamach also gets up and suddenly sees Afsun greeting Jordanet's family and kissing Chaeta and sitting next to him. Yamach stares at him in surprise and says nothing and goes to Genghis's room to wait for him.

When Salim leaves the house, a young boy calls him and says: "Are you coming tonight?" Salim remembers that he went to a tavern a few nights ago and a young boy was singing there, and Salim, who was quite drunk, sang along with him, and this was the beginning of their conversation. The boy's name was Jamil, and Salim introduced himself as a hero, and at night, when he realized that he had no place to stay, he took Jamil to one of the houses and gave him a place... Jamil asked Salim again: Are you coming tonight bro? Salim smiles sweetly and says that maybe another time...

Namaq, Safa's father, came to see Genghis and the two of them entered the room. Namaq throws an angry look at Yamach and says that he will take his son's revenge on Gudal and will bring a worse disaster to Gudal and his people! Yamach gets angry and tells Genghis that they have a promise and no harm should come to the pit. "I know we dated," says Genghis. Namaq does his job and if he doesn't succeed, then I'll be behind him! This is my decision! Yamach doesn't say anything anymore and gets nervous because of all the pressure on his shoulders. He calls Salim to warn about Namaq, but Salim does not answer, and Yamach sends a message to Ekin to tell him to come see him immediately if he sees Salim.

Jumali and Uncle stare at the gold bars and Uncle asks Jumali how they got them. At the same time, Salim enters the coffee shop and, seeing the ingots, says: "Now we can buy weapons for the children to sell and save them from this pressure." But Jumali says that he takes some of this because he needs it and does not say anything more about the decline he took. Salim gets angry and says: "We live here and you go and spend this for your personal expenses!" Well, that is good! And he leaves there angrily. Akin follows him and insistently asks his father to go see Yamach. Salim gets nervous that Akin is in a relationship with Yamach, and Akin tells him that there must be something important that Yamach asked him to see, and Salim agrees.

Chaetai asks Afson why he came there suddenly. Afsun says: "Because I realized that you were right... love is a bitter thing and I want to accept your offer." »

Jomali calls Sarmad and tells him to immediately prepare the documents to return the money he borrowed from him. Sarmad agrees and then calls Chaetai and tells him this news. Chaetai also smiles and waits.

Some people attack the neighborhood, and Jumali and the others rush to that direction after hearing the sound of gunshots and see four people with guns. Jumali follows those four people and kills them one by one, and then he hears the sound of the gunshot again from another place and he goes in that direction with the others, but when they get there, they realize that some people from the pit They are injured and the neighborhood is messed up. Jumali and the rest of the wanderers are looking for the cause of this case, when the sound of gunshots is heard again. This time, Safa himself goes to Mateen's house with some people to get Fidan back! When Fidan realizes this, he goes with Safa while scared so that no one else gets hurt. At the last moment, when he wants to get into Safa's car, he reaches Mecca and points a gun at Safa and his men, but Safa's men shoot at him and Mecca falls to the ground. Jumali and Akin go to Makkah and immediately take him to the hospital.

Salim goes to see Yamach and Yamach tells him that Namaq and his son Safa are going to attack the neighborhood and he should be careful of the neighborhood and also asks him to stop Jumali so that there will be no more fights and wars. Without saying a word, Salim turns his back to Yamach to leave, and Yamach asks: "If you didn't even want to look at my face, why did you send that ring back?" Salim says: "So I was wrong to give you that ring because you forgot who gave it to you..." Yamach stares at the ring and remembers that the hero after a hard fight to protect The neighborhood had given him that ring. Salim says to Yamach: "Who is Genghis anyway?! You tell me to stop Jumali. Would you do it yourself? Could you sit in a corner and just watch? When did you become so timid? I don't know you anymore! You are the son of Idris Kochvali. Come to yourself! Being a coward doesn't suit you. After Salim left, Yamach angrily says to himself: "Because my family was with me at that time, bro..."

Alicho goes to see Nahir and tells him that Yamach asked him to take care of Nahir and the baby. That day, Nahir's heart is constantly hurting and it is gradually getting worse...

Karaja takes advantage of the absence of anyone in the house and visits each room and searches there. Then he reaches Sultan's room and realizes that Sultan is still in his room and has locked the door. Karaja sits by the door of the room and says: "Did my grandmother give you that gun by accident?" The killer of Idris Kochvali is walking around happily and happily, and you are sitting here in your room...?! When there is no sound from him, Karaja goes to Jumali's room and searches the box of his belongings and finds out that Jumali has hidden a picture of Yildiz under the photos. At the same time, their house is suddenly attacked, and Karaja carelessly takes the photo, takes a gun and leaves the room. Saadat gathers everyone and fearfully sends them to the storeroom of the house to take shelter, but no matter how hard he tries, he cannot convince the Sultan to go to the storeroom in a hurry. Sultan finally comes out of his room and goes to the kitchen amidst the sound of gunshots and people's attacks and cooks Yamach's favorite food. When Saadat sees that he cannot convince Sultan to take shelter, he leaves him alone and goes to the basement himself.

At the request of Genghis, Yamach goes to one of his factories where his workers are protesting and he kindly asks them what is the reason for their protest. They say they will not work until Genghis pays their salaries for several months. Yamach then goes to talk to Genghis about it, but Genghis angrily says, "Go tell them. Anyone can go, but if they don't do anything by tomorrow, you will drag them all out! Yamach reluctantly returns to the factory and this time angrily tells them what Genghis said and then leaves.

Chinay brings Afsun to her door and finally kisses her and Afsun kisses her in return.

At night, Safa and his men make a final attack on the pit and realize that there is no one in the neighborhood and everything is quiet, when suddenly Jomali and the people of the neighborhood attack them and first kill Safa's men one by one and then They let Safa escape. Safa rushes back to their house and tells her father that the pits had set a trap and there is nothing she can do. Namaq gets angry and realizes that it is time to seek help from Genghis and goes to his mansion.

Chaetai's mother tells him that she asked Yamach to kill Ogdai so that her mother would also experience the sorrow he caused! Chaetai agrees with his request and says: "These are family matters and should be resolved in the family." I will solve this case myself. Yamach hears their words from behind the door.

Nahir's stomach pain increases and Alicho asks him to call Yamach. Nahir calls Yamach crying and informs him that his stomach pain is very bad and asks him to come to the hospital. Yamach rushes himself to the hospital and panics when he reaches Nahir's room, he realizes that everything is fine. Then the doctor shows Yamach the baby and the sound of his heart with the sono machine, which makes Yamach cry and his eyes fill up. The doctor tells him that the gender of the baby is a boy, and then Yamach leaves the room and remembers what Idris said: Bring me a grandson, my son... I have Akin, Idris, and Karaja, but we are too few. And bring my grandson so that I know that Khalil Ibrahim's generation continues... At the same time, Akin sends a message to Yamach that Jomali and Salim have gone to attack Safa's house, and Yamach inevitably goes to Nahir's room to say goodbye to him. . In the end, Nahir tells her: "We are going to have a child." This. We are not more than this..." Yamach agrees and leaves immediately.

The Sultan goes to the Ardantes' mansion with a pot of food and tells Chaetai that he has come to see his son. Chaetai is friendly and says that Yamach is not there right now. Sultan also says that he will wait for him. Yamach reaches there and is shocked to see Sultan. Sultan kindly gives him the pot and asks him to take care of himself and leaves. Yamach starts to cry and when he opens the pot and sees his favorite food, he becomes more emotional and starts eating it. Shortly after, Genghis calls him, and when Yamach enters the room, with Namaq also confronts and Genghis asks Yamach to apologize to Namaq on behalf of himself, his brothers, and Gudal so that this fight ends. Yamach turns to Namaq and says: "On behalf of myself and my family, if I want... curse my seven ancestors and Abad!" Genghis and Namagh stare at Yamach with surprise and anger, and Yamach leaves without Genghis noticing.


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