A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 413

Pit part 103

"Just tell me, do you have anything to do with Idris's death or not?" Jomali asks with hatred while pointing the gun at the charmer. "The spell that tries to be strong says: "I have it and I don't have it. I just gave them the money and I didn't know what they were going to do with it.." Just then, Yamach enters the house and while scared and with tears in his eyes, tells Jomali to stop and says that Fasun is pregnant. Jumali looks at him and Efsun with surprise and then says in Yamach's ear while leaving: "How could you do this to me?" And he leaves there. Yamach's legs suddenly go limp due to the strain he has taken, as his charm embraces him. Jumali, who is still in shock, remembers his own child and Damla's situation and turns the car aside to change the air by the beach.

At Chaetai's request, Yamach leaves before the spell and calls Akin at the door and asks him to pay attention to Jumali. Chaetai also asks Yamach to do a great loss to Khalil Ibrahim tonight and destroy his deal.

On the other hand, tonight is the date of delivery of weapons and Salim asks uncle to call Jumali and tell him this. But Jumali, who is not in a good mood, tells his uncle that Salim should go after this job himself because he is not a child anymore. Salim goes with Mecca and some people to get weapons and gives the required money. On the other hand, Yamach goes to the same place with a large number of people who have accompanied him on Chaetai's orders. Yamach and his men attack them and Yamach starts shooting without knowing who his opponent is and while he shoots Salim from behind some sacks, Salim also shoots him thinking he is the enemy. slowly until they both meet and are surprised to see each other. Yamach curses Chaetai and his plan and then attacks Chaetai's people with great greed and destroys them in a short time. Salim also sits down on the ground and stares at a corner in shock because he was supposed to shoot at Yamach. Mecca comes to Salim and Yamach and says that the number of opponents is much more and they are trapped. Yamach tells them not to worry and makes them escape with a plan. But when he goes to the gun truck, suddenly the truck explodes and Yamach falls to the ground. Salim goes towards him worriedly, but Yamach signals from a distance for Salim to go.

Yamach, who comes to his senses a little, angrily goes to Chaetai and says: "Your father and I have an appointment, and that means we have the same appointment with you!" You cannot falsely send me to the operation so that my gun can be placed against my brother. Chaetai says coldly: "It was you who lied that you didn't know anything when my sexes were harmed, even though you knew it was the work of pits." So I think we are out of account now! »

Salim angrily returns to the coffee house and explains everything to his uncle. At the same time, Jumali passes by the door of the coffee shop in despair and uncle follows him. Jumali asks him to leave him alone and says: "I can't digest many things." Let me come to my senses! Uncle says angrily: "You can't think only of yourself in this situation!" »

Chaetai goes to see Seren, who lives depressed and hopeless in Arik's house and has no motivation, and asks him to come to his senses and at least help him for the revenge of those who killed Arik. Seren thinks and accepts. He and Chaetai go to see Morteza and beat him until he eats. Then Chaetai tells Morteza that he will give him another chance to be with them! A little later, Seren tells about the charm and that he killed Maqboole because of Yamach, which surprises Chaetai. Seren adds that it was not the power of love but the power of motherhood that gave the charm this courage!

Salim thinks about Yamach and the past all night. He stares at Yamach's ring, which he left a long time ago, and when he sees Mateen, he gives the ring to him to return to Yamach. Mateen also gives the ring to Yamach, and Yamach gets angry when he sees the ring and says that this ring is very valuable to him and hugs Mateen.

When Jumali realizes the damage they have suffered, he tells Salim Bella away and tells the others that he intends to take back what was taken from them, and everyone's silence shows their satisfaction. Later, Jomali goes to Alicho's house to find out the locations of the Jordans, but Alicho is not there and Jomali waits for him. On the other hand, Alicho goes to see Sultan, who still hasn't come out of the room and is crying. Alicho gets upset when he sees his condition and asks: "Are you upset because of my words?" Sultan smiles faintly and then asks Alicho to do something for him.

Chaetai goes to see the enchantment. At the same time, Yamach calls Fasun, but Fasun does not answer his call. Chaetai sits next to Fasun and tells him that he knows everything and then says: "He killed your grandmother because of him, but you know what he is willing to do for your sake?! You can't know who loves you, but it's very easy to know who doesn't love you! And this without the door of my house always being open to you! Afsun thanks him and escorts him to the door. Yamach, who is hiding in a corner, sees this scene and calls the charm. Afsun answers him, but Yamach suddenly enters Afsun's house from behind and angrily says: "You lied to me about Chaeta again!" This is not your first or second time! And goes to the door. Fasun follows him and tries to stop him, but Yamach ignores him and gets into his car and leaves. Charm also follows him. On the way, Yamach sees Alicho and gets out of the car. Alicho tells Yamach that the Sultan asked him to go see Nahir who did not abort the baby, and Yamach goes straight to Nahir's door. Nahir doesn't like him at first, but Yamach softens him and embraces him. Fasun sees all these scenes from a distance and cries.

Alicho and Ejvit show Yamach the baklava trays that they plan to distribute in the neighborhood because of his fatherhood. Yamach cries out of happiness.

Alicho returns to his house and Jumali asks him to find the location of the Jordans from the office of the journalist Amir and tell him.

When Yamach returns to the room given to him by Genghis, he encounters Morteza. Morteza shows the wounds and bruises on his face to Yamach and asks him to help him so that both of them can take revenge on Ardantes and especially Chaeta. Yamach also accepts.

Yamach calls Alicho through Akin and entrusts him to take Jumali to the address he says is the warehouse where the Ardantes are supposed to hide a large amount of bullion and money.

Jumali prepares to go to the desired address. Damla is tired of Jumali not even talking to her and decides to go with him. Although Jumali is not satisfied, Damla insists and agrees and both get into the car. Jumali stops at a gas station to go to the bathroom and he sees Mecca from the patrol of the gas station, and Mecca gives him the switch of another car and then gets into Jomali's car himself. When Damla finds out about Jomali, he curses one after another and turns his back on Mecca!

Jomali along with Alicho and Mateen go to the desired place and wait. On the other hand, Seren and Morteza are inside the trucks carrying gold bars and are watching. Yamach greets Jomali from behind and Jumali forgets his mission when he sees him and fights with Yamach. As the trucks move away from the target location, Jumali comes to his senses and releases Yamach, and they both attack the trucks and the Ordantes. Inside the truck, Morteza asks Seren to stay there and not go anywhere, and forcibly imprisons him in the mortuary of the truck. Then he himself goes to help Yamach and the others, and a little later he takes himself wounded and crying to the morgue and opens the door for Seren and says that they stole all the ingots.

Yamach goes to Chaetai and says to him: "Now I understand that you were right when you said that if someone hurts you, you will deal with it..." and leaves the room, when Seren enters the room and informs Chaetai. It turns out that all their ingots have been stolen and Chaetai gets angry after hearing this news. Yamach also smiles that his plan went well.


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